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~ 7 ~

Despite my parents’ efforts to help me control my anger ever since I was a kid, I still find it hard to repress it at many occasions. When I am furious I can only think about the burning sensation in my veins that I desperately want to be liberated from. I would do anything to get rid of this hellish feeling.
Seeing someone extremely close to me be on the verge of death made me feel afraid for him, terrified even. Regardless, as a few hours passed, my fear started to turn to ire. I wanted to catch whoever did this to my friend and I wanted to make them pay. I wanted to show them, the whole world, that you do not harm a member of the Open Wound pack and get away with it.
I went to the gym in order to release some of my irritation, and I ended up creating holes in seven bunching bag from the first few punches. So, I moved to the wall. I kept hitting it until there were cracks in it, and my knuckles were bleeding. I would have continued abusing the wall if Josh did not come into the gym and hit me a few times until I calmed down.
He has always been the one to do that, he stands by silently waiting for me to lose control, and then he swoops in and saves me from causing myself more invincible scars.
Even though I am a werewolf and he is a witch we were raised together. Our fathers were close friends; he is the second son my parents never had. He knows me even better than Chance and Nolan do; he knows secrets that even my parents do not know.
We sat on the gym floor in a comfortable silence as we silently prayed for Nolan. He tried to get me to leave the gym, but I refused. Gossip would have reached every ear on the territory by then and the last thing I needed was people’s sorrowful expressions and questions on how I did not catch the one who harmed him.
Josh tried to convince me that these things mean that my people have enough faith in me; they believe that if danger strikes I would protect them. All his words did was make me feel worse because I could not protect Nolan.
I just hope this incident does not cause my pack to turn against me. I am not the villain in my people’s story, I am the hero. I hope their perspective of me never changes because at some days it is one of the few things that keep me going.

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