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What will happen when a 6-year-old wakes up in the middle of the road not knowing who or where she is? Things will get interesting when you pair up with someone who is that "always angry grandpa" who finds children as the most annoying thing in the world. Will they be able to fight their differences and become a dynamic duo and figure out everything or will it be the end of the world?!! Just kidding Well, the possibilities are endless...

Fantasy / Humor
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Why are my eyes feeling so heavy? said Vidhya as she was battling with the blurriness from waking up after everything that happened in the past couple of hours. Her vision started getting clearer as she was struggling to stand on her feet, on the hard road beneath her. She saw something in the size of an ant approaching her from the distance, the fog and the blurriness of her eyes was making it hard for her to figure out what the little thing was. Just like an orbeez in water it started growing in size and the little thing was no longer little, but something big and scary. The scary big thing passed through her like it was a hologram. Vidhya started breathing heavily and she quickly tried to pick and stone and throw at the thing, as a way for protesting for scaring her. But to her surprise, she was not able to pick up the stone next to her. It was like she is a living hologram, soon she burst into tears, there was only a little this 6-year-old could handle. She turned back to chase the big thing but became frozen as she was a huge building. She tried to figure out what this building was but she felt like her memory was fogged. She was shaking, frightened by everything that happened since she woke up. Where am I? she asked herself as the looked around to find something that made sense to her. All she could find were trees covered with dewdrops and a huge building and a long empty road ahead of her, the other end of the road disappeared into the fog.

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