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“Alec, is everything alright?” I ask the alpha as soon as we enter what I assume is his office.
“Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you about something important.” He closes the door and sits on one of the chairs that are before his desk. I notice that he does not take a seat on his chair behind the desk, but I do not comment on it.
“What is it?”
“Take a seat.” He points at the chair across from him, and I oblige.
“The witches were not able to determine the warriors’ location.” He informs me.
“What do you mean? Nick said they are a few miles away from the border.” I frown in confusion.
“They must be cloaked. We do not even know at which side of the border they are residing.” He rubs his eyes with his hands in exhaustion.
“Well, the alphas did use a witch to create the silver gas, so that makes sense.” The room falls into deep silence for a few moments before I decide to speak again.
“So you dragged me all the way here so you can tell me that? I mean it is not like it is unimportant, but I think you should have talked to Joshua about this and not me.” I plan on keep on rambling, but Accalia growls at me forcing me to shut up. He laughs nervously, as he crashes the back of his head.
“Josh is about to head out and do a patrol with Chance around the border. He believes he can learn their exact location if he was at a close proximity of them.
“I love how everyone here always has something to do.” I mumble to myself before I look Alec in the eye.
“What? You look like a kid who just discovered how to bring her dolls to life.” Alec chuckles.
“I just had an idea, a stupid one, but an idea nonetheless.” I try to maintain my excitement because I am certain he will laugh in my face once he hears my notion.
“Well? What is it?”
“I can try to mind-link Clay. If he is as close as Nick’s letter says, then it should not be too hard. Besides, neither of us had officially left our pack so the link should still be there.” Alec takes a few seconds to think it over as my heart beats like a machine gun. Eventually, he nods in approval.
“That might work.” He says more to himself.
“The whole nation believes that I am the big bad wolf, so why do you think I am innocent?” He changes the subject.
“I do not think you are innocent. I think that you should not be judged based on one action, especially when the people who judge you are no better than you are.” I answer.
“Besides, even if you were ‘the big bad wolf,’ the fact that an entire pack stands behind you suggests that you are worth more than the nation gives you credit for.” He abruptly gets off his chair, walks up to me, gets on his knees, and wraps his arms around me. It takes me a second to hug him back.
It is the second time I hug Alec today, and yet when he pulls away I find myself wanting to enjoy his warmth for a little longer. He is still so close; I can feel his breath fanning on my face. I push myself away from him even more so I can retrieve my personal space.
“I can give you some space if you want.” He offers once he is seated. Only this time he sits on the couch that is kissed by the sunlight.
“No it is fine. I can use the motivation.” I assure him. I close my eyes as I focus on the link between my mind and Clay’s. I even try to imagine it as a bridge hoping to be able to reach him. Sadly, I do not succeed.
“It is okay. Just try to relax. Do not force it, just reach out to it.” Alec instructs me once he notices my distressed expression. With my eyes still closed, I try again.
“Shadow, you are putting unnecessary pressure on your mind. I do not want you to harm yourself.” Alec scolds me after thirty minutes of me trying and failing to mind-link Clay. I am sure that at one point a tear washed down my cheek from how hard I have been trying.
“I am fine. I will not die from trying to concentrate.” My urge to hear my friend’s voice echo in my head increases by the minute.
The alpha is about to say something when he suddenly looks beyond me; a sign that he is mind-linking someone. I growl in annoyance of how easy it is for him to do it before he turns to me. His face is clouded with worry and fear. I do not get a chance to ask him about it as he runs out of the door without a second glance.
I follow him to see Chance running down the stairs as well. I do the same, but once I reach the front door, a bandaged hand grabs my arm forbidding me from making it out of the house.
“You are here for business; to save our pack; once that is done, you will be on your way. Therefore, I do believe that you should refrain from getting involved in our personal lives.” Nolan says coldly to me. I watch as the two men shift into their wolves and slowly disappear from my sight.
I shake off Nolan’s grip on me and walk into the house not even responding to his previous statement. Perhaps he does not trust me, perhaps he sees me as a threat. Either way, if he is going to treat me the way my pack did, then I shall treat him the way I treated them; unworthy of my attention and words.
I do not bother sneaking out of the back door. Instead, I make my way to the backyard and sit on the little bench that is located between the grasses.
I close my eyes and call out to Clay in my mind. I hope the fresh air will help. Alas, it does not. It is like his mind is not even there. I try to take deep breaths to even my breathing, but it is hard to do that when all you can do is think of the worst.

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