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Opposite to leaving reality, getting back to it is rather hasty. I get thrown into it with a gasp as my eyes open. Both Oliver and Bellamy are in my face.
“What are you two do doing? Have you ever heard of personal space?” I push the two men away from me as I push myself into a sitting position. I notice that I am still in Bellamy’s house, in my bedroom to be exact. I am still on the bed, so I give both Oliver and Bellamy a weird look as I get up.
“Why are you two looking at me like my skin is green?” I try to act as oblivious as I can in regard of their secret plans. In an attempt to try to lessen the awkwardness in the air, I make my way to the window. It is daylight already; I must have been in Nick’s conscious all night.
“Well, I do not know Shadow; I came home last night to find you passed out on your bed. I tried to wake you up for about twenty minutes but it looked like you were in a coma. If it was not for your steady breathing I would have thought you were dead!” Bellamy yells at me with wrath and hatred in his eyes.
“Well, you do not sound like you would have thought my death would be tragic so why are you so angry?” I reply coldly.
“I am the alpha of this pack and Bellamy is the gamma so of course we care whether you die or not.” Oliver replies calmly which I find weird; he is never calm around me.
Bellamy lets out a frustrated growl when I stay silent. I do not need to justify anything and I definitely will not waste a moment of my life trying to make them feel better about themselves.
“No wonder Stefan did not care when I told him that something is wrong. You really are a pain in the ass.” The gamma goes for the front door slamming it hard after him leaving the arrogant alpha and I alone. However, Oliver just gives me a silent glare and leaves as well.

I see Clay talking to both Stefan and Oliver from the kitchen window. By talking I mean Clay typing on his phone what he wants to say while my brother and his best friend use actual words. Because of this I do not know what they are talking about despite my super hearing.
“Assholes, all three of you.” I mutter lowly to myself.
I do not have a plan, but I have the layout for one. The most important thing right now is to learn as much as I can about the warriors’ journey; how they are going to get all the way to Europe, where are they going to stay while scanning the borders of the Open Wound pack, and whether they are planning on taking silver with them. If this is their plan; then I need to take extra precautions – one silver bullet or arrow and I am dead-.

When a maid comes to clean the house, I try everything to get her to tell me what happened during the meeting yesterday even though I already knew. I needed her to slip a detail or two; little things Clay did not tell Nick.
Sadly, she is a loyal wench. She was ordered to not even greet me, and I end up talking to myself. Luckily though, I hear her mutter under her breath –while she cleans Bellamy’s room- how she is too exhausted to go and clean Oliver’s house for the meeting at five o’clock. She might be faithful, but she sure as hell is stupid. I mean a werewolf standing outside of the house would have heard her.

“The safest and fastest way for them to get to Europe and then to the Open Wound pack is by going on a plane.” An alpha with a weird accent says as everyone in the room looks at a huge map on the wall. If I was taking bets, I would say the alpha is from Asia, the Middle East to be exact.
“And then what?” another alpha speaks up.
“What do you mean Zaine?” Oliver asks.
“I mean, if our accusations are confirmed, then how are they going to eliminate an entire pack?”
“Are you opposing the plan?” Alpha number three does not hide his distaste towards alpha number two whom Oliver called Zaine.
“No, I am pointing out that we have not exactly discussed how it is going to be done.” When all the men look at him as if he has gone mad he continues.
“That pack has over eight hundred werewolves in it; that is if we do not count Alexander Cresswell’s witches. So, how are twenty nine werewolves going to kill them?” At this, Oliver looks over at Stefan which makes my heart skip a beat. If my brother is the one who made the plan then Alexander Cresswell and his pack are already lost. Oliver may be the alpha but my brother is the actual threat, he is the one without a heart, and he is the main reason why I want to help the Open Wound pack.
After the maid left Bellamy’s house I used Nick’s necklace to cloak myself, which to be honest was way harder than it sounds, it took me fifteen minutes to figure out that I have to touch the necklace before mentally ordering it to cloak me.
I choose to walk to Oliver’s house, I do not have the patience to figure out how to teleport. Once I am in Oliver’s living room I walk to the conference room. The difficult and irritating part is that I have to wait for one of the high ranked men to open the conference room’s door so I can get in. If they see it open on its own, they will definitely have questions.
“You raise a solid point.” My diabolical sibling says.
“That is why I tortured a witch to make this.” He raises a small bottle with black gas in it.
“All the warriors have to do is throw this bottle on Cresswell’s borders and all his people will be dead within an hour.” An evil smirk is evident on Stefan’s face.
“What is this?” Alpha number four points at the bottle in my brother’s hand.
“This is silver of course, in gas form.” Oliver answers.
“Before she died, my lovely witch was kind enough to increase its efficiency.” Looking at Stefan’s face I want nothing more than to leave this place and hide under my bed.
“As for the witches, well as far as every supernatural creature on this Earth knows, they turned on Cresswell and killed his pack.” Bellamy talks for the first time.
I want to stay and learn more before I leave, but I feel that if I stay any longer I will throw up on one of them. Thus, I walk out of the door and thank God that the maid that came to serve them tea was stupid enough to leave it open.

I decide to take a shower to wash away my new found fear and anxiety so I can think straight.
Please tell me your respect is now slightly diminished after what we just heard and saw. I ask Accalia feeling the need to talk to someone. Strangely, she does not reply.
I shrug her silence off and allow myself to be drawn in the warmth of the water as it touches my body. I finally can think in a somewhat rational way. I have to do something, but I have no idea what.
I stay in the shower for a couple of hours, and when I get out I still cannot reach Accalia. Still, I put on some clothes without fearing that something is wrong; this is not the first time she had disappeared on me.
“Shadow, Shadow Prior, where the hell are you?” Oliver’s voice rings in my ears as he screams on top of his lungs. I was about to dry my hair, but I guess now it will be left to dry naturally.
“Jeez, I did not know you missed me this much.” I mumble sarcastically as I make my way downstairs.
“What were you doing?” he asks angrily as soon as I enter the living room. I just give him a weird look as I touch my wet hair.
“Why do you ask? Do not tell me now I am not allowed to shower.” When he does not reply I continue babbling.
“So have you made a decision about the killings?”
Might as well make a fool out of him. I think to myself with a mental smile.
“I do not know, you tell me. Have we?” he is starting to get really angry.
“Is this your way of telling me that I can finally leave this horrid house?” I want to get on his nerves even more.
“Stop the act Shadow; I know you were spying on us in my house.” I definitely did not see that coming.
“And how would I do that? You ordered me to stay in this house using your alpha voice, remember?” I must have done something that exposed me, but I cannot think of anything.
“That is precisely what I am trying to figure out, because I swear your scent was all over the conference room.” He says to himself. I mentally slap myself. I had cloaked myself but I forgot to mask my scent. No wonder he knew I left the house.
“Maybe you are starting to lose your mind, go to a therapist or something.”
“I am not stupid Shadow, to be in a room where no one can see you, to be able to disobey your alpha’s order, and to be in coma-like state. All these things must have been a witch’s doing. The question is who is this witch, and why do you have contact with them.” he looks me in the eye trying to unravel all my secrets, but I just meet him with cold eyes.
“I believe you have bigger worries than who I choose to have in my life.”
“You did not deny it.” He looks at me suspiciously. It is like he does not know what I am doing; to be honest neither do I.
“I did not confirm it either. If you are waiting for me to open up and tell you anything you wish to know, then I am sorry to disappoint you.”
What are you doing? You are making him suspicious! Accalia hisses.
This is exactly what I want.
And why would you want that? Did the necklace Nick gave you affect the mind or something?
Shut up Accalia. I assume that by now you know me better than to assume that I won’t just take the opportunity.
Wait a second, are you actually saying…
Yes, I thought it through while I was taking a shower, this is the right time; I am not coming back. All my life, I have been waiting for the chance to flee from this hellish place, and live my life the way I want to. Also, I want to put an ocean between me and my family, especially Stefan.
You want them to know that you outsmarted them; that you have given clues to what you intend to do but they were blind to see them
. My wolf’s voice is not consumed with amusement.
I want to have the last laugh. I want them to know that I chose to leave. I want them to know that I stand against them.
Is this why you plan on going to Alexander Creswell’s territory –via Nick’s necklace- and warn him? He is dangerous, he is a monster!
One, I never said that that is what I plan on doing. Two, if that was indeed my plan, then there is a greater reason.

Which is? We share the same mind for goodness’ sake! I do not understand why she is asking me all these questions! Regardless, I answer her.
I want to warn him because it is the right thing to do. Yes, he is dangerous, and yes he is capable of killing, but the people in his pack are innocent. I cannot allow my brother to do this because the way I see it he is the monster, the villain of my story. I will not allow him to ruin others’ lives the way he ruined mine. I do not know if she agrees with me since she just blocks me.
“Well, you are up to something and I am going to figure out what it is.” He walks to the door.
“And by the way be grateful that I convinced Stefan to let me talk to you. If he is the one standing before you then you know that this conversation would have ended with him locking you in the dungeons.” And with that he leaves.

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