The Crystal-Ice Kingdom

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For years, Gabriel's mother told him and his friend stories of a kingdom made in ice vanishes but only appear in a snowstorm. And now, she's gone. There Gabriel's life became difficult until someone mention seeing a ice kingdom though a blizzard. Making Gabriel determine to find the kingdom, along with his childhood friend, Juniper. But they aren't the only one who's seeking the vanishing kingdom.

Fantasy / Adventure
D. F. Tomes
Age Rating:

The Legend

Hidden in a cold, harsh blizzard. In the highest peak of the mountain, invisible from plain sight. Created by the royal family. And, their five mages.

For centuries, the kingdom of ice remain undiscovered.

Until, someone discovers it’s existed.

Seeking shelter from the storm, a young woman tries escape.

Fear for her life, she wondered choosing the mountain is a wise decision.

When she was about to lose hope, a strange bell-sound caught her attention. She looked up. To her surprise, a castle appear in thin air.

Curious, but move aside. There she searches.

Thankfully, she finds a hidden passage.

She gathers her strength and courage as she went in.

With a numerous of turns, it grow darker and darker.

Until, a light appear.

Almost there, she thought. And then, she ran.

Now, she’s inside, she feels safe.

But she isn’t safe. Once she’s inside, a shadowy figure appear as the young maiden begun walking. There she bumps, saw and gasped.

Ten years later...

“Gabriel, honey.” a woman cried. She wore a brown wool dress with long sleeves, matching wool shoulder cape and pants. And, black snow-boots. “It’s time to get inside. There’s a storm coming.”

No replied. The woman became worried as she took a couple step outside. “Gabriel, sweetie? Where did you disappear to?”

Her worries grow as she searches for Gabriel.

“Mom!” a child cried. “Behind you!”

She turns but got hit by a snowball. “Gabriel!”

The child revealed to be her son, Gabriel, holding a snowball in his hand. Unlike, his mother, Gabriel wasn’t wearing any wool clothes. He dresses in a blue shirt, black trouser and brown boots.

“Sorry, Mom.” he apologizes but unable to hold his laugh. “I couldn’t resist.”

His mother didn’t listen. She was too preoccupied.

“Young man, where’s your warm clothes?” she gasped as she searched. “You’ll get a cold if you don’t wear them.”

“I’m fine, Mom.” Gabriel scoffed. “I’m not even that cold.”

“Whether you’re cold or not, it’s my decision.” His mother searches for his jacket, scarf, and mittens. Then, pick them. “Now, come on. Time to get inside.”

“Yes, Mom.” Gabriel moaned as he walked beside his mother, without complained.

Inside their little cottage, Gabriel and his mother were getting ready for bed.

“Mom,” Gabriel wondered.

“Yes, sweetie.” his mother replied.

“Can you tell me a story?”

“Oh, what do you want to hear?”

“The vanishing kingdom of ice.”

She laughed. “Darling, haven’t you grow tire of that story yet?”

“No,” He chuckled. “It’s my favorite story.”

She snickers. “Very well, then. I’ll tell you the story of Crystal-Ice Palace.”


“But get in the covers, first.” she instructed. “And, I’ll begin.”

Without farther delayed, Gabriel immediately, left and went in the covers. Then, lay back as he waited for his mother to begin telling the tale.

“You’re a funny boy, Gabriel.” She chuckled as she sat at the edges of the bed. “But that’s what I love you.”

“Tell me the story, Mom.” Gabriel can’t hold his excitement. “Please! I can’t take it.”

She smiled and begin telling her story. “Once upon a time, in the mountain. There was a palace. But this isn’t an original palace. It was made in ice. And, it was enchanted.”

While his mother continues to tell the story, Gabriel’s mind wander as he imagines the ice palace. And, it’s beautiful magic.

While she tucked her son to bed and gave him a gentle kiss. “Sweet dreams, my little boy.”

As she rises herself from the bed, pull the curtains to the wall. There she walked, looking through the window. “The blizzard is strong but not strong in the mountains.” It reminded her of her past.

“If only I tell Gabriel the truth about his father,” She sound depresses. “And, where he was born. So he knows.”

She took something out from her necklace, revealing a small crystal with a snowflake in the center. “Maybe on his next birthday, I’ll give this to him.” Then, places it back inside and walks a way.

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