5 Shades Of Kyoko

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Kyoko, a broken and damaged Demon Lord/Fallen Angel. Has many other sides of herself that she changes form as well when they emerge. Broken and damaged from a severe past that cause her to be emotionless and cold to all. She runs into a man (Angel) that is persistent in knowing her more and capturing her heart. Will he succeed or will she be to damaged to reach? Read if you dare to want to know the 5 Shades Of Kyoko.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

5 years ago. Kyoko at age 16 years old~

She jolts awake with the loud banging and screaming at her attic door, she looks around alarmed expecting an intruder, seeing there is none, she sighs and gets up putting her cold emotionless mask on her face. As she opens the door her mother smacks her hard across her face causing her to stumble back from the unexpected assault. She feels the sting in her face as she speaks in an unfeeling tone, "Mother?.." her mother walks into her room and stands there ready to strike again if need be, "get your ass downstairs and make breakfast! Then your father wants you once everything is done. Im off to work and if i hear that you werent a good little servant... I will end you" with that she turns and walks out not expecting an answer from her daughter.

She sighs as she just got done getting dressed in the rags her mother forced her to wear. She makes her way down the stairs to prepare breakfast before suddenly getting shoved down the stairs. As she falls down she catches herself in time before landing on her face, she feels pain in her back and ribs but makes no reaction, she looks up to see her Step sister Ella who looks down at her in hate and disgust. "Get up pig. Father wants breakfast now. It would have been better off with you dead." with that she walks off. Kyoko sighs and gets up ignoring the pain in her body. She goes to the kitchen and begins making a healthy breakfast knowing her father does not like fattening food. Thirty minutes later she has breakfast set up and the kitchen emaculent. Her father walks in her step sister in tow. They both see that everything is ready and tiddy her father looks at her with a hungry look in his eyes. Deep inside she shutters knowing exactly why he looked at her that way she says nothing and stays expressionless as she bows and exits the room before he could say anything.

Hours later she has the whole mansion cleaned and she just got out of the shower from washing up. She grabs a towel and begins drying herself off after doing so she wraps herself in the towel and leaves the bathroom, she is in her closet about to get dressed when she heard the click of a door shut then the turn of a lock, she freezes hoping with her heart it wasnt who she believes it is, she slowly turns around and her prayers go unanswered as her father stands there with a hungry smile and a cruel cold look in his eyes, her heart freezes and she knows she is in some deep trouble, she backs up slightly as if she was shifting her feet only, "What is it Father?" her voice void of emotion, he tilts his head with a menacing smile, "well... My dear daughter has grown into a fine woman. I was just wondering if you would do something for dear old Father?" she shivers inside but keeps her face blank of emotion "what would you like me to do Father?", she regrets asking instantly when she sees his evil grin, he takes a step towards and grabs her by her hair she looks up at him showing nothing but a blank face "Father?" the pain in her head was nothing compared to her heart as he evily smiles down at her with hunger and lust in his eyes. "You will please me with no if ands or buts understood? Or ill have your dear old step mother kill you with her hell fire. Burning you alive sounds good to me...unless you do as told and dont speak any of this to her or your sister. Or ill kill you myself" her face pails but shows nothing still, she nods reluctantly. After doing so he drags her by her hair and throws her on the bed her towel falls open because she was forced to let go and brace herself, she looks at her father and sees his eyes are burning a hungry fire, he undoes his belt as he licks his lips "this is going to be fun".

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