The Drakon and the Dryad

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Chapter 6 - "Still Is"

Fern’s Perspective

It didn’t take long for Drake’s arm and leg to heal. In that time, I used my powers to repair the damage to the roof and table. “I...couldn’t save the carving,” I told him solemnly, holding it out for him to see.

He sat up in bed and reached for it with his good arm. The carving had been of the meadow with its forest. My oak tree stood atop the hill on the side. I had removed all traces of cracks, but the carving along the lines had blended together, forming blank, distorted patches where the separate pieces had separated.

Drake said nothing and showed no emotion as he surveyed the damage. I was worried he would never forgive me. He handed it back without a word and looked to the side, avoiding my eye. There was a minute or two of silence before he spoke. “Did you like it though?”

The question caught me by complete surprise. “ you mean?”

“The picture?” he clarified. “I had been trying to capture the beauty of this place. Since you’re part of the meadow, I was worried you would get offended or something.”

I couldn’t find the words to reply. How was I supposed to?

“How could I?” I asked him. “It was beautiful.”

“Still is,” he said quietly. I had a feeling he wasn’t talking about the carving.

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