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"Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday Alssia. I love you." I sang softly to myself in the hope he would not hear me. Another year and another blow of a candle.

"I want my food now you worthless bitch" was the only sound heard through the whole house.

After I had made dinner it was time for me to retreat and hope for the best.

"Ouch!" Was all I could say as i lay on the floor staring at my tormentor who was always meant to protect me, at least that is what mom said.

'Block you face! Block your face! Useless human' Cathy was frantically shouting in my head while pacing.

'Your giving me a fucking headache. Calm down!'

'I will never calm down when my best friend is in danger!'

I will tell you now that he will be the person to kill me through hatred, in fact he already has on the inside.

Being numb is the best thing to do in a time of beating. Letting the hits come one after another after another till unconscious feels like heaven. Broken ribs, burst lips and unconscious in a world of hatred. What more could Alssia Summers want from her live.
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