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~ 14 ~

I hugged her for the second time today. Strangely, however, Amoux did not fight for control. Instead, he enjoyed her warmth and her sweet scent. When my face was so close to her neck, I felt the urge to bury my face in it, even worse I wanted to mark her.
It took every ounce of will power that I had to focus on her scent rather on her skin; it felt like it was calling to me, begging me to bury my fangs in the tender spot of her skin where her neck and her shoulder meet.
Through her white t-shirt, I could see a few tattoos designing her body. Sadly, I could not see the exact designs. Still, they did not play in my favor. If anything, they were against me. They were beckoning me to trace them, study them, and figure out why they were so important that my mate put them on her flawless skin.
Amoux kept imaging what they look like. He has this image of us lying near the territory’s waterfall with Shadow as she explains each and every tattoo. He also wanted to know why she chose to dye her hair platinum, and why she decided to have her nose and lips pierced. Amoux wished to know everything about our mate. He somehow grounds himself by these thoughts, these dreams. I do the same.
When she pulled away from me, I felt a little disappointed at the loss of contact. At the same time, I felt a little relieved. I know better than to trust myself when she is this close.
Seeing Shadow basically fry her brain trying to reach her friend, made my heart skip a beat. The entire time all I was feeling was an overwhelming feeling to protect her and shelter her from everyone and everything that could potentially harm her. And I could not help but wonder if that is how it feels like to have a mate.
She was right; she is my most precious possession. I would never see her as an object, and I definitely do not own her, but she is my priority. She comes before my parents, my friends, my pack, and even myself. That thought, however, did not come to my mind when my father mind-linked. He informed me that there was something wrong with my mother, and that they were at the infirmary.
I believe that the reason why I ran out of the house leaving Shadow behind was because I knew that she was safe. In addition, Nolan was in the house with her. Although, he had made his dislike for her very lucid, I knew he would keep her safe because she has the means to keep our people safe.
As I ran for the infirmary, I allowed shadow to slip from my mind as I focused on my mother. As I entered the building I tried to take deep breaths to even my breathing, but it is hard to do so when all you can do is think of the worst.

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