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I enter my room with the intention of throwing myself on the bed to rest and clear my mind for a few seconds. But, I halt when I see a huge back bag by the window with an envelope on it. I carefully make my way towards the bag. It takes me a few seconds of debating whether I should check out the envelope, but eventually I pick it up. Inside, I find a letter...

Dear Shadow,
After a little chat with Accalia, I learned that you have finally made a decision; to go to the Open Wound pack and warn Alexander Cresswell of the possible danger that is heading towards his territory. Hence, I took the liberty to prepare this bag; it contains everything you might need. Obviously it does not have any food or water since teleporting to your destination will only take a few seconds.
I must admit that I wished you would want to go to that pack, regardless of the reason. I hope that after everything is said and done you will at least consider making that territory your home because I believe that you will find everything you are looking for there; equality, peace,…etc.
I wish I can escort you there. Alas, I cannot; the reason will present itself when you get to the Open Wound pack.
Once you arrive there, you will need a solid proof of your good intentions. I do not expect the people of this particular pack to be very trusting considering everything they went through. Thus, the first thing you should do is ask for Joshua Fairchild, my older brother.
Once my brother sees the necklace I gave you, he will know that you are a friend of mine and he will protect you in any way he can. In addition, Alexander Cresswell will trust you, -He and Joshua have been friends for many years-.
According to my brother, Cresswell’s people are peaceful and harmless. Still, I feel like I should ask you to be careful. Be smart about who you trust and who you befriend. Your goal is to warn them and perhaps help them fight the alphas’ warriors, nothing more and nothing less.
One final thing, do not forget that your best friend is one of these warriors. You need to figure out what you are going to do about that because hurting him will haunt you forever.
Remember, if you ever need me, I am a spell away; Josh would help you contact me.
Please be save Shadow.
Your loyal friend,

I read the letter a few times in order to memorize its content before tearing it apart and shoving it in the toilet. I cannot risk it falling in the wrong hands; Oliver or Stefan.
Also, I hide the bag inside the shower; there is a possibility that Oliver will search it while he tries to find some clues that might lead him to my secrets.
You do realize that anyone who is going to walk inside the bathroom will see the bag via the glass right?
Shut up Accalia, I did NOT ask for your input. Besides, you do not get to judge my actions considering you disappeared on me so you can have ‘a little chat’ with our witch friend.
One, our witch friend has a name. Two, how were you planning on getting any clothes? You are literally given one outfit a day. So instead of being bitchy maybe you should start thanking me.
Well, I am grateful, but I will never thank you for sneaking behind my back. I try to get under her skin before pushing her to the back of my head.

It does not take me long to notice the guards Oliver had tried and failed to hide from me. After all, their scent is not hard to catch. Although I will admit, I cannot see any of them. Still, I have a feeling that they have been watching my every move. So, I hid my necklace inside my bra. If it gets taken, then all my plans will be tossed in the trash. I do not need any further complications before I leave this crap territory.

A couple of hours before midnight, Bellamy walks through the front door and comes to the kitchen where I sit on the counter next to the stove. I am about to get out of the room to avoid him trying to study my actions and expressions but I noticed another figure behind him.
“What is going on here? Is this a new method Oliver created to learn the secrets of the deepest ocean?” I ask sarcastically; trying to mask my surprise.
“Well, he has been nagging at Oliver to let him see you. And since he is loyal to his alpha, unlike some people in this room, alpha Oliver granted his wish.” Bellamy gives me a serious answer with a look of loathing in his eyes.
If I did not know better I would have believed him, but I know better. Despite Clay keeping secrets from me with Oliver and Stefan, I know that my best friend would not betray me and tell them anything we would discuss in confidence. Keeping secrets with them and sharing my secrets with them are completely different things.
Since my full focus is on Clay, I do not notice when Bellamy leaves. I take a second to try and catch a scent of any of the guards but I find none. We are alone.
He was lying. Clay mind links me as I sit on the floor by the dishwasher.
“I know.” I sigh. I watch my best friend patiently as he stands before me leaning on the wall.
“Do not say whatever you are about to say because both of us know that it is going to be a lie.” He nods and looks down on the floor. I can tell that he feels ashamed, and he should be.
“I know you are the warrior Oliver chose to go to the Open Wound pack.” I say quietly after a few minutes of silence.
“And I do not hate you for that, I do not care that you are part of the alphas’ plan, I care that you lied to me about it. You are my best friend. I thought that honesty was a part of our friendship; I thought that we go through everything together. But you sort of threw all that away the second your precious alpha showed you a sign of appreciation.”
He is your alpha too Shadow. He replies, which makes my blood boil.
“That is the only thing you heard from what I said? That is not even the point Clay!” I yell at my best friend.
I stand up so that we can be on the same eye-level; almost anyway, he is a little taller than me.
“You were put in a situation where you had to choose between me and my brother and you chose him.
After everything he had done to us I cannot believe you would do that, I never thought you would do that.” Tears are now running down my tears.
Shadow, my alpha asked me to do a job so I am obliged to do it. Stefan had nothing to do with it.
“Really? Because that is not how it looked like in today’s meeting.”
So you really were there. How? I do not answer him. If he wants to keep secrets from me, then I will do the same.
It was Nick, was it not? When I see him he is going to…
“Do not dare blame him because unlike you, he was being a loyal friend. So, if you are waiting for me to tell you anything else, then you are wasting your breath. I am not telling you a thing; it is your punishment for lying to me.” I try to ignore the look he gives me.
I am sorry Shadow, I never intended to hurt you. I know how you feel about Alpha Oliver and Beta Stefan. I know why you hate them so much; I hate the beta for the same reasons, but the alpha does not deserve your hate.
I want to say something, but I feel a sudden lack of energy so I just let out a deep breath and take my previous place on the floor.
“They are planning on killing them, an entire pack. I cannot believe you are okay with it no matter how I look at it.” My voice is barely a whisper.
I am not; I would not be me if I did.
“But you knew what they were planning, and you still accepted being part of it.”
I accepted because it is the only way to stop it. At that I give him a puzzled look.
If there are people in the Open Wound pack who are responsible for the murders then they are the ones who will be killed, not the whole pack.
“How were you planning to do that? The other warriors will not agree with you. They will want to go with the original plan.” My tears are finally dry.
Honestly, I do not know. I thought I would figure it out once we are there.
“What if I told you I had a plan?” I smirk evilly.
Shadow Prior, what have you done? He gives me a fake terrified look.
“I will never tell.” I giggle.
I am feeling the urgent need to beg you not to do whatever you are thinking of doing, but I know it would be in vain. So, I will just ask you to be careful, okay? I cannot have you kill yourself. Even through the mind link, I can hear his voice crack.
“This is it, is it not? You are leaving in about an hour.” Tears start building up in my eyes once again.
You make it sound like I am about to walk right into a battlefield. Clay sits next to me on the ground and wraps his arm around my shoulder.
“Well, we do not know what will happen in the next few days. We do not know when we will see each other again. What if...”
Everything will be alright. Do you know how I am certain? He gives me a gentle smile.
Because my best friend has a plan, and I know that no matter what happens she will have my back.
“I promise I will be careful.”

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