The Drakon and the Dryad

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Chapter 11 - The Arrows of Eros

Eros, Winged God of Love, flew down from Olympus with his signature bow and quiver. But his quiver only held two arrows with golden tips, ending with the feathers from a dove.

He flew over the farms and hills, invisible to any mortal creature. Seeing his targets down below, he glided on silent wings closer. Once he broke through the cloud layer, he smiled to himself.

Such a quaint little home, Eros thought to himself. He waited for the sun to slip below the horizon before floating down gently by the window.

He spied his two targets as they cuddled under the blankets. He pulled his bow up, tilting it to the side so he would have no problems. He took out his two arrows and pulled them back along the string.

He let go and watched the arrows fly, straight into their necks. He smiled before spreading his wings and taking off into the night.

Tonight, this little house would ring with the sounds of love. And the gods would have their heroes by the time Persephone came back to Olympus.

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