✔️| The Gift of a Curse {1}

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~ 13 ~

I have never been a possessive person, and I never thought I would ever be the kind of man to be jealous because his mate is talking to another man. Yet, I could not stop the growl that escaped my lips. I like to blame it on Shadow not feeling the bond. For all I know, she can fall in love with someone else. My soul would be crushed if that ever happens.
I trust Josh; he would never betray me like that. But, whatever they were talking about must have been really profound because both of them had tears in their eyes. As much as I wanted to ask her about it, it was not my place. Just because she is my mate, it does not mean she cannot have secrets. After all, we all have them, and whoever said that you should share everything with your significant other is an idiot. You share because you want to do so, not because you are obligated in some way.
Despite my thoughts, and my anger at the events that occurred during the meeting I had in the pack house, I smiled as I felt her tighten her hand around my own. I purposely took the long path to my house. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of the pack members seeing us together even though they did not know that the woman who was walking next to me is their luna.
Unfortunately, Amoux and I fought for control the entire walk –similar as we did when we walked back from the flower field-. Only this time, Amoux was being persistent. And while I understood his need to meet his mate, I could not risk him saying the wrong thing. I did not wish to scare her away.
I tried to assure him that eventually we will get our happy ending, even though I do not know that for sure. Instead of focusing on such dull thoughts, I chose to remind my wolf of all the good stuff. Shadow opened up to us by telling us about her sister even though I could tell that it killed her on the inside. She trusts our promise to tell her more about our curse when we feel the time is right. She welcomes our touch. These little things bring a wide smile on my face.

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