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~ 11 ~

Nick Fairchild, his name alone sends shivers all over my body. I often try to avoid thinking about him; I cannot see myself recalling everything he has done for me without the guilt consuming what is left of my sanity.
The sad thing is, he is a name on a long list of people who made sacrifices for me. As an alpha, I should be the one who makes the sacrifice for my people, not the other way around. Yet, people make sacrifices for me as they do charity.
Out of all my friends, Nick is the one who has gave up the most for me. He relinquished his friends, his life, and his own brother for me. For five years, he has been my eyes and ears in the outside world; a spy – for the lack of a better word-.
I have always loved and respected him. Therefore, I was really glad to hear that in the past few years, he had become close friends with Shadow. It is comforting to know that my mate had at least one good person in her life. I know that he is a good friend and I know that he stood by her through the years that they have known each other; knowing Nick tells me as much.
Although I will admit, I am a little mad at him for sending her here. I know he was not aware of her being my mate. Still, it is my wolf’s instinct to be protective especially with the threat that is heading our way. When shadow read Nick’s letter, I noticed that he mentioned a guy named Clay a couple of times. The way he talked about him implied that both of them are extremely close to this Clay person. Needless to say, both Amoux and I did not like it. Unlike Nick, I do not know this Clay; most importantly I do not trust him. Thus, the thought of him being near my mate makes my blood boil. The fact that she has no clue that I am her mate does not help.
Nonetheless, I choose to wait and investigate this guy before I judge his relationship with Shadow. Despite everything, I am trusting him with this upcoming crisis simply because Nick trusts him; and I believe in my friend’s judgment even though we have been separated for years.

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