Ocean Song In the Deep

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War comes with the rising tide... Rania is the daughter of a voodoo enthusiast so her life has never been the typical standard of normal. Her father has been absent for as long as she remembers, but life goes on. Until one day, a young man suddenly appears before her claiming her to be the daughter of a king who demands her return to a magical underwater kingdom. But war is on all sides with all factions looking to bring down the current dynasty and Rania's caught in the middle of it all. Throw wide the gates of the kingdom shrouded in secrecy... Some form of peace returns to one kingdom, but another continues its dissent into disarray. Serena remains asleep and all answers to her awakening lie in the closed city of Vilmaris. Treachery lies around every bend and secrets are uncovered piece by piece. And now, an entire ocean is coming after the Adamaris siblings with little preparation to weather the coming storm. Kingdoms collide, bonds are forged, and the shadows of danger rise once more... *IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU READ BOOK 1 BEFORE STARTING THIS BOOK SINCE THERE IS HEAVY REFERENCE TO THE FIRST BOOK*

Fantasy / Romance
J.C. Winter
5.0 1 review
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