Tales from Atlas

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A collection of short stories and descriptions set in a fantastical world known as "Atlas," divided into three main kingdoms: Photor, Macabre and Zozul. Some stories focus on realism and day-to-day aspects of someone living in Atlas, whilst others tell bold and important historical tales of the history of this world.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Traveller, Traveller.

On a dark and stormy night, void of all life but the nocturnal, a lonesome traveller stumbled down a forgotten road; his wares and merchandise jangling like an ominous tune.
The cobbled pathway fell steep and narrow; the nature was now overpowering the traveller’s route.
Every bird and owl and creatures considered foul halted for a moment before him; as the shadows crept around the traveller in mysterious ways.
The Traveller thought, as he descended, that the wind was sharpening its harsh embrace.

The lower he ventured, the more foreboding the environment became - both desolate, and overgrown at the same time.

The Trees around the traveller appeared to fidget and nervously watch. Whether out of anticipation or fear was unknown, both to the traveller and to anything that may observe him.

However, the Traveller kept at the same stalwart pace as he journeyed downwards.

A subtle crunch of gravel; or perhaps an autumn leaf, acknowledged the traveller of his existence once more. Slowly, with both caution and confidence, the Traveller turned his tired head towards his footsteps.

“Who is it?” he said to himself, his voice cracking into a whisper.

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