A Ripple in the forest

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Seraphina was never meant for this life. The ordinarily boring one Humans live, but no one could have predicted just how out of this world her life would become. She is ripped away from her family and loved ones when she falls into a portal that takes her to another world, where mythical creatures dominate the land. The fact that she travels to another planet is alone crazy, but what happens when one of these mythical creatures claims her as his. Follow Seraphina's story as she tries to navigate her way through this strange world.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one

Song: I only want to be with you by Dusty Springfield


My dearest love,

I tried. I tried so damn hard. I go back there every day trying to find you. Sometimes I convince myself that I can hear you calling my name. That you are searching for me as well.

I know you are real. The hole you left in my heart is a beating reminder every fucking second of the day.

Yet the very thought that what they say is true, breaks my heart. They say that I was kidnapped by a dangerous group of fugitives for three years, that I am experiencing Stockholm syndrome.

The psychiatrists say that I made the whole mother fucking thing up. That you never loved me, that I was drugged and your entire species is made up.

I'll give the government one thing, they know how to make people sound completely insane. Hell, I would have called myself insane if I didn't experience it first hand.

So my love, my heart, my soul. If you somehow, in this messed up world, are reading this. I want you to know that I didn't do this because of you, don't blame yourself, for we will meet again. Even death can't separate us, even destiny can't.

I just can't live in a life where you aren't in it.

So I won't.

Love, your Seraphina


24th May, 2017

Ontario, Canada

"Nooo. They didn't!" Micah yells as she stuffs her face in a pillow trying to muffle her laughs.

I nod and scrunch up my face.

"I didn't know they would be visiting okay!! Jeez, it's not like they didn't know I was having sex! I mean I am 22 years old. Plus it was with my Fiancé, big surprise" I add as I grab the bag of popcorn from the microwave.

"I think I would die of embarrassment if my parents came to my apartment when I was having sex," Micah falls onto the couch dramatically and turns on the TV.

"Yeah, tell me about it" I mumble as I join her.

She shakes her head and laughs.

"I feel actual pity for you. I mean they saw everything! Why did you give them a spare key again?" She scrunches up her face as she imagines the scene.

I look down at my hands as my face burns with embarrassment.

"In case I lost mine" I mumble to my hands as I play with them.

"You couldn't have given them to me or Adam? Come on! You probably scarred your poor dad for life. I get that they are your go to support system and all but still, Ser!" She explains as she imagines my most traumatising memory.

We make eye contact and look at each other for a long pause then burst out laughing. I have to stop when my rib cage protests from pain and my eyes run.

A ugly snorting sounds leaves Micah's mouth but this only causes me to start laughing again.

"Okay okay. We should stop" I say seriously but start to laugh again when I see Mic's cheeks stretched from the funny faces she's making to stop laughing.

I shake my heading laughing while I reach for the remote.

"Ooo Twilight!! Pick that one" Micah screams an octave to high when she sees the twilight cover page on Netflix.

"No need to burst my ear drum woman" I mumble.

"Edwards so dreamy! Yummm!" Micah exaggerates.

I shake my head and rebut.

"No way. Team Jacob all the way. I've always been a Werewolf kinda girl" I wink at Micah as she makes gagging sounds.

"I think you should date a werewolf. You two would be perfect." She says and she gets comfortable on the couch lying her head on my shoulder munching on popcorn.

"Yeah I'm sure Adam wouldn't have anything to say about my werewolf boyfriend and all" I says dramatically, sarcasm dripping from my voice.

"Would you be quiet. I don't want to hear about your amazing relationship with Mr.sexy all night" she mumbles and focuses on the TV.

I settle down and watch as Bella holds her cactus in her pale hands. Moving to a completely different world with supernatural creatures.


A- I'm leaving now, be there in 10.

S- k baby. I'm outside

I stand next to the entrance of the Kōkina shefu waiting for the distinct rumble of his Triumph motorbike.

My red summer dress flows around me as the wind caresses my hair like a loving mother. I tap my brown flats on the concrete sidewalk impatiently.

This dinner is important. After the little mishap on the weekend my parents have been distant. My father won't even look at me in the eyes and my mother always finds a way to leave the conversation.

You would think they wouldn't be so awkward. I mean sex is perfectly normal. It took a lot of convincing to arrange this and Adam is late.


My Apple watch reads. 16 minutes late to be exact.

I fiddle with the long strap of my leather handbag and look around the busy street.

I am in the rich part of the city. Never in a million years could I independently live here. I have to borrow money from my overly wealthy parents to be able to even afford the smallest apartment I could find. They both found their passions in law.

That's where they met. Law school. My mother had frizzy blonde hair and big black rimmed glasses. Her style was questionable but her fiery personality made my father fall in love the moment they met. Both having a passion in helping others fight for freedom.

While my mother is a joyful and loud person, my father is known to be quiet and calculating. Honestly sometimes he scares me. Not in a way that threatens my safety but in a way that makes me know not to disrespect him.

My foot taps quicker on the floor as my watch changes to 5:55pm. I swear to god if he doesn't hurry-

The gently hum of Adams bike approaches me. My body relaxes and I walk over to where he indicates he is parking.

I look at him from afar and take in his perfect body. He is wearing his signature black leather jacket with dark denim jeans that still somehow manage to show off his amazing butt. A tight grey shirt stretches against his large muscles.

He really is Mr.sexy isn't he?

All my anger flies away with the wind when he takes off his black helmet and shows me his perfectly straight white teeth with one of his warmest smiles.

"Seraphina baby. I am so sorry I'm late, there was this girl at the orphanage that wouldn't let go of my leg until I played one more game with her. You know how I get around kids. I couldn't say no," he rambles hoping he isn't in trouble.

Adam's bad boy appearance is where the cliche ends. He has the kindest heart. When he was five his parents died in a tragic car accident leaving him an Orphan. He grew up in the corrupt system they call child care.

Ever since he could support himself he dedicated his life to helping others.

Which is another reason why this man holds my heart because his is on his sleeve.

"Adam Leo Washington do you know how late you are" I scold him.

He pouts in the most adorable way and looks at me from under this long and thick eyelashes. His floppy light blonde hair falling slightly over them.

Damn his attractive face.

I sigh in defeat then walk over to him. He wraps his toned arms around my waist and leans against his bike.

"You are perfect you know that right?" He whispers in my ear as he kisses my temple.

"My parents have been waiting for 30 minutes baby. After what happened on the weekend I'm worried that they don't like you. Your relationship with them is already so fragile" I sigh.

He rests his chin on my head and hums, the vibrations moving throughout my spine making me shiver in delight.

"I know Ser. I'll be on my best behaviour I promise."

I pull my head back and look at his perfect face. His light green eyes sparkle with his cheeky personality. They remind me of the beautiful forest I go to every weekend to run. That forest is my sanctuary and I would live there if I had the choice.

"I love you baby" I tell him as my caramel eyes search his face. He really is beautiful.

"I love you more." He says as he starts to give quick little kisses all over my face causing me to giggle and scrunch up my nose.

"Ewww stop!" I laugh and push away.

"Come back here missy" he laughs and reaches out for my small form.

I yelp and start to run into the restaurant.

My light mood immediately vanishes as I come face to face with my displeased father.

His arms are crossed over his board chest as he gives me those eyes.

"Oh hey dad" I say as I scratch my elbow awkwardly.

He scrutinises my face then sighs.

"Hi pumpkin, I'm glad you decided to make it" he says a little to calmly.

Well crap.

"I'm sorry daddy really. Adam got caught up at the orphanage again" I apologise as I hear the restaurant door open.

My fathers eyes glances over my shoulder and a sour look crosses his face.

That would be Adam then...

"Mr. Ross thank you for meeting me" Adams baritone voice reaches my ears.

"It wasn't by choice believe me" my father mutters under his breath before quickly covering his displeased look.

"Come your mother is waiting" he ushers us forward.

My eyes take in the beautiful restaurant. Tall glass slabs set as walls guard the on lookers from resting their eyes upon the gorgeous interior. Water gently glides down the glass making the seating area look like a different world.

The gentle trickle of the water settles at the bottom where a crystal clear coy pond rests. Their colours only being black and white. One of the many representations of yin and yang.

How smart, I muse to myself.

Father guides us past the neatly dressed waiters at the front desk who bows welcoming us and into the old fashion Japanese style room.

The light wooden tables are set low to the ground and small sitting cushions take the place of modern chairs.

Every table is sectioned off with the privacy of live bamboo that steeps into the floor, being furnished by small mist sprayers.

You can tell only the rich and elite come here. The air feels so clean that I wouldn't be surprised if we had to pay for that as well.

My father leads us to the last cube of nature and I hear my mothers joyful voice talking in Japanese. One of the many languages she knows and in doing so forced me to learn, my parents passion in helping refugees at Amnesty International making me know just under six different languages.

"Ā? Anata ni wa musuko ga iru. Watashi wa saikin dokushin ni natta hijō ni utsukushī musume ga imasu. Anata ga koko ni iru ma ni au koto ga dekimasu ka?(oh? you have a son. I have a very beautiful daughter who just recently became single. Maybe we can have then meet while you are here?)." My mother's fluent voice giggles.

I roll my eyes at what she said as we round the corner, leave it to her to try and set my very taken ass up.

I see a woman dressed in a traditional white Japanese style dress. Her hair is expertly done with a beautiful flower clip placed in her dark Asian hair.

My mothers eyes bright up when she sees me. She stands and her colourful dress flows past her body making her look like an angle that tripped over into a bucket of paint.

Her smile dims for a split second when she looks over to Adam but grows bigger when she opens her arms to hug me.

"My beautiful girl I'm so happy you made it" she exclaims as she sighs into our hug.

She pulls away and brushes a dark blonde strand of hair from my fringe.

"I'm so sorry mumma, I explained to dad that Adam got caught up at the orphanage again" I explain to her as I look over to Adam who looks very uncomfortable under my fathers glare.

"Oh darling. How good of Adam to continue his passion in community service" my mother explains, ever the socialite.

My mother gets a evil glint in her eyes and she looks over to Adam.

She puts on her best smile and takes my hand, pulling me to the very beautiful Japanese woman watching us with curiosity.

"Aika, musume no serafina ni aitai.(Aika, I would like you to meet my daughter, Seraphina)." My mother introduce as Aika looks pleased as she sweeps my appearance with her dark pools.

She makes eye contact with me and smiles softly.

"Serafīna, okāsan ga watashi ni itte kureta subete no yoikoto o shita nochi, o ai dekite kōeidesu. Kanojo wa anata no utsukushi-sa ni tsuite uso o tsuite inakatta to iemasu ka. (Seraphina, it is a pleasure to meet you after all the good things your mother has told me. Might I say she was not lying about your beauty.)" Her regal voice tells me.

I nod and put on my fakest smile.

"A ika arigatōgozaimasu. Eigo o hanasemasu ka?(Thank you Aika. Do you speak English?)" I ask.

She nods and my fake smile turns into a smirk.

"Pāfekuto! Watashitachi no Finace mo rikai dekiru yō ni eigo o hanashite mo kamaimasen ka? (Perfect! Do you mind if we speak English so my Fiancé can understand?) ." I say with to much enthusiasm.

Aika's smile falters as she looks down to my ring finger, a small Diamond ring wrapping around my slender finger. Her eyes then go to look at the very confused Adam who is standing behind me.

"Ā, moshi anata ga watashi no burei o yurushite mo, watashinokazoku ga watashi o matte irunara (Oh, if you will excuse my rudeness but my family is waiting for me)" Aika dismisses herself and leaves looking less then pleased.

My mother turns to me with a disappointed frown on her face.

"Seraphina! That was the Emperor Of Japan's wife, did you really need to be so rude?" She scolds.

I roll my eyes and give her a displeased look.

"You know very well that I have a Fiance, yet you're trying to set my up with other men" I scold in return.

My mother just shrugs and walks back to her sitting cushion.

I look over to Adam who looks less than impressed.

I go over to him and hug his board form.

"Fake it until you make it baby" I whisper in his ear and walk to the Japanese styled bamboo table.

Adam joins me as my parents bicker about the latest law passed. My father saying how it is good for the economy and my mother saying that only egotistical jerks would agree with it.

I feel Adam take my hand from under the table and I squeeze it reassuringly. There's no time like the present so I might as well get this out of the way.

"Mother, father. May I have your attention" I ask looking between them.

They stop their conversation and look over to me.

Here goes nothing.

"I understand that what happened on the weekend was... less than expected for either sides but you can't keep avoiding me and putting your distaste for Adam on full display. You are acting like children. I love Adam and I am going to marry him, if you want to be part of my life and your future grandchildren's lives then I expect you to go out of your way to make a strong relationship with the man I love" I tell them as their shock expression turn to distaste when they look over to Adam.

Adam shifts uncomfortably on his cushion and sends me a panicked look.

"And no more glaring at him either" I snap.

My mother looks over to me and puts on a forced smile.

"Okay darling. Your father and I will try. For you" she reassures me.

I nod satisfied and look at the intricately designed menu.

The rest of the dinner is small chat between my parents and myself. My mother asks the occasional questions to Adam. I'm glad she is making an effort... unlike my father who's sour expression hasn't changed since my talk.

We have just finished our dessert and the end of the dinner is fast approaching.

"So Adam, What is your yearly salary?" My father asks abruptly.

"Father don't be rude" I hiss.

To that my father shrugs and looks at Adam expectantly.

Poor Adam, you can tell he doesn't know how to answer. The truth or the lie.

"I actually don't work for money Mr. Ross, I donate my time to helping others" my brave man explains.

My father looks appalled.

"Your telling me you don't have a job? Any source of income? How are you expected to support my Serephina?"

Adams faces turns hard as he takes in what my father is implying.

"With all due respect Mr. Ross but Seraphina can take care of herself. She doesn't need anyone else to treat her like a porcelain doll, her parents already do that enough. As far as money is concerned, I can assume you have heard of the Washington Law firm. That was my parents company and they left all their fortune and company rights under my name" Adam explains with anger then stands and storms out of the restaurant.

My eyes stay at the spot Adam was just at, somewhat shocked at how the events turned so quickly.

We just needed to make it ten more minutes then we would be free.

"We had no idea darling. Can you tell Adam how sorry we are for making such vile assumptions?" My mother's soft voice asks.

My eyes leap to theirs. My father has a guilt ridden face while my mother looks apologetic.

"Father. This is your last chance. One more step in the wrong direction and I'm out. As for you mother, no more trying to ruin my relationship with Adam. I'll call when I'm ready" scolding them I leave the table.

I rush out of the restaurant and look for Adam. The night sky has a warning gibbous moon shinning on the dark blue canvas. The bright city lights polluting the sky that should be covered in stars.

"Adam!" I yell over the busy crowd.

I look over to see his motorbike still parked and breath a sigh of relief.

I push my way through the busy night path and look desperately around for my fiancé.

My eyes dart left and right while panic constricts my chest.

My heart gives out when I see him sitting down on a random step to the entrance to an apartment building.

"Adam" I call over the loud chatter.

His head snaps up to my voice and his eyes look alert. They relax when they see my form making its way through the heard of sheep.

I sit down next to him and he wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"I'm sorry I don't know happened. It's just your dad has a tendency to treat you like a piece of glass rather than a human. They must really hate me now, huh?" He sighs and looks out onto the street.

I rest my head on his shoulder and breath in his musky sent.

"It's alright Adam, really. I understand and they don't hate you, they feel terrible about what they said." I whisper as the bright lights shine onto the overpopulated city.

Adam sighs again but remains silent as we sit on the steps with people rushing by in clubbing outfits and fancy outing cloths, their happiness evident as they prepare for the night.

After a while I look back up to Adam, his eyes overlooking the mindless crowd.

"I think it's time to go my love" I tell him as I kiss his cheek.

He looks over to me and softly smiles.

"Back to our place?" He asks.

Our place. I haven't formally moved in but I stay there every night and most of my belonging are there as well.

We walk hand in hand back to his expensive motor bike.

"I'll see you back at the apartment baby" I say and he gets on his motorbike.

We look at each other and gently let go of our interlocked hands, pulling away I start the walk to my lime green beetle. My pride and joy sits here.

Even though she has no air conditioning or radio her little engine has yet to fail me.

I hop in and start her up, the clutter of the exhaust making me cringe. My job might not bring me a lot of money but it is my passion.

What is it they say... if your job is something you love you never work a day in your life?

Due to my mother's relentless antics I am now fluent in a wide range of languages. I work also work at Amnesty international which helps victims of war and abuse in finding new lives. Due to the global network they need a translator, which is where I come in. It pays a volunteers wage but with the help of my parents and Adam I can continue helping those who don't have a lasting support system like me.

My tiny bug flies down the littered road as I hum to 'I only want to be with you' by Dusty Springfield. My fingers drum against the steering wheel and my head bobs side to side

"It's crazy but it's true, I only want to be with you"

"I fell into your open arms and I didn't stand a chance"

I slow down and indicate that I am about to turn into the apartment building parking lot.

I park and wait for her to clutter to slow stop.

"Atta girl" I praise.

I shut her door and cringe when it squeaks loudly.

"I need to get Adam to look at that" I mumble to myself and press the top floor button on the elevator.

The door dings open and I walk straight into the open penthouse. When Adam first took me to his 'apartment' I almost fainted. To say Apartment would be a major understatement, he owns the whole floor. It is Christian Grey style but in this case I got a helpless romantic instead of a sadist.

"I'm home" I call out and place my keys on the side table.

I look around for Adam but all that greets me is silence.

"Adam?" I call again.

Strange, he should be here. His bike gives him the advantage of passing through the traffic where as I am lucky to go faster than 20 mi/hr.

I walk up the glass stair case to our room.

"Adam?" I call again.

"In here baby" I hear him call from inside our room.

I open the door and freeze when I see him.

There he lays, on our four poster bed as naked as the day he came into the world with a velvet red rose in his mouth.

I stare at him for a second then start laughing.

"Well hello there sexy" I laugh.

Adam smiles and crawls over to the edge of the bed.

He winks and reaches his hand out for me to take it.

"How kind" I state dramatically.

I reach for his hand and squeal when he pulls me onto the bed, caging me in by his strong arms.

He reaches and pulls the rose from his mouth.

"Your all mine tonight" he whispers in a low voice filled with lust.

"Tonight and forever" I whisper back.

He reaches forward and brushes a strand of blonde hair from my face.

"Tonight and forever" he seals.

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