Love Is Unforeseen [2]

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I killed an Alpha. A powerful Alpha, now I have to lead his pack. Wolf rules and all. My Mate broke our bond and guess what? I can turn into a glowing white wolf. The Goddess sure has tricked me. Anastacia is thrown into the deep. She is a wolf now, an actual werewolf. Trying to find out how, she also has to lead a pack. And love? Will there ever be love for her again? Or will she end up with her old Mate?

Fantasy / Scifi
Denicea Christina
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What Just Happend?


I've been waiting outside the door of her room for days now. When all was over, they brought her inside. Tiffany, my ex-Mate's best friend, has forbid me to come in. She blames me, they all blame me. I can feel their eyes on me whenever I walk somewhere. I can hear the whispers. I broke a bond, just like my father did. The good news is she is not dead. She breaths, her heart beats and she is in her wolf form. Yes, she is a wolf. Right after I rejected her as my Mate she shifted. She is beautiful, she is so white that she glows in the night. However she has not once woken up from whatever coma she is in. When I broke the bond that night I lost my own wolf. I searched for him in my mind for hours, days. But whatever I seem to do, I can't find him. I know he's still here, I can feel him. I look at my hand again, trying to shift but nothing happens.

I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and soon Katherina's head appears. Katherina is a member of Eadon's pack. Or well, as she says it's now Anastacia's pack. She has killed the Alpha, so she has earned the Alpha spot. Just like the Legend said. She is the only one who doesn't blame me. She explained everything to me. How Eadon threatend to hurt Tiffany if she didn't make me break the bond. Katherina comes to sit next to me. We sit there in silence for a couple of minutes. I can smell the worry on her. I know she cares about Anastacia too. She told me how Anastacia saved the kids of the pack and got them to calm down when we were trying to rescue her.

'Duncan is fully healed.' Katherina speaks. I nod at her. Duncan, my Beta, was hurt the night when I broke the bond. When he woke up he shifted into his wolf form to heal faster. I'm happy to hear he's fine, but it adds even more pain to my heart. I broke the bond for nothing. Absolutely nothing, I broke it in a flash of anger, a flash of feeling helpless. 'Word has gone out that Eadon is dead. Packs are moving here to see his body, to see if it's true. Rumors say that some Alpha's want to take over the pack.' It's logical, now the pack is without an Alpha it's in chaos. 'We won't accept them though. I have spoken to our counsel and we have all agreed to wait.. to wait untill she wakes up.' I drop my head in my hands. If she wakes up. I expect a howl from my wolf, but it stays out. For the millionth time I curse at myself. How could I be so stupid? How could I let my emotions get out of hand? The emptiness of my heart and head has drowned me in a dark place. Everything hurts, none of my thoughts are safe. I wish Avril were here, she always knew what to do. But she's gone too. I feel alone and for a long time I enjoyed to be alone, but now it's like hell. My own thoughts turned against me, my pack has lost it respect and my Mate.. or my ex-Mate is in a coma. And it is all my fault.

Ten minutes later a knock is at my door and a woman walks in. Behind her walks in Evan. I get up and halfly run over to him. I pull him into a hug, before pulling him back by his shoulders keeping him in place. I eye him closely and nod when I decide he looks good.

'I have never been received this good by an Alpha. It must be because I almost tackled you.' Evan says with a grin. His mother makes a scowling sound towards her son. I smile at her to let her know it's okay before I turn back to Evan.

'Pff, almost isn't good enough buddy.' I say to him mimicking his grin. I get up and hold out my hand to the woman. 'Anastacia, thank you for meeting me.' She eyes my hand in horror, just like Katherina had done the first time I introduced myself to her, but she takes it anyway and let's me know her name is Sapphire. I gesture her to sit down on the chair and let Evan sit on my chair before I take place in Eadon's old chair.

'I know it's hard to accept an Alpha that you don't know at all. That's why I called you here. I want to make a plan to have some changes in this pack and to have people to get to know me. However there are a lot of things I don't know here. My personal assistant is sadly busy with arranging the party for this afternoon, so I wondered if it's okay if you help me look at the plans to see if they're fitting for the pack and the needs of the packmembers.' The woman stares at me in shock once again.

'Like hell it is! We need a soccer field, you better have put that in your plan. Let me look at it.' Evan says already getting the papers that are on my desk. I laugh loudly and brush him through his hair.

'Sorry, buddy. I haven't, yet. But these suggestions are important too. How about we give you a job too?' I say to him. He puts back his papers and turns to me, his face serious. 'What about you go talk to all the kids, asking them what they want? Then I'll make a list and we'll vote for some things to go through.' Evan stares at me with an open mouth before grinning again.

'I knew you were bad ass.' he says nodding. His mother gives him a scowling look once again that makes me laugh. She opens her mouth to apologize on his behave but I put my hand up gesturing for her not to. I open some drawers before I pull one open with notebooks in it. I give it to Evan along with three pens, because you know kids would lose their own heads if they weren't attached to their body. Then I turn back to his mother.

'Is there any guardian you trust to tag along with Evan, making sure he is safe while you're with me?' I say. I know most of the kids are home, they are all home schooled here. Something I also want to change. Sapphire gives me a name and I quickly search that name and call him. Within minutes everything is arranged and Evan is good to go.
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