The story of a fallen angel

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Kali is a different type of angel and because of this she is chased away from Heaven. Her problems get serious when she arrives on Earth and she realizes that she is in love with the soul she had in care. She experiences human feelings and learns what it means to be human and to be in love with a person who doesn't believe in angels and who loves another person.

Fantasy / Adventure
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There, where is the light

It is said that each human has a guardian angel who keeps him safe and away from what is evil, and who guides him on the right path. It is said that angels fight with all their soul for their humans and they always interfere when they need to be reminded that the good and the evil are always in balance, and that the soul is the one dancing on that balance, until the end of the days, when the judgment will throw it on the Heaven’s or Hell’s path. Only then the angel is given another soul to take care of.

But, most of the times, the legends are deformed, so the few angels left in Heaven are forced not to fail their mission with the souls they have in care, because the humanity had started collapsing. The evilness and the criminality’s odds were at maximum, which was a concern for Heaven, and it was barely opening its gates for the good souls, who were so few left.

“Kaliel, you are struggling too much”, Leila tells her sister, who was about to go back to Earth again to save Chase, the soul she had in care, from another huge problem.

“I have brought him again on the right path”, says Kaliel when she comes out from the trance leaving the light that was surrounding her to fade in thin air.

“You’ve interfered again. If Father finds out, He will take him from your care. This soul made you too many problems from the very beginning. I know that you don’t want to hear this, but we really need to save the souls who want to be saved right now. Father is angry. He wants to give up on the humanity, because they have become embodied demons and He thinks that they can’t be saved anymore. And He is right, Kali. Their evilness has no boundaries. Can’t you see?”

“I don’t want to believe that Father will let them destroy themselves.”

“I believe that they have already destroyed themselves…”

Kali turns her back to Leila, stepping delicately to the light in front of her.

It is said that angels have white and fine skin, bright hair, delicate voice, bright eyes, surrounded in a white light. Well, all of these were fairytales. Kali looked completely different from what people have imagined. She puts her hand through her long and dark hair, closes her green eyes, sighs, and she leaves a tear fall on her cheek, so it can turn almost instantly in shiny dust, because this is how the tears of angels look like.

Leila, on the other hand, could have been easily confused with a soul who had just arrived in Heaven, and on Earth with an ordinary human, because of her too usual appearance. Her not so long hair, with a different brightness, her brown eyes, which were sparkling yellow when she was crying, her white and fine skin, and her high stature, that gave her a superior air.

“I had him in my care since his first days of life. I will not give up on him. I will not let him out of my sight again. He can be saved and I will prove that to everyone. Chase’s place is in Heaven”, she tries to convince Leila.

“We are together since forever and I have seen all that he did along his life. The drugs, the bullying, since he was a kid, the bad situations he pushed others into, the way he destroyed other’s lives with forbidden substances on Earth, the aggressions, Kali… He has lost his soul from the moment he committed that murder. Stop blaming yourself for that moment. We can’t be next to them permanently. There are times when our journey of a few seconds from Heaven to Earth can make the difference between the good and the bad choices. ”

“Our rules are not that clear about this! Souls that have killed arrived in here and they were forgiven! Mine why shouldn’t be forgiven?”

“He killed that man when he had the choice not to. He could have let him go to jail, let him serve his time, and then he was going to be brought to justice! But, because of him, that man didn’t have the time he needed to be forgiven for his sins and he ended up in Hell.”

“He protected himself! Why everything has to be black or white? Why you can’t see the gray that ties them?” Kali explodes. “Why all the angels blame humans for their behavior, without thinking for a second when was the moment they decided to become different? Chase ended up this way because he was abused in his childhood!”

“Father doesn’t see things this way. The ones who are meant to be in here have to possess a clear soul and good intentions. Kali… you’ve had souls in your care before and you never did for any of them what you’ve done for this one.”

The truth was that she had gone on Earth too many times than she did for the previous souls, in her attempt to interfere with Chase’s problems, protecting him, and changing his destiny because of this. Their Father never was on board with saving a soul that was too far away from redemption, but Kali kept trying to save him at any cost, a thing that didn’t please Him at all.

While in Heaven angels were fighting, Chase was sitting on the chair in front of the bar where he had too much to drink, with his girlfriend, Dina, by his side, who was touching gently his legs, while she was sipping from a colored drink. The laugher of the ones who were with them, the music, the loud sounds of the cars passing on the road, all of these made Chase feel good, dizzy from drugs and alcohol, with his hands around Dina’s neck, without having the smallest idea that he was the subject of a huge argument in Heaven, the place he never believed in, a thing that made the situation funny somehow.

The dark beard had grown on his face and it was covering it in a way that made him look tougher than he was, and he was extremely pleased about him latest haircut. Yes, the hair was his strong point, or at least that was what he liked to think about himself, but also his black eyes added more confidence to his look.

If he passed by people, no one could have imagined that he was a lost soul, one that had destroyed lives and, even more, one that had taken a life with his own hands. If you are wondering what is his story, it sounds like this:

Jane had given birth to Chase without any idea who his father was, for her life wasn’t exactly a good one either. The bad choices and hard situation had pushed her on a wrong path, and she ended up pregnant, so she had to wake up to reality.

After she had Chase, she decided to share her life with Frank, an old friend from the group she used to hang out with in her teen years. But while Chase was growing up and started needing things, Frank was becoming more violent and jealous on him.

He started hitting Jane, then Chase, and when the day has come and Jane decided to run away with Chase, things didn’t go as she planned, Frank caught them and snapped, hitting Jane until her last breath right in front of Chase, and after that he started hitting him too.

All of these were taking place when Chase was sixteen years old, and his mind wasn’t for a long time the mind of a child, for he had lived a lot of traumas, and when he was faced with the hardest test of his life, under Frank’s heavy arms, with the image of his dead mother in front of his eyes, he knew the only way he could have survived was to kill him.

Indeed, the revenge pushed him on this path too, but also the desire to live, so Chase grabbed a screwdriver that had fallen on the floor during the fight and stabbed Frank in the neck, leaving him to lie there along with Jane, and he ran on the streets and leaving the police to think that the two of them had killed each other.

Time has healed his wounds and longing, and he became immune to the evil around him, he had become evil himself and cold, he changed clans and women, friends and drugs, until he met the actual group, and he was now the main heroin dealer around there. But after he had experienced some unpleasant episodes with this drug, he decided only to sell it and not consume it, settling for alcohol and marijuana, and leaving others to destroy their lives, without the slightest remorse for what he was doing.

He was with Dina for ten months and they were living modestly, in a two roomed flat, along with the other two partners in their business. But they weren’t missing the expensive things, the cars, and he was trying to offer Dina whatever she wanted. Another important thing for him was that he had never risen his hand at her, and he had promised himself not to do this after what he had experienced during his childhood.

He wondered a lot of times how he had escaped from certain situations, and the idea of a guardian angel never occurred to him. He never thought that an angel was fighting so hard to save his soul, which he was one step away from losing.

But Dina was not like him, because her angel had left her a long time ago, with specific orders to save another soul who really needed saving. She had fallen in love with Chase for his fame, but she realized during the months with him that love wasn’t the reason she was still there, but because of the material things and the pleasures he offered her from the love he had for her. Even if she wasn’t a killer she had lost her chance to arrive in Heaven because of her envious and evil soul, her lack of affection for people around her, and her easy way to lie and convince people that heroin was the quickest way to happiness.

Chase never forced anyone to try or buy heroin, and he was just the main distributor from that area, on the existing market, and he sometimes had some remorse. But Dina was the one hiding her true intentions, and the difference between their souls was clear. She was protected by Chase every time the problems showed up, and he was willing to take everything on him to see her happy, without knowing her hidden intentions and true feelings. Yes, Dina liked to be involved in his business a lot, because the rewards were satisfying, in bodily and material pleasures.

On the other hand, or, correctly, in another part of the Universe, Kali was doing an extremely hard job, and her stubbornness was beyond limits. She didn’t even know why she was hanging on this soul, ignoring her Father’s words, who had told her endless times to let him go and take another soul instead.

“You have to let him go”, Leila tells her in the end.

“Aren’t we the ones who have to love them unconditionally? The ones who don’t have to let them fall in sins in the first place? We used to love them and ask in return just to be fine! Now we’re abandoning them and we don’t even ask for their forgiveness! What happened to us? With the love? With Heaven?”

“Father’s orders… If He believes that humanity has fallen, then He is right. They are His children and He knows why He has made this choice. Can’t you see? They’re killing each other, starting wars, revolts, endless violence, they create viruses, diseases, and they are thirsty for power. They forgot about love.”

“I refuse to believe that”, says Kali and moves along with the aura around her.

Even though the wars, evilness, hunger, the crimes and hatred in the world were problems that Kali should have worried about, she was thinking only how she was going to save Chase’s soul, because she knew, somehow, deep down, that he wasn’t to blame for the person he had become, and that he didn’t deserve to go to Hell for nothing in the world. Even if she knew that she had made her Father angry so many times, she wasn’t listening to His orders and she was staying with Chase, day and night, ready to interfere again if he did something stupid.

But Chase wasn’t on the point of doing just one stupid thing, and he was a part of a game more complex than him, without even knowing it.

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