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The Travelling Luna

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Hill was scared, she had no idea what anyone expected of her as a Luna. Would the pack accept her after everything she has done? It didn’t help that her wolf still didn't like her and she was still too scared to let her mate too closer to her. She didn’t want to have another lapse in control. Hercules was trying, trying his hardest to be patient but sometimes he was losing the control he had. His wolf had lost patience two years ago. All his wolf wanted now was a mate and kids, and it was just his luck that his mate wanted neither him or pups. He was starting to speculate if his mate wanted him at all.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I know we all loved ′The Enforcer′ so by all means I want this story to be a standalone and not jeopardise the content in the first book. This is simply a spin off for those of us who cannot forget Hercules and Gia.

I couldn’t decide whether to name this The Travelling Luna or Learning to Luna, so I settled on this but I may change it once i find a better title.

Meanwhile remember to check out the other completed stories that will be soon be published: Born for Royalty and Too Fat for Love. Hope you enjoy this spin off series! Make sure to vote, follow and comment. (Insta: Imsooverpolice - will be aiming to give away free copies of The Enforcer at Christmas!)


“Where are you going this time?”

I looked up from my plate of breakfast ignoring his questioning glance at my full plate, probably wondering why I wasn’t eating. It wasn’t that he can’t cook or anything, I just wasn’t hungry and Hercules always had to make me breakfast even when I was not hungry. I placed my fork on the egg debating whether or not to stab it.

“St Bernards pack.”

“Again?” Hercules asked. He pulled a dining table chair out and took a seat opposite me. “Didn’t you just go there twice this month.”

I shrugged, “Yeah they want me to go back.” I told him. Hercules was silent and the only sound was the sound of my fork on the plate, playing with my food. “You signed up for this.” I said, deciding to address the elephant in the room.

I was almost too nervous to look up and stare into those eyes, they were filled with an emotion I didn’t want to see.

“I’m not complaining”

It sounded like it though.

“Can you take care of Noel again?” this time I had to look up. It was Hercules that was avoiding my gaze.

“Of course, you don’t need to ask.” He told me as he looked out the window. Noel was starting to become a permanent feature in this household and I liked having my nephew around, apart from the fact that I knew he also got moody every time I packed up to leave for another job.

“I’ll be back in a week.” I told Hercules who simply nodded. It was the same every time, he didn’t stop me from going on my next job but he also didn’t seem too happy about it. I thought coming home every weekend was better than just disappearing for months at a time.

The first year made it seem like it was easy, Hercules was patient and I thought we were getting somewhere but the last few months I could sense the strain of my travels on this relationship. Hercules stopped greeting me at the border like he used to, not that I cared or anything...it was just that I noticed it more. Instead Marcus would sometimes come to effectively pick me up but even that was decreasing. I almost felt like I was failing at balancing both my jobs and I had no idea how to fix it.

“What’s the Alpha like?” Hercules asked me.

“What do you mean?”

“I hear the new Alpha for the Bernard’s pack is you know, your age, young, inexperienced, some would say he is more fitted to be a human.” there was a tone I didn’t like in Hercules’s voice.

“He is okay, I’m just trying to get him to remember the rules. He was abroad up until the recent Alpha Tiane died so he’s in charge now. I guess he’s not that ready to take over a big pack like theirs.”

Hercules made a sound at the back of his throat, “Just be careful with him. I don’t like him.”

“You haven’t met him.”

“I’ve met those who have met him and it’s probably a good thing I haven’t met him. Just be careful. You know I get nervous every time you go on these trips.”

I let go of the fork I was holding and leaned across the table placing my hand on top of his, “I know but it’s just for a week. I thought this was better that I come back every weekend than just going for a month.” It was a lot of travelling and the fatigues was catching up to me.

Being an Enforcer wasn’t always fun. Most of the times you were on missions and it was great, you felt like you were accomplishing things by stopping rogues attacking innocent packs or even the humans. There were also the boring roles you had to partake in such as teaching new Alpha’s how to run a pack. For some reason the Elder George, thought it would be great if I was assigned this. I was almost wondering if this was a secret punishment as he knew I hated administrative tasks.

It was quite ironic that I was doing that, when I couldn’t even be a Luna properly. Hercules hadn’t said a word in the last fifteen months that I was yet to take charge and assist him, he seemed fine running the show by himself. Besides I had no idea what a Luna would do anyway, all the pack law defines the Alpha as the ‘in charge’ which I could totally sexist.

Hercules moved his hand from under mine and placed it on top of mine, he gave it a squeeze and he stood up, letting my hand go, “I’ll get Marcus to lead you out.”

I frowned as I pulled my hand back, Marcus was going to walk me out again? I didn’t expect Hercules to, I knew he was busy but I remembered that a year ago he would always walk me out, no matter how important the meeting was. I guess things are getting busier for him, he’s always locked away in that study room, everyone too scared to go inside.

“That’s alright. He’s with Gideon I can head there myself.” I grabbed my plate heading to the kitchen. I wrapped it up placing it in the fridge knowing one of the boys would want it after their training session.

I headed back to the room where my luggage was already packed, since I was going a week at a time I didn’t need too much to pack. I grabbed my carry on bag and folder heading outside where the car was waiting. I placed everything in the boot unlocking the car when I could hear someone yelling in the distance.

I looked over my shoulder to see a sweaty lanky Marcus running towards me, “Luna wait for me.”

I sighed unlocking the car and waited till he caught up, “You don’t have to run Marcus.”

Marcus paused in front of me slightly breathless as he hunched over. “Nah Gideon was picking on me anyway in training.” Marcus threw on the shirt he was carrying, “I’ll come with you to the border.”

Marcus patted down his messy dark brown hair as he hopped into the car, “I would rather be in the car than in Gideon’s training sessions. Doesn’t he know I’m fragile?”

“Do you want me to kick his butt for you?”

“Thanks you’re the best Luna!”

I shook my head, a small smile on my lips as I reversed out of the driveway and headed down the dirt track.

I never really liked driving in the woods, but these four wheel drives made it easy. When it was the winter months there was no way I could drive to the border, the snow would get everywhere and I hated putting the snow chains on. Why did they have to make them so difficult?

“Where are you going this time?” Marcus asked munching on an apple that I had no idea where he plucked from.

“Same place as last time.”


I casted a look at Marcus, what did that mean.

“So uh you going to be back for next weekend?”

“Yes, what’s happening?”

“No reason.” Marcus shrugged making me raise an eyebrow and give him another glance. He continued munching on that apple ignoring my questioning gaze. What was next weekend? It wasn’t anyone’s birthday was it?

I stopped at the border letting him out, “I’ll see you in a week Marcus.”

Marcus nodded hopping out, chucking the apple core in the distance, “Take care Luna kick some butts for me.”

I smiled, “Sure.” Marcus went to close the door and I quickly called out and he halted, “Yeah?”

“Um...you’re going to keep an eye out on Hercules yeah?”

“Of course, is something wrong?” I knew something was wrong by the awkward shuffle Marcus was doing on the ground, shifting between his feet and he always did that when he was nervous.

I frowned, what did they know that I didn’t.

“No, just yeah keep an eye on him.”

“Of course.” Marcus closed the door heading back on the path I drove down. I watched him through the rear view mirror till he was safely concealed by the trees before I started the engine.

There was definitley something that was happening in the pack that I was unaware of. I drove off towards the main road which was a far more joyful surface to drive on. The drive between Hercules’s pack and St Bernard’s pack wasn’t that far thankfully and I could make it there in three if I didn’t stop.

I looked out the window as I saw something blurry run beside the road. A familiar grey wolf running beside the road, I could barely make it out between the trees. I slowed down, prolonging the time the wolf would run beside the car and finally it stopped and I looked towards it, its grey eyes meeting mine.

He came.

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