Legend of Zelda: Remnants of a Lost Kingdom

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Chapter 1: A World Separated from Hyrule

“Link, come down stairs and get your breakfast. Ya don’t wanna miss your own graduation, do you!?”

The cool summer morning air was pushed in by the breeze through the bedroom window. His slightly messy blonde hair fell lightly across his deep blue eyes as he sat up. The dark green graduation robe was neatly folded on the chair near him.

His mother’s voice tapered off before she yelled again, a little more aggravated this time. “Hurry it up! You’ve been up all night playing games again, haven’t you!?”

“No Mom,” Link replied through the door though the TV screen was still showing a teenager wearing almost all green, riding a horse running through a field. He must have crashed out at some time around midnight last night.

He hit the power button on his game cube, but before he turned off the TV, some urgent sounding news story caught his attention.

“Recently a small Research Submarine went missing. Reports are still unclear, but it seems that there was no terrorist activity in that area at that time, however a terrorist attack has not been completely ruled out. The submarine was investigating seismic activity at the northern end of the Bermuda triangle.

Apparently it found the remains of a castle and a long lost city. So far this city doesn’t match any in our history. There was one artifact in particular it found when all communications were lost, and all ties to its support vessel were severed. We will now show you the last recorded videos and images from this tragic incident.”

The TV displayed a very clouded and choppy image from the submarine’s camera being lit by the very weak electronic glow of its fluorescent bulb. As it moved you could start to see the faint outline of a stone statue of a large man. As the camera got closer to its target, the image gradually cleared around a stone statue. The camera methodically panned up and down to show that the whole statue was beautifully crafted, and still in perfect condition. As it reached the top of the man’s head there was a European style sword with blue hilt placed firmly in his head, which the mechanical arm was reaching for and grabbed hold. The image instantly got rippled and cut in and out but then suddenly cleared. The very last shot before the footage was lost was the sword being completely removed and what seemed to be the image of the stone statue moving.

“As you can see the mechanical arm reached for the sword, but upon contact all transmissions fluttered for a moment. What is even more confusing is that upon removal all communications were completely lost. When the support vessel attempted to pull it to the surface all the wires were cut in the same spot and with no other damage except those smooth slices. Our only lead at this time is that the statue seems to have changed its position after contact with the sword was made. We currently have famed archaeologist Henry Jones, and the leader of the team supporting the undersea research vessel, Samantha Edwards, had this to say…”

Before the scene changed, the TV went blank and silent when Link pushed the power button on the remote and threw it on his bed. He slowly wandered groggily down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Zee-zee just called your cell phone,” His little sister called out while hiding behind a box of cheerio’s. “She said that she can’t wait to see you at the graduation and the party on the boat afterwards.”

“Thanks Sarah, I’ll call her back after I eat in a few min__” He stopped short and changed his tone, “Hey, when did you make off with my cell phone!?”

“Ya left it down here last night.” She replied with a giggle.

“Oops, my bad.” He said with a smile to his sister as his accusatory tone dissipated.

His mother interrupted, “Speaking of Zee, you’ve been spending a lot more time with her. She seems like a really sweet girl.”

Sarah was an eleven year old ball of fire. She always had a smile and was very giggly. Sometimes it was as if she was the only person who could really tell if something was wrong or not. Since she was very little she could figure things out most children twice her age still couldn’t do. It was really funny, if you needed help programming the DVD player or getting the computer to work she would normally be the first person to be able to fix it. She had light brown hair that went down to just below the shoulder blades. And you could almost always tell her mood from her hazel green eyes, which would go from a deep green if she was happy, to almost a pale blue when sad, and a dark brown if she was ever really angry.

She was now half hidden behind her box of cheerios when she finally shouted, “Link’s gotta girlfriend! Look at this, Mommy; he was kissing Zee-zee on the lips!”

“What!? You little brat!” Link yelled across the table at the same time jumping to his feet ready to spring across the table to stop her from handing the phone off to their mom.

It was too late though. All Sarah had to do was turn and she was showing the phone off. “See, mommy, they even took a bunch of pictures together on his cell phone. Why can’t I have a cell phone?”

Their mom, Kate, took the phone from Sarah’s showing hand, “Sweetie, you know you shouldn’t invade you’re older brothers privacy like that. I’m sure you won’t want him getting between you and your boyfriends someday. We both know he will be really protective of you in a few years when they start liking you.”

Link, defeated sat back down to his waffles and syrup almost hoping he could vanish from this situation until the end of the meal.

His mom could easily tell how embarrassed he was and gave him an approving smile, “Don’t worry about it. I still think she’s a sweetheart,” she said handing him back the phone, “just don’t rush into anything.”

After he finished with his breakfast, Link set his phone back down on the table and walked his dish over to the sink on the way to the balcony. There was a small portion of the NYC skyline near that could be seen from the twentieth floor. He could see directly below all the cars, buses, and taxi cabs running on the busy streets.

Katie silently followed after him giving a soft hug from behind. She was a very beautiful woman of her late thirties. Her strait brown hair went smoothly down her back to just above her waist. She only had bangs that went diagonally down to the right side of her face that would sometimes halfway cover her right eye, but normally it would just rest on her cheeks. Her eyes were the exact same color as her daughter’s Sarah which made it very obvious where Sarah had gotten them from. Her nose was very small and her lips always seemed to be showing a smile regardless of her mood. The only true tell she had to her emotions is the color of her eyes. She was a very soft-spoken and pleasant woman, which meant that on the rare occasion when she needed to raise her voice or make her presence known, the whole room would give her the attention she requested. This would usually always work even with her two kids. She would always pride herself on a very sharp wit, which served her very well many times when she was younger.

After a long pause she finally said to him, “We should go soon. I don’t want to miss the yacht for your graduation at sea.”

He loved the idea of the graduation on the water. The boat the school had been renting for more than 3 decades was retired last year and the company had a new one to replace it named after his high-school. The owner’s whole family was an alumnus of that school since the early 1920s when they originally made a fortune, so as a way of giving back to this school that passed so many generations of their family through its walls, they offered their best luxury yachts every graduation day.

The whole ceremony was rehearsed twice before with the boat in the docks which only took about a half hour each time. The actual event was planned to last the entire day. The boat would sail out of the New York harbor and go far out to sea for a few hours until there was not another vessel around. A light lunch of finger foods would be served around noon, and then an hour later the graduation would start. The ceremony itself would last about two and a half hours. The podium was set to have everyone speak then pass and get their diploma with the waves and sky behind them.

The next floor down had a large dining hall which was to serve dinner from about four until nine at night. This large room had a neighboring ball room which opened to another deck outside for dancing in the summer moon light that both students and friends and families were able use after the first hour of dinner. The next floor below that was the last floor that was above the surface of the water. It featured a full bar and casino that opened at six o’clock but the entrance was ID checked to prevent anyone under twenty-one from going inside.

The part of the evening Link was going to enjoy the most was being with Lizzie in her graduation gown. All the guys in his class had a dark green forest color, and the girls had the other school color a milky white gown. In the back of his mind, he had always wondered how he got so lucky to be dating her. To him she was the perfect girl, and much to his surprise she felt the same way about him too. They were each other’s whole world it seemed. It was like they just seemed to click in every possible way. The first time they had ever met, freshmen year, they could already almost tell what the other was thinking in the history class they shared. In just five minutes of talking with her they were already laughing and joking. Even her nickname, Zee, just came out one day and she instantly felt right at home with it. He’s been calling her that ever since.

Kate, still behind him, released him from her long hug. She looked at her watch and gave a little nudge at his side. “It’s nine now, we gotta get going if we want to find a good parking spot.”

A few short minutes later, all his stuff was together in a gym bag, so he was finally ready to head out. His hand was only inches from the door knob when he heard a soft tapping from the other side of it. His hand pulled back for a second then grabbed back onto it pulling the door opened. In front of him was a beautiful girl just about his age.

“Zee?” he asked seeing her standing there, a terribly sad expression on her very cute face. She had the type of hair no one could ever distinguish between dark blond and light brunet, with only two bangs on either side of her face that would come to rest on each cheek. When irritated she would commonly blow her bangs off her eyes which landed right where they originally were. More often than not, it was Link’s own hand that would tuck these bangs behind her ears. Some of her hair would end up on her shoulders and in front of them, but most went flowing strait and smooth down her back.

Her eyes, which were normally as deep and blue as his, were now filled with tears. Her very pretty face never needed any makeup meant that there was no smudging or running from the tears on her cheeks. The graduation gown she was already wearing hid the subtle curves from her body which was just as perfectly portioned as her face.

“Link__” her said trembling voice started, but before another sound escaped her lips he had his arms around her holding her very close. She instantly relaxed and rested her head on his shoulder holding him too. She wasn’t squeezing too tight, just keeping him close letting her troubles drift away as she melted into his arms. She let out a single tear from her closed eyes as a smile came to her lips as if he had just saved her from the weight of the world by being there.

The fingertip from his left hand touched her tear so it dripped off her cheek. His fingers glided across her soft skin and moved her hair from in front of her blue eye tucking it behind her ear. He stared into her blue eyes, glassy from the few tears she released, and he asked, “What is it, Zee?”

“My parents can’t make it today,” she said leaning on him. He knew that her dad was a doctor and always on call, and her mom’s job had her out in California for months at a time, “The office told my mom to cancel her flight because she had to finish the deal with her clients, and dad said the hospital is swamped today.” She said and after a sniffling breath, “I don’t know what to do.”

He gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, “I’m sorry, I know how important it was for your family to be there.” He said wishing his own father wasn’t lost to that drunk driver all those years ago. He even thought for a minute that he wasn’t even sure how much of him Sarah even remembered. “I’m sure we can take you with us, and I’ll have mom record it for your family.” She gave him a really tight grateful squeeze during the hug and rests back in his arms again; part of it for what he said, and another part just hearing his voice.

Her sadness when she came the door had almost completely dissipated from the long hug when Sarah finally came running over to her. She was in the other room getting all of her DS games together because she didn’t notice Zee’s presence until now. She was running out of the room and must have near screamed, “Zee-zee,” at least a dozen times running across the room to her. Zee bent down giving a quick hug giggling a little.

As soon as Sarah felt Zee’s arms touching her back, just like a light just went on her head, Sarah broke the hug and pulled away with a cute little angry face. “You and my brother have been bad!! Kissing boys is so icky.” She placed a solid ten seconds lengthening the word, “so.”

Link gave Zee a little shrug and mouthed the words to Zee, “She stole my phone.”

“It’s not that icky,” Zee said to Sarah with an innocent smile, but it was already too late. Sarah had already scurried off to the car to wait in the back seat with her DS.

The three of them quietly followed Sarah’s example and went to get situated in the car. Before anyone could sit Sarah’s voice came from the back seat, “Zee-zee, you need to sit back here with me, so my brother can’t do any more icky kisses to you.”

Zee slowly slid into the back next to Sarah blushing while Link just covered his face with his hands. She finally replied to Sarah once her seat-belt was on, “It’s not all his fault, it was really me who kissed him and he just kissed back.” Sarah had this look of pure shock and disgust on her face, but she still silently listened, “In fact, I’m just as bad, maybe even worse than he is.”

“No you’re not! All girls are sweet and innocent!” Sarah stammered, “Right mommy?” she said towards the front seat, to which Katie gave a stern look to Link across the steering wheel.

“Sweetie___” Zee started to say but was instantly stopped by Sarah.

“Don’t sweetie me! You’re not allowed to give me any sweeties right now!”

The rest of the car trip was thankfully uneventful, and he was even more relieved that no one complained on the boat when they were holding hands locking their fingers together.

The graduation ceremony had only just started, but already it seemed as if an hour of Link’s life had been wasted in the uncomfortable folding chair. He couldn’t help but wonder how their graduation was on such a nice yacht, and yet they had the cheapest chairs in existence. Finally, after four different supposedly important people, each of which he could care less about than that undersea stone statue with a sword stuck in his head, had finished their dry speeches and left the podium it was the salutatorians turn to make a speech.

A pale eighteen year old kid with short dark hair walked to the podium. He was pretty much all skin and bones, and stood about half a head taller than the rest of the class, except of course for the school’s basketball team, walked to the podium. This kid did not like anyone, had few to no friends, and to Link’s knowledge, no one liked him either. People effectively avoided him for the most part. It was so much avoidance that no one would even talk to him to give him a hard time. His worst trait of all was his attitude of being above everyone else. Most of the time, staff and students alike would ignore him to where they could pretend he didn’t exist. There was nothing, except his height, about his looks that you could use to distinguish him from a crowd. No physical to add to or detract from his physical appearance. He was just a very intelligent person, but with that self serving mentality that no one would want to deal with.

By the end of his smug, and to the relief of everyone in the audience, short speech, the vast majority of the people wanted to forcefully remove him from the podium. Seemingly, the only thing stopping every last person there was the graduation tradition. He had effectively talked down to the entire school population, staff and student alike as if they were toddlers. Every word showed nothing but contempt for the time he had spent there.

“Thank you Mido for that lovely bit of insight,” the principal said trying as hard as possible to keep her tone polite, but the sarcasm was definitely obvious. Half of the student body broke into fits of giggles from it. Even Sarah, normally oblivious to stuff like that, was laughing.

“Please take your seat Mido,” she says directly to him. She then gave a loud cough into the microphone restoring everyone’s attention. “Would our class valedictorian please come forward now to hopefully shed a much more pleasant light on the time at our school?”

Zee slowly came to her feet and politely walked past the people sitting beside her to the center aisle. In the four short years of high-school she had befriended the majority of the students so the whole graduating class roared to life cheering her. She walked perfectly straight to the front of the deck centering on the podium. Just as her lips parted to speak, the cheers became instantly silent filled with anticipation.

The sudden and drastic volume change around her frightened her for a second and her lips came back together. She looked nervously around the whole boat, then glanced over everyone head to the water. Finally her eyes met with Link’s who gave a reassuring smile and nod. She smiled back, filled with confidence and moved her lips back to the microphone.

“I’ve had a prepared speech for a little while now, but in light of that god awful rant we all just heard, I think I’ll start elsewhere. After that I might either go back to these cards, or I could just wing it.” There was a simultaneous draw drop from the entire deck, surprised by this usually soft spoken girl speaking ill of anyone, regardless of whether or not they deserve it.

“I’ll start with something small to those among us too self righteous to realize they didn’t get this far in life on their own as they seem to believe…Mido. Soon enough alienating all those around you will lead to Karma coming back to haunt you taking over your life. I just hope I’m there to see it happen. So that when I can say these exact words to you.” She paused for a moment looking at him who had his arms crossed looking directly at her as if to attack her with his eyes. She gave a smile back to him knowing that her taunts were having an effect, and continued her speech, “No, I would not like fries with that.”

A vast roar of laughter and cheers filled the air. It was enough to cause ripples in the water surrounding the boat. After a few moments she put her hands back up to signal she wanted to speak again, and the room instantly silenced again for her just as it did before. “Well, I’ve made up my mind on this whole speech thing,” she says throwing an index card over her shoulder, “and it looks like I’m just gonna have to wing it then.” Wisdom was showing like a light coming out of her with every word she said and every hand gesture she made. She definitely deserved the valedictorian spot instead of Mido, which she won it by the smallest fraction of a GPA possible.

“Ya know, I was originally planning a speech on politics,” the next card follows the first, “but it seems that Mr. Johnson covered that in excruciating detail, and bored half of us to tears or death, whichever came first. “Sorry Mr. Jay, you still taught a great world history class.” She paused again to allow for a couple giggles. “But instead, I wanted to talk about what I took away from the time I spent there, and hope that everyone sitting with me today can reflect on more than just a pile of things left undone and some lifelong regrets.”

“Most of what I learned about life didn’t occur in a classroom, but was from both students and teachers, in the hallways.” She continued her speech praising every person she had met in the past four years, both individually and all together as a group at the same time. She said no word about Link yet, but she kept looking over his way, directing every smile she had at him while still talking to the student body at large. It was her way of saying that there is still something important at the very end that she was saving just for him and yet she wanted the whole world to know about.

Minutes flew by with the students hanging onto every word. Her tone was steadily starting to dictate that she was just about to wrap everything up. “__and to everyone, I’m sure you all have met some new and interesting people. I hope you’ve round someone special, like I have, to share your time with and make this four year adventure worthwhile.” She stared directly into Link’s eyes as if she were standing only inches from him, “and maybe even have found someone you’ve fallen in love with.” Her eyes looked back up addressing everyone again. “So, here’s to our lives after this, our next, and much bigger, adventure.”

He had never heard Zee say the word, “Love” directly to or about him before. The issue came up a couple times but it was agreed that they would only say it if they really meant it. That way it’s much more important when the words are finally said. All of Link’s thoughts were completely drowned out by the thunderous applause that filled the entire ship. After another short pause she finally gives the speech closure, “Thank you for your time everyone.”

The principal tapped her glass at the center dinner table and everyone in the ballroom stopped what they were talking about to look up at him. “I would like everyone to know we are now currently in international waters, and some laws just don’t apply out here.” Every graduate could almost anticipate what she was about to say next. “I have made some arrangements with the owners for all of my now former students to have a single glass of the house wine.” She paused but just for a moment and quickly followed up, “with a parent’s consent of course.”

“However, I cannot in good conscience permit anyone under twenty-one into the casino or bar area, and no refills. Sorry kids.” She apologized with a smile. The carafes of wine quickly made their way around the room and everyone raised their glass to the toast she made still standing.

Katie made a few little jokes about Zee giving her wedding vows on the podium earlier. The four of them; Link, Zee, Sarah, and Katie spent their meal all joking and laughing between themselves watching the afternoon slowly turn into evening.

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