A Sugar Daddy From Hell

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A day in the life of Satan's witchy sugar baby. {A silly book written for my best friend and sister. Please enjoy.}

Fantasy / Romance
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Satan's Arse: 1

Elizabeth Lorraine Hawthorne.

Firstborn in the next generation of the esteemed Hawthorne family.


"Well, they didn't really make these interesting, did they?"

The blonde moron next to me snickered. Rhyleigh was another witch, like myself. Except one of us was from a highly respected family and was set to summon a demon tonight.

The other one was blonde.

"Witchy things are never interesting," Rhyleigh told me. "You should know that, Liz."

I rolled my eyes. Things at home were boring, even with supernatural magical powers. Those were cool, but lost their amazement after a while. I can fly? Oh, well. Still have to take the bus to school. Making fireballs? They're too destructive for my liking. Love charms? Girl, boys ain't worth it.

Trust me.

On a more serious note, I was nervous and sweating buckets this morning. All my life I'd been training, learning spells and creating wards, occasionally going to a regular human school. The Hawthornes were known for their efficiency in spell casting, and I wasn't an exception. Children of the Hawthorne's main family branch were blessed with a summoner's ability; we were all part demon since my great-great-grandmother was a she-demon. Each witch or warlock in our family had specific talents unique to them, though mine were still unknown. Even my younger brother had his.

But my younger brother was a warlock, so joke's on him. Warlocks, unlike witches, didn't actually have many magical abilities. They were hand-to-hand combat fighters, protectors of their sisters, mothers and any other female members of the race.

Yeah, Tomio, my brother, absolutely sucked at his job so far. Last week I got thrown into a tree by a troll and he did nothing but laugh. Still, his ability, telekinesis, was technically handy. He sucked at controlling it, but since witches had to practice and learn different incantations to levitate things -- let alone make them move -- telekinesis was a decently impressive ability.

Hating on my brother kept my mind off the rest of my classes throughout the day. Rhyleigh lived close to our estate, and her family, the Kordins, had quite a few prodigies in their ranks as well. We shared most of our classes together, which was a terrible thing. Rhyleigh was prone to dramatic incidents with the other girls, who were human. When a tall, slim, gorgeous blonde girl came sauntering into your class without warning, I can understand the panic. However, Rhyleigh was also careless and a bit of an airhead at times, so most warlocks lost their interest. Human boys were a differently story, but Rhyleigh was already certain she wanted to marry someone with magic to carry on the family name. That wasn't the problem -- the actual problem was all the petty bitch fights, those were annoying.

Another distraction. Swell.

Summoning something wasn't what I was worried about. No, tonight I was freaking out about what I'd ask of the demon I summoned. With the mix of blood I had, the summoning would be easy, but what did I actually want?

I chewed all day on my lip, thinking it over and over. Even during lunch, I sat with my chin on my hand, staring at nothing.

"Liz. Liz. Hello, Liz. Soulless ginger, hello!"

Flinching, I glanced wide-eyed around the table. I didn't sit with Rhyleigh during lunches, but with people I actually got along with.

Lucas Vix.

Luke Vix. They were twins, by the way.

Keeleigh Soren.

Lyn Iris.

The twins were warlocks while the girls were human. It was Lyn who got my attention, her hand in front of my face.

"What's up?"

She rolled her eyes. "Now you answer. I'm throwing a party tonight, can you come?"

Considering the summoning was at midnight sharp, I was going to bet the answer was a no.

Lucas beat me to it. "Liz already said she had plans."

Lyn lifted an eyebrow. "Really, she has plans until three a.m.?"

It was Friday, meaning we didn't have school tomorrow. It was also Halloween on Sunday, so this was Lyn's time to party it up and get trashed. It was good for me, though, because I could make it to the party if it was going until that late.

Or... That early, I guess?

"I'll be really late to the party," I told her, "but I could probably show up."

The twins flashed me matching grins. Lucas and Luke were identical, except for the scar on Lucas' right eyebrow. One that I'd given him, but that was a long story. They knew about the Hawthorne ritual, and I'd even invited them to the 'party' that my family was holding before midnight.

Lyn, a light brown haired, average-height human girl, grinned at me. She and I had been friends since I went to human elementary school, and I'd always admired her. She was loud, sometimes obnoxious, but loyal and fierce when it came to people included in her life. Blue eyes stared back at me as she squealed with delight, excited that I'd finally said yes to going to one of her ridiculous parties.

Keeleigh Soren was a human basketball player with straight brown hair and violet eyes. She was sought out by jocks, mostly, but she was also popular with most of the shy kids. Keeleigh was absurdly nice, making her a good friend to most people.

The twins, other than the scar difference, were both tanned, basic-looking boys. They had sandy hair and blue eyes, a few freckles sprayed across their nose and cheeks. On the shorter side, Lucas and Luke stood at just about five foot two. They were skilled warlocks and good friends as well.

When lunch was over, I resigned myself to more stupid classes. Only this time I had the twins following me, which was strange. Normally Rhyleigh would find me and we'd go to classes, but she was nowhere to be found.

"You guys okay?"

Luke grinned. "We were wondering if you knew what to ask the demon for."

A grimace appeared on my face. "Satan's arse, don't make me think about that," I whined.

The warlock rolled his eyes, smacking my shoulder. "You need to figure it out, Liz," he warned me, "otherwise you'll be stuck in the summoning room with an impatient demon."

With a shrug, I continued on my way to class. "Not like I won't be prepared. I'm a Hawthorne, after all."

Lucas shook his head at me, his twin sighing in disdain. The two of them were just looking out for me, but I still flipped them off playfully as I strolled away.

The only thing was, they were right.

I walked into my business class just before the bell went. Rhyleigh had switched seats again, sitting with the more popular human girls. Didn't bother me. The class began, the teacher lecturing us about mutually beneficial business partnerships, and how most compagnies will only strike a deal if they think they're getting more out of it.

That's when I heard it.

"Do you think a sugar daddy counts as mutually beneficial?" One ditzy girl asked, painting her nails in class.

Another started laughing. "I mean, he gets some action and you get money, so..."

Demons thrive off of blood and, well, naughtier actions, I thought, so what if I gave the demon blood and they gave me money and power in return?

Almost like a sugar daddy.

A smile came to my lips.

I'll just summon my own sugar daddy tonight.
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