A Guide to Surviving Against Monsters

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Famous monster hunter Emmalyn Foxit is a lot of things. Bitter. Hateful. Mean. But she's also the hunter Academy's best shot at keeping their new batch of graduates alive, which means that a certain huntress is going to get dragged back to the city she left years ago. Maybe in between her trying to keep her skeletons in the closet and trying to keep herself sane, she'll find some time to guide the new students through their new missions. Just maybe. {Surviving Against Monsters: Book One.}

Fantasy / Action
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"License ID?!"

"Emmalyn Foxit, #191309, sir!"

"What is your year, huntress?!"

"Third, sir!"

"Are you prepared to die, huntress?!"

"...Without hesitation, sir."


"Why are you so nice, Emmy?"

"Hunters are always seen as cruel. I'm not going to let that stereotype live on."

"But... We are cruel, Emmalyn."

"I think you're wrong. And I'll prove that."


"Why are you here, student?"

"I'm looking for a quiet place to meditate."

"To relieve stress?"

"To honor a memory."

"A person's?"

"My parents'."

"Your brother never did that."

"That's what you think."


"You shouldn't be alone, Emmalyn."

"Why not?"

"You did something dangerous today. You should be watched."

"Nothing seems dangerous anymore."


"Who are you?"

"We're the Foxit hunters."

"Oh. Then praise the lords above. I'm glad you're here."


"Because one of you will have to die, and we all know who it will be."


"Where is he, Emmalyn?"


"So why did you come back?"

"Because now, it's his memory I'm honoring."


"Ms. Foxit?"


"Congratulations. You really are the first."

"And the last, aren't I?"

"...It's for their safety."

"Tell that to my brother."
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