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~ 6 ~

Some people call us the cursed pack; they believe that the past five years have been a complete and a total agony. They are oblivious to how we live our lives behind the magical barrier that keeps us trapped in our territory. They do not know of the domesticity that lives in our homes and in our hearts, they do not know of the happiness we find in helping and accepting each other, they do not know of the equality that exists between our pack members from –me- the alpha to the omegas from the males to the females, we are all one.
After everything we went through and everything we sacrificed, we could have never foreseen anything that would disturb the peaceful little world we have created for ourselves. Alas, nothing ever goes as planned.
Today started just like any other day; I woke up at the sound of Chance and Laurenza’s bickering, had breakfast, and then went off to do my daily routine to visit the pack school, the hospital, the orphanage, and lastly, my parents’ house. I never planned on going for a run in the Cypress fields, but my wolf, Amoux, demanded that I go there thus I obliged. After all, you cannot be an alpha and disregard your wolf’s desires and instincts.
Growing up as an alpha, you are told to expect trouble wherever you go. I, however, never prepared for what I saw. Nolan was on the ground covered with dirt and blood as someone in black clothes is standing above him. In a flash I turned back into my human form and ran to the stranger, but the person vanished.
I kneeled beside Nolan and I screamed his name for what felt like hours before Chance and a few warriors showed up. They tried to ask me what happened, but my angry gaze kept their mouths closed. Everyone knows not to talk to me when I am seeing red.
After Nolan got carried to the pharmacy by the warriors, Chance and I were left to stare the pool of blood that our friend left behind. The image of Nolan’s pure blood merged with the dirty mud made me doubt that I will see him again. The foolish part of me, however, chooses to believe that Nolan will get better and I will see him on his feet again.

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