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~ 8 ~

A war is declared against my pack; that is the only possibility I can think of regarding the attack on Nolan.
As I sat in the chair by Nolan’s hospital bed, I tried to not think about it, he does not deserve that. He deserves a friend who visits him and only thinks about him getting better, so that is what I tried to do even though I felt my head spinning.
Seeing him completely helpless as he lied in that hospital bed was the thing that awakened my rage and prevented me from acting on it at the same time. I wanted to find justice for my friend, but I could not burden him with the knowledge that I am incapable of sleeping at night. I fear that the hooded creature will come back and finish his job. After all, when I found him, twenty percent of his body was skinned. Luckily, Josh was able to help him as best as he could, although the wounds will have to continue healing on their own. Fortunately, Josh claims that Nolan will be fully healed within a few days. Regardless, I cannot help but yearn to see Nolan leave this hospital room, and I cannot help but think about how we will track down our new foe.
As I was visualizing how we would torture the person who dares make an enemy of us, Nolan woke up. He immediately started coughing vigorously.
Can you please bring a glass of water to the Gamma’s room? I mind-linked Nolan’s nurse.
Of course alpha. Seconds later, the nurse walked into the room with a jar of water and an empty glass.
“Thank you.” I took them from her, and ran to my friend’s side.
“I knew you would be the first person I will see when I open my eyes.” He said once I helped him drink some water.
As I looked at him, I decided to put my previous thoughts and feelings aside and talk to him without looking at his bandages.
“Well, I was really worried about you.” I justified with a relieved smile; I was happy that he was awake and talking. For hours we talked about senseless things. Suddenly, however, Nolan’s face turned both serious and troubled.
“I know I am the one who got attacked, but you are the one in danger of drowning in your own guilt over something you did not do.” I remained silent; I could not find the right words to say because he was right.
“Xander, I appreciate your need of vengeance for what happened to me, I can practically see it in your eyes, but I want to make sure that it will not consume you like it did once before.”
“Do not worry; I do not plan on letting my anger control me anytime soon.” I gave him a reassuring smile even though I felt like I was about to vomit.
“Good. I just wanted to make sure that you will be okay; that you will be careful regarding every step you take.”
“I will be okay, I will be careful.” Regardless of saying the words, I did not mean nor believe them.

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