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~ 3 ~

While I was eating my cereal in the kitchen as I amusingly watched Chance and Laurenza fight over a girl Chance said ‘good morning’ to in ‘an overly friendly way’ according to Laurenza, I received a mind link from my father telling me that he and my mother wanted to see me.
When I went to their house by the flower field, I did not expect them to be so cheerful. In all my days I have never seen them this happy; my dad did not stop smiling and my mom was literally glowing.
I knew that they had good news for me, and to be honest that is what scared me. Despite the somewhat happy life I have leaded these past few years, I still have not gotten used to receiving good news. This fear is potent because I almost felt my heart drop out of my chest when I saw my parents merry.

Deep down I know why this fear hunts every bone in my body, but I think that I am still not ready to face this reason. If I choose to face it then it means I am accepting it, and I know for sure that I will never do that.
My parents asked me to sit down so they can deliver their ‘heart-warming news’ as they put it. I was expecting almost anything expect what I heard. My mother is pregnant, after twenty five years my parents decided to have their second child. The alpha responsible for ‘The Triple Crime’ is going to be a big brother. I am not sure if I had managed to register this notion in my head just yet. All my life I have been an only child, and even though I never liked it, I have learned to accept it.
Now, I do not have to accept it anymore because I am going to have something I have longed for ever since I was a child. I always wanted someone to depend on me in the smallest aspects of their lives, someone who is mine to protect, and I feel almost fulfilled knowing that soon I will be getting my wish.
For now I am determined to focus on the good things for as long as I can before my mind inevitably drowns in all the things that can go wrong in the next seven months. Thus, tonight I will sleep knowing that soon I will not be alone, but for now I have to be.

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