Midnight Luna

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Outcast. Bullied. Hated. Rejected. This was Hailey Johnson's life and she hated it. She takes a stand and decides to run away. As a rogue she comes upon a new pack who fortunately accept her into their pack. She was finally happy and felt loved and wanted. But this was short lived. When an unexpected visitor enters her life things go down hill. She was placed with a great burden by the fates. Will she be able to carry this burden? Or will she give up? And what happens when her ex-mate enters her life again? Her happy contended life. Read on to Enjoy the heart break, jealousy, family and mate drama..!!!

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Hailey’s POV

I got up to the shrilling sound of my alarm clock. Reached out to shut it but the damn thing was too far. I did the next best thing, threw the pillow at it and a loud crash followed after.

“Damn that’s three in a row.” I muttered sleepily.

“Hailey Johnson get your ass down here. We’ll be late for school again thanks to you”. Yelled my brother.

“I’m coming” I yelled back.

My room was the attic in the entire pack house since I was an outcast. Quickly I entered my small bathroom to take a quick shower and do my business there. I glanced at the mist covered mirror and wiped it seeing a girl staring back at me with black curly hair with a tinge of blue in it, deep blue eyes with a bit of purple at the circumference and a pale white skin that made her look even more ugly. A bit overweight she stood at the height of 5′6. For a 15 year old girl I looked old. I snapped out of my trance to the yelling of my brother.

I rushed into my closet and decided to wear black skinny jeans and a yellow sponge bob t-shirt. Tied my wet hair in a messy pony tail, grabbed my bag and sprinted downstairs to see my brother looking angrily at me.

“What the hell is your problem huh? Damn bitch I’m really sick of taking care of you”

My brother Hayden Johnson was 2 years older to me. He was the beta of our pack of werewolves. He had brown hair and hazel blue eyes and stood at a height of 6′1. His pale yet slightly tanned skin made him look even more handsome. We had nothing common in appearance. My parents died when I was 12 and I was left under the care of my brother. After he crossed the age of 15 he shifted and was trained for 1 year to be the beta. I was proud of him but he never cared for me and thought of me as burden and bad for his reputation at school.

My pack was known as the Black Blood Pack which consisted of around 500 pack members excluding those who left to travel. This pack was situated in the forest which is at the border of USA.

We quickly drove to school and he parked in his parking space. Before I could get out he grabbed my hand and stopped me.

“Listen to me carefully Hailey I do not want to be seen with trash like you so just stay the hell away from me you get it?” And with that he left. I fought back the tears threatening to fall. This is what he tells me everyday before school.

SCHOOL! Don’t get me started on that. I was bullied everyday, cursed at, spat at, and everybody’s source of entertainment.

Entering school I was hit with a string of swear words. Ignoring them, I walked forward with my head down. Suddenly I was pushed to the lockers and my books fell along with me. My shoulder stung with the impact as a whimper escaped my lips.

“Oops didn’t see you there” said a sickly sweet voice which obviously belonged to Rebecca. She was smirking down at me and the rest were laughing at my discomfort. They were none other than the pack alpha Zachary Erickson, my brother and the Pack Warrior Craig Farris.

Zach was someone I couldn’t hate even if I wanted. I always had this hidden crush on him that I dared never to tell anyone. And besides he was way out of my league. He had beautiful soft black hair and these gorgeous grey eyes that I wish to stare at forever. He had a slight faded goatee under his chin and pale smooth skin. He had a well toned and a sexy body. His black skinny jeans and light blue t-shirt showed his hard abs clearly. As he looked down at me an evil smirk appeared on his sexy face.

Laughter filled my ears, and seeing my brother join in their amusement of bulling me broke my heart into pieces.

Rebecca then went to kiss her boyfriend, the alpha and the turned to me and said “watch where you go bitch.”

I quickly picked my books while they continued laughing at me.

As I stood up Amy, Craig’s girlfriend tripped me with her foot and I fell head first on the ground reaching for the first thing to brace my fall, which was Zach himself. As soon I held his arm to stop myself from falling, a jolt of electricity waved through my hand all over my body and my wolf screamed in happiness ‘Mate’. I looked up and saw his shocked face.

“We are mates” I mumbled but everybody heard it. Zach’s expression changed from shocked to anger and he ripped his hand away.

“How dare you speak such lies? Are you that desperate and worthless? How could you even think a piece of shit like you could ever be my mate?”

Every word that left his mouth broke me to an extend that nothing was left of my heart. My wolf whimpered in sadness and her pain was terrible. Having only known her for a few weeks after shifting, this pain was foreign and overwhelming. She scratched to come out and touch her mate but I held her back with all the strength I could muster.

“Zach baby calmed down she is hopeless. Hayden handle this sorry excuse of a sister of yours.” Said Rebecca in her sick sweet voice.

“Hailey get out of here you make me ashamed of you. I’m stunned that you can stoop to such a level and claim Zach as your mate. Leave now.” Hayden angrily sneered.

I ran from there and out of the school, and continued to run till I reached the pack house. Stopping to catch my breath, I decided to no longer stay here and endure this torture. Racing to my room, I packed my backpack with my phone and bare necessities, and changed into my black track pants, black hoodie and black vans. Taking a piece of paper , I wrote a letter, as every part of my body shook as I cried my eyes out.

Dear Hayden

I am sorry for being a burden to you. But now I’m leaving and you can live your life as you wanted without looking after me. I will never come back I promise you. I’m leaving because I cannot endure more torture and hate from you and the pack. I hope you all the happiness in the world. I hate that you never treated me like a sister and gave me the love I deserve. But know that I will always love you because you are the only family I have and no matter what you will forever be close to my heart. I’m no longer a part of this pack. Please do not look for me.

PS. Tell Zachary I am sorry for lying about him being my Mate.

Love Always


Leaving the letter on my bed I left the house. Shifting into my wolf, though it pained to do so as it was recently that I changed, picked my bag with my mouth I ran north towards Canada. I ran for hours and slowed down after crossing the border.

My wolf was hurt emotionally and physically so I shifted back, put my clothes and continued walking. Feeling a little light headed, I sat down to rest and thought of my life as I cried till blackness engulfed me.

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