The Annals Of History And Magic by Vermillion J. Freimhart

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History is our greatest teacher. Magic is the greatest force that rules our world. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we understand both of these phenomena. Without our knowledge of the past, we would be doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Without our knowledge of magic, we would be unprepared should catastrophe strike. In this book, I will try and surmise my knowledge of both of them and pass it on to you, dear reader. I will attempt to give you the basic tools you will need to know, so that you may not only survive in our world, but so you may advance in it as well. Learn from these pages. Take in the hidden meaning of the past, understand the basic constructs of this elusive force known as "magic", and use those lessons to ascend our kingdom to new heights. At least, that is what I hope for.

Fantasy / Other
Jonathan DeLacuso
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A Foreword To The Reader

An old saying from our kingdom goes as follows: yesterday is there to teach us of today and to warn us of tomorrow. That which has happened in the past will happen again in the future unless we learn from the past today. This sentiment has been repeated time after time since our earliest conception as a kingdom and, yet, we seem to forget this valuable lesson far too often, as history has shown us.

Therefore, I believe it to be of paramount importance that this work is written and read by as many of you as it can reach. Perhaps one of you will break us out of the perpetual cycle of enslavement and salvation and allow us to move forward to something greater.

Within these pages, I will detail all of my research regarding our history as well as my research into the phenomena known as ‘magic’.

The reason why I include my research of magic here is simple: magic is tied to our history. It is a power, which we claim to not have, that has become inseparable from us, for better or for worse. Therefore, to understand our history, we have to understand magic itself. We must acknowledge the systems that the other kingdoms use in order to acknowledge our history.

Or, at least, that is what I believe.

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