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Where go we from here

Hey kid, I don't know who you are but I need to find who I am and these people are going to take my body from this hospital to my home. Everything he said didn't make much sense to her but the serious look on his face made it clear to her that this is important to him.
Can I come with you, sir? You see no one he interrupted in the middle of what she was going to say. You can but keep your mouth closed your nonstop blabbering is giving me a serious headache he said, Okay she said feeling a little bit heartbroken but she was happy that she is not alone anymore.
Somehow he managed to find the ambulance that was supposed to take his body to his home. Vidhya who still has no idea that she is talking to the ghost and she is a ghost herself asked how did you know that we had to go the specific directions to get here.
I can read the thoughts of people kid he said sounding not very excited for a person who always wanted to have such an ability
"The situation we get something we wanted matters as much as the little something we want, I guess. One moment we want something really bad and the next moment it becomes something we want to be as far as possible" he said and of course, these words also come under the category of things that Vidhya didn't understand
That's nice, can you read my thoughts too.
Only if I want to.
Vidhya in her mind: Don't think that he is a big bad meanie, good thoughts. Think only good thoughts.
He smiled a little unknowingly.
Maybe she is not as dangerous as I think she is, the thought

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