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Must stay strong

She turned to look at the building before shifting her gaze towards fragile hands, then clenched both of her fists tight. She wasn’t sure of who she was or where she is now but she was sure that she will have to harden up a little to increase her chances of survival.

“If I die today, I will as a fighter,” she told herself as she remembered a scene from the movie of her favourite superhero Super corn.

She was sure that the big thingy was heading towards the building as the other end of the road ends at the hospital. She started walking towards the building but kept on increasing her pace as her little legs could not cover much distance.

There was something written in bold red capital letters, Vidhya tried to read it



Oh, emergency

A lot of people like her but bigger were walking here and there, some of them looked anxious. She tried reaching out to people near her but it was all in vain as she was still in the hologram state. Then like a ray of hope, a little girl like her came into this room with people who looked similar to her. Could those people be her parents? she thought but at this moment she was happy to meet someone like her, the little girl was going somewhere and she felt like her instincts were telling her to follow the child and the people with her. At this moment she had a lot of questions and what if her instincts could help her get some answers.

She entered the thing that goes up with the family but she felt like the hologram effect was still in effect and she was not able to go up like the others but she tried concentrating harder and she was able to change her state from a hologram to a little more solid. She tried reaching out the little girl’s hand again but failed again, in the entire trip she tried to hold the little girl’s hand and at some point, the other little girl could feel something touch her as light as a feather. She turned around to see what it was but she could not find anything

Silvia, what happened dear? her mother asked her

Nothing mother.

Suddenly the doors opened wide and the family started to run towards somewhere. Everything around the place looked very blad. ”Alive people with dead eyes everywhere” but there was someone that stood out to our little Vidhya. An old man who looks like he is in his mid-60s crying hard, really hard like he failed all of the exams that day and all his relatives are coming over (:p)

Will Vidhya get her answers?

Why is the old guy crying like that, what will people think when people see him like this?

On second thoughts...

Can people see him? Or is he a hologram-like thingy, like the kid?

A note from the author,

I know nothing makes sense now dear reader but I promise you everything will get clear soon. Oh and thanks for choosing to read this story, you could have chosen any book over mine but still, you chose this one (╥﹏╥). Thank you

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