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Legend of Zelda: Remnants of a Lost Kingdom

By Peter DiStasio All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Stories, which now have been passed down well over many millennium, tell the tale of a hero of courage, a princess of wisdom, and an evil being of great power.  The gods know when the time is of dire need, from the presence of this evil being, and place the hero’s soul into a living being.  This is the ancient world of Hyrule.  The princess is passed down from one generation to the next through the royal family blood line, but there is no blood line or heritage in the soul of the hero.  Instead his soul is placed in a person chosen and ordained by the gods.  The evil being, nearly as immortal as the gods themselves, has remained a terrible constant throughout the ages.

The hero and princess perpetually are in battle with the malevolent being in a world that is magically separated and hidden from our own.  If you ever want to find this world, you need to look no further than where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.  Did you ever wonder why all those planes and boats would always disappear?  The myths about the Bermuda Triangle and the triangles of the Triforce have been linked ever since the three goddesses made their world, and ours.

  The first time the demon known as Ganon appeared, he tricked the hero and the princess while they were both at the young age of ten.  He used them both to get into the sacred realm.  The hero broke the magic seal on the door with the Ocarina of Time, given to him by the princess, and took the legendary blade, the Master Sword.  Too young to fully wield it he was sealed, protected, by its power for seven years.  With the door he the young boy left opened, Ganon entered the sacred realm and took the legendary Triforce, a gift left by the three goddesses who made this land, which is said to grant the wish of the one who touches it.

  But not all went according to Ganon’s plan.  Instead an ancient prophecy was fulfilled.  It was foretold that the Triforce was in fact three separate triangles, and only together would they truly grant the wish of its holder, but they were a scale weighing that being’s heart.  If the heart was in balance of the three parts of the Triforce; power, wisdom, and courage, only then would he truly hold it.  If not, two of the triangles would vanish leaving him only with the one which he believed in most.  He would then have to find the other two in those chosen by destiny.  The only sign of that person having it would be the Triforce symbol on the back of that person’s dominant hand.

  Seven years later, the young hero awoke to find that the once peaceful kingdom of Hyrule was now a wasteland due to Ganon and his Triforce of Power.  With the help Sheik, one of the few survivors of a family line meant to protect the royal family, he awoke all six sages of the kingdom.  At this time Sheik revealed herself to be the now grown up princess who was the one destiny chose to be the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, and that it was the hero himself who was to bear the Triforce of Courage.

Together, they defeated Ganon, but due to the Triforce of Power he was unable to die.  All they could do to end the conflict is to seal him in the void of the sacred realm, where he would be imprisoned… forever.  The hero returned the Ocarina of Time to the princess.  She sent him back to his original time and the Master Sword was returned to its rightful place.  This completely negated the seven years that followed, and severed those two timelines permanently.   Ganon remained imprisoned, and both Link and Zelda grew up as normal children in their respective parts of Hyrule.  They have met after the sword was returned for a final time, but there is no documentation of what followed.  Most assume they said "good bye" and parted ways.    The young Link had one little misadventure involving reliving three days repeatedly before he returned home.  The most important fact for that story was that he still had the Ocarina of Time during those events.  This means that although as an adult he returned it to the adult princess, the world of the young hero and princess still needs the Ocarina of Time, and therefore it remained in the possession of the Hero.  Either way that old relic is now lost in the same time in which it can control.

Unknown to the rest of the world except the princess Zelda who had the Ocarina returned to her, the Hero's soul has permanently vanished from this world because it was returned to the world where he grew up naturally as a child.  In defeating Ganon and directly after he vanished the Master Sword was found in the pedestal of time as if it has always been there.  And it sealed Ganon in the sacred realm.  Even if he were capable of conjuring enough power on his own to escape the void, his full power would not be returned unless the sword, which he being an evil one who may never touch it, was to be removed from its pedestal.

After he was returned to his own time, the Hero’s Triforce of Courage broke into 8 shards, which were dispersed throughout the land.  This way not only would the gods have to choose the next hero, but the hero would have to recover all the shards to fully use his power and draw the full power of the Master Sword, thus prevent breaking Ganon’s seal.

Ganon’s lost a great deal of power getting a new physical form to attack Hyrule with.  With the seal on most of his strength still intact by the Master Sword attack on the kingdom of Hyrule.  Even in this weakened state he was still more than capable to invade Hyrule, so much so that even the gods feared arising another hero to defeat him knowing that his full strength would be restored as soon as the hero removed the Master Sword.  At this time there was also no princess, just a young king named Daphnes.  Instead the gods secretly had all the people of Hyrule flee to the mountain tops and their world was completely flooded.  All that remained of Hyrule were few scattered islands, and Ganon’s kingdom became his Tomb.

Eventually he found a portal to the surface in an old abandoned fortress.  His power was still sealed by the blade that he may never touch.  Yet, he had a new ally, a large bird named Helmaroc to do his wet work for him.  The bird was sent out looking for girls with elfish ears, the last recognizable feature of the royal family’s, of the princess’s descent.  With no other instructions it maliciously chased and kidnapped all those specific girls it could find until it found a young pirate captain.  Her crew fended the bird off to a small island.

On this island when a young boy turns fifteen he is given clothing of the hero so that he might show the courage of the hero of legend.  One boy in particular was celebrating his birthday with his sister when that large bird stole her leaving the pirate captain behind.  He was able to convince the pirate captain to take him to sea and set course for the fortress that the bird is said to fly from.  Unable to save his sister, he was flung from the island and had to find some means of fighting back.

With the help of a small red sailboat possessed by one who calls himself, "The King of the Red Lions," he hears of a great weapon to strike back at evil and save his sister.  It was hidden in a long lost kingdom deep beneath the water where only the hero chosen by the gods could possibly reach.

He passed the test of the gods and returned to a preserved Hyrule Castle hidden deep beneath the water.  The castle was overrun with Gannon's monsters which thankfully were all turned to stone.  In that castle’s basement, he removed the Master Sword just like his predecessor, unknowingly awakening all the stone imprisoned warriors and restoring Ganon's his full strength.  Link immediately returned the fortress for a second attempt.  This time he was able to free his sister and all the other innocent girls trapped in the fortress, however facing Ganon, he was only narrowly able to escape with his life.  Worse still, Ganon had placed a powerful seal on the Master Sword using the very same seal that had been on him for so many years.

He and the pirate captain were called back to Hyrule Castle, where she was awakened as the princess of wisdom.  Together, the hero learned of a way to break the seal on his Master Sword and how to recover the lost Triforce shards.  Just as the hero returned to Hyrule Castle, Ganon had taken her hostage.  It was all a trap in which the hero was meant to follow her.

He fell right into it and was quickly defeated by Ganon.  The Triforce was now removed from the hero and the princess and it became whole again.  King Daphnes, long thought dead, and yet posessing the red sail boat, had touched the Triforce before Ganon having his wish granted instead.  It was for a future of the children of Hyrule living above the water.  In anger and desperation Ganon attacked the hero and the princess.  Using their power of light and the master sword they defeated Ganon this final time.  Ganon’s whole body was turned into stone and the sword remained in his head.

Eventually all but a few islands disappeared completely from existence, and what remained was still magically separated from the rest of the world.  On those scattered islands most memories of a lost kingdom, a hero, a princess, and a demon were completely lost.

About a century after the original hero returned the Ocarina of Time to the Princess, he returned home to live out his life.  Eventually the Kokiri forest was cultivated by the spreading population of rule and it flourished as the peaceful province of Ordon.  The Kokiri, Skull Kids, and Deku tree sprout all went deeper into hiding in the lost woods with the exception of the now growing up Hylian hero.  He assimilated into the Ordon culture, and the Triforce mark on the back of his hand was passed onto his children, however his story died with him.

Ganon resurfaced. Parallel to the world of Hyrule, a world of light is a world of twilight.  In this world most of the beings lived in peace with Hyrule except for one spiteful being.  His hate and anguish for that world of light was enough for Ganon to draw the strength he needed to free himself from the void of the sacred realm.  The freed demon gave this new hateful being, Zant, the power he needed to conquer the king and queen of the twilight realm, and turn the princess, Midna, into a mere imp.  Ganon then transported Zant to the world of light and gave him free reign to attack the unsuspecting world of Hyrule.  Taking the castle, he gave the young princess a choice; her world would be transformed to a terrible world where all the beings of light were transformed to ghosts of their former selves, or death to her and all her subjects.  Her subjects in mind, she was left with no choice, and Hyrule’s surrender into shadow was absolute.

At this time the new hero, and direct descendent of the original hero of time was leaving his home to visit the castle of Hyrule and meet the young princess.  He was sent by the village mayor to deliver a hand crafted sword as a symbol of the alliance between the kingdom of Hyrule and its small southern neighbor.  The Triforce mark was imprinted on his hand since birth, though he had only a vague idea of its true history.  As the hero’s world turned to twilight, the power of the Triforce of Courage shielded him from becoming a ghost like everyone around him, but instead he became a wolf, sacred being in the world of twilight.  Midna found the young hero in his wolf form in a prison, and helped to set him free. 

Together they set off to awaken the spirits of the world that lost their light to the shadow.  Only then would the hero be restored to his original form.  This is when Midna revealed her true purpose.  She sent the hero to recover the pieces to an ancient magic that was passed down through the lineage of the Twili royal family.  With all the pieces gathered, they had the chance to win in a battle against Zant.

But it was a trap.  He was waiting for them as soon as they recovered the final piece of the magical helm.  Held her as if pinned to thin air by the arms and tossed aside her magic as worthless relics.  Zant then told them of the far greater power given to him by his god, but he gave no further details about this mysterious puppet master's identity except that he is not of the twilight realm.  He stole the light transforming the hero back into his wolf form and attempted to perform the coup de grace  on a defenseless Midna, only to have the hero block and take the damage into himself.

The hero down for the count and his companion immobilized, Zant used the light from one of the spirits of Hyrule to transform a shadow to a being of light, and then send them back to the world of light.  In their state the hero could not leave wolf form due to the powerful magic dark magic he took in Midna's stead and she could no longer live in shadow and therefore was slowly dying.

Their only hope was the princess, and place all hope in her wisdom.  She gave her entire life force in order to recover Midna's to a shadow and restore her original strength, but she could do nothing to counter the hero's dark magic.  She did have one solution.  Hidden deep in the forest was a lost temple where the Master Sword, the blade of evil's bane, was hidden.  As he left the castle where the princess was now lost it became sealed off from the rest of the kingdom where no magic could penetrate.

This sword cut through the dark magic as the hero was chosen next to wield it.  Midna kept the piece of dark magic that was removed from the hero so that now he could transform to wolf at will and use the shadow portals.

Seeking clues of Zant's master they went west to the desert which was once home of the Gerdu people, but now only had a prison and mirror that would send one into the twilight world.  There they found it broken with only one of four pieces remaining and learned from the ancient sages of the world about the evils of Ganon.  He nearly escaped sages punishment only to be banished to the world of twilight, too weak to do any damage.  He found a loathsome creature named Zant and he did something that not even the sages could have predicted.

Since Ganon still had the Triforce of Power but no means to use it due to the seal, he gave it to another.  And in return he drew from the hatred and spite of Zant to slowly gain enough strength to break the seal on himself and take over the castle.  An event that had just happened after the hero and Midna's fortunate escape.

After recovering the broken pieces of the Mirror of Twilight they braved into realm of twilight with Midna still hidden in the hero's shadow.  The pale glow of the sol was the only light form of the Twili and was able to cut through even the darkest shadow.  Zant tried to lock it away but it was recovered by the hero who was able to infuse its power with the Master Sword but was only good in Twilight.

The hero used the light to defeat Zant and Midna was finally fully recovered.  With helm in hand she crushed Zant in a single blow using only a small fraction of her newly acquired power.  With this power she could finally go to the castle of Hyrule and restore princess Zelda to life.  She used the full power of the helm to destroy the seal on the castle.

This left only one obstacle remaining, Ganon.  He transformed into a massive boar and yet the hero was able to defeat him as a sacred wolf.  The princess was now alive again, but Ganon was returning to his Hylian form growing in power.  Midna remained behind risking her own life so that the hero and the princess of Light were able to escape.  Shortly after the escape, the final confrontation happened on the fields of Hyrule.  The hero thrust the Master Sword into the chest of that foul demon.  The Triforce of Power faded from his hand and his physical body died while still standing.  His soul was shattered and Hyrule was forever returned to a state of peace. 

Both worlds of Hyrule, the Ocean world above and the Kingdom below coexisted on the same planet and yet separated from each other by a sea of both time and events.  And yet on one small island very near to our own Bermuda Triangle the few remaining Hylian's live.  Their true history is shrouded in myth from the events of both worlds.  The people of that island are waiting for the fabric of time to weave back together and then weave with the events of the rest of the world, where humans live and work completely unaware of the magical events taking place very close by and yet only visible to the descendants of the ancient Hylian race that managed to escape to the rest of the earth over the long years of both world's histories.

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