Mafia Don's Baby

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When Allison meets Domonico at a club, let's just say things went where they normally go when a male and female find each other attractive. That one night gives them a surprise of a lifetime, but a blessing no less in both of their lives. What happens when Allison doesn't get the chance to find Domonico again and tell him about this baby, but he finds her first? What happens when Domonico finds her and thinks that she is trying to hide the child and never tell him? What happens when Allison finally finds out, just what Domonico does for a living? Does she stay? Does she go? Will he even let her go? Read to find out!

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One.

[Chapter One]

Let me explain to you about my life. I was born and raised in Ireland. When I graduated early from high school I bought a little house with my two best friends. My name is Brittany. Brittany Marie O’Connel. I’ve just graduated from the University of London with a master in business and dance.

It’s was a Saturday night. Best friend’s, Chelsea and Madeline got me to finally go clubbing. The reason behind me never going clubbing before today is because I didn’t want to end up drunk and doing something stupid like getting pregnant with a strangers baby. That night was an all-around bad night. I got into a fight at my university. On my graduation day! That stupid bitch had it coming.

When we got home from the graduation ceremony, we all just sat around on the couches bored out of our minds, before Chelsea stood up. “it’s a must it’s your birthday! We have to go to the club. Can I dress you up?!” her and Maddy screamed.

“fine but please no slutty outfits,” I said sternly.

They agreed. So, when it was time to get ready they pushed me into the bathroom. ” take a shower and shave! everywhere! ” they yelled. I took my time. I washed my hair and body and shaved just as they asked me to. I understood why they wanted to go to the club. I’m a 21-year-old virgin for God’s sake. I’ve never been drunk before. But I do drink. A lot. Just have never gotten drunk. That’s probably due to my Irish genes.

When I got out the shower I dried off my body before putting on my black silk robe. Then, put my hair in a towel to dry. I walked out of the bathroom to see and outfit sitting in my bed with a pair of killer heels. killer not in the good way. like killer as in ankle-breaking fucking heels.

I immediately got pushed into a chair. I felt Maddie tug on my towel. unwrapping my hair. She brushed my hair as she was blow-drying it. my hair is naturally wavy so it’s a rats nest. When my hair was fully dry. she started doing my hair. While Chelsea worked on my makeup. I could tell they were already dressed and ready by the heels clicking as they walked around me.

30 minutes later I could finally get up. I stretched. “go put on your clothes” Chelsea said- “and hurry” Maddie yelled as I walked into the bathroom with my clothes.

When I put on the dress, it made my already big chest look huge. It was tight and hugged my curves that I tried so hard to hide. I put on my heels and looked in the mirror. I actually looked beautiful. I’m not pretty or beautiful I’m just average.

Walking out I made sure my room was cleaned up, before grabbing my wallet and my phone and walking out of my room closing the door. Walking to the living room where Chelsea and Maddie sat just talking but stopped when they saw me. They got excited. Then suddenly ” cabs here!” she yelled when she heard a honk.

she ran to the car pulling me along. While Maddie locked the door. When we were an in the car “Where to pretty ladies?” the cab driver said. “the rogue please” Chelsea said. Apparently ‘the rogue’ is this brand new club that just opened up.

20 minutes of Maddie and Chelsea saying how much fun this is gonna be we arrived. I paid the man, a little more because he had to deal with them squeaking and squealing.

Chelsea and Maddie started walking skipping the line to the front. “what are you doing? don’t you see the line? ” I whispered harshly trying tugging back my hand. But I saw the bouncer lift the red rope and let us in. Walking in I quickly went to the bar and ordered shots before heading to a booth.

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