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~ 15 ~

I had never been this angry in my life. Within less than a minute, I turned from being afraid for my mother’s well-being to being so angry that Amoux took over. He took huge strides from the infirmary to my parents’ house. He was planning to remind them of their place even though they are our parents.
They had tricked me; they lied to me about my mother being in the infirmary. Not only is it not acceptable to do such a thing, but they chose a time when I should be fully focused on the pack’s protection.
Their excuse was that they needed to get me away from Shadow and talk to me, which pissed me and Amoux off more. My wolf almost choked our dad against a wall. He claimed that he does not trust Shadow, and he ordered me to kick her out of the territory.
Amoux felt disrespected for being ordered to do something. Therefore, he clawed my dad, Amoux injured him in the same place he hurt Shadow when she first arrived.
My father hissed and looked at me with shock. He may be my parent, but I am his alpha; he follows my orders not the other way around. My mother ran to him as she yelled his name with panic. She declared that she shared my dad’s opinion, and if it were not for Amoux being in control, I would have pointed out that she tends to side with my dad with everything. It is not because he is her mate, but because the only word that can describe my parents’ relationship is: Co-independence.
There relationship has always been that way, and I never interfered. I guess the fact that they wanted me to turn my back on my mate is what caused the actions I made and the thoughts I had in that moment.
The anger was blinding me; Amoux protectiveness of his mate was blinding him. However, now that I look back at it, I realize that the only reason my anger was so potent against my parents was because I could not tell them that Shadow is my mate.
I love my mother, but she cannot keep a secret to save her life. The whole pack would hear about it within an hour, and I cannot risk Shadow hearing it from anyone else but me.
The only two people who know are Josh and Owen, and I would like to keep it that way until I find the appropriate time to confront Shadow.
In addition, I refuse to make a fool out of her by telling everyone about it. For her to be in a room with people who knows a secret regarding her and for them to talk about it behind her back, that is a betrayal that I would not forgive. Thus, I will not do to her what I cannot tolerant, she deserves better than that.
The only reason I told Owen is because I was extremely shocked. He promised he will not tell a soul. It is not the first secret of mine he has kept. Thus, I am not worried.
On the other hand, I feel guilty for telling Josh, but I needed to properly tell someone; I needed to share how broken I feel. Besides, I know that Josh already has a good bond with Shadow. Perhaps, he will be able to show her that I did not betray her by telling him.
My heart breaks when I remember the hurt in my mother’s face when Amoux growled at her, when he forced her and my father to submit to us. I want to be mad at my wolf for doing that, but I understand that in his mind it was the only way to keep both our mate and secret safe.
Seeing them showing me their necks in submission was enough to give me the strength to overpower Amoux and take back control over my body. I ran out of the house before they had the chance to lift their heads up and see that my eyes were no longer pitch black. I just needed some time to be as far away from both of them as I could so I could process what I had done to them.

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