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Living holograms

She moved closer to the crying man, she wanted to console him but she had no idea what would help him feel better.

Are you hurt sir? she asked with her sweet voice

Go away, kid. he replied he placed his hands on his face as fast as he could. Took a couple of deep breathes, crying in front of a kid was the last thing he wanted to do.

I can help you if you want. She said

You help me, go play with toys or something, his voice harsh as a lightning storm

I’ll go if you let me use my healing powers

You, have powers?

Yes, I do

You see kid, I’m not injured or anything

But you are crying and people cry when they are hurt

Whatever he said, he didn't seem to care about what she is saying and he was too proud to ask for help

Vidhya moved closer towards the old man and started caressing his almost silver hair as she said these words with a sweet smile on her face

Pain, pain fly away from sad grandpa

That did melt his heart a bit but he pretended like he doesn't care. Suddenly he realized that the kid was the only person who could see him and from the expression, on the faces of everyone else it was clear to him that she is just like him...like him, a living hologram. How am I even a living hologram, I'm dead now and every single one of the people mourning,...How do they even do that, pretend to be heartbroken when they are rejoicing inside.

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