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Her body stilled and her eyes closed. The only thing that kept me together was her heartbeat, it was weak, but it was there, and that was all I needed.

Both Amoux and I cried until Doctor Lewis entered the room in a hurry, she respectfully asked me to step away, but my growl made her shut up and start checking on Shadow. All the while, I remained seated on the bed refusing to let go of the smaller softer hand of my mate. That was, however, until my parents barged into the room with rage in their eyes. I still had not fixed things with them; I simply did not find the time to do so. I know that I will remember the conversation I had with them for the rest of my days…
“Xander what the hell is going on?” My mother was the one who yelled at me that time. The way she slammed the door open caused me to get off the bed and growl at the door; I did not want anyone to see Shadow while Doctor Lewis hooked her up to the countless machines the nurses brought.
“That is not the time mother.” I turned around and attempted to sit back down on the bed, but my mother grabbed my arm. Tears were in her eyes, yet I chose to not acknowledge hers since she did not acknowledge mine.
“Xander, talk to me, what is going on? You changed the plan; and you did not even tell us, you should have gone and checked up on your pack in the safe floor, but you did not even bother to do that, and you send Nolan into the field even though you know he is still injured.” I did not get a chance to talk because apparently, my father had words of his own to throw my way.
“I agree with your mother, ever since that bitch she-wolf arrived, you have not been yourself, and we do not like it.” My father pointed at an unconscious Shadow, and then he glared at Doctor Lewis.
“What do you think you are doing? Step away from her, she is not a part of our pack; she does not deserve to receive any medical attention from us.” He ordered the doctor even though he had no authority to do so.
“I am sorry, but I follow my alpha’s orders.” She replied as she put a mask on shadow’s face. My father growled at her words, he took long strides towards the bed and attempted to pull off the mask. Amoux got furious by that, he pulled me to the back of our mind as he regained control. My wolf growled so loud that even I winced, he took a hold of our father’s wrist and looked him straight in the eye.
“Father or not, I will cut your hands off if you mean my mate harm.” Amoux threatened our parent as he crushed his hand and he slammed him against a wall.
“Ethan!” My mother yelled out his name as she burst into tears. At that point, however, Amoux got detached from me, from his humanity. The only other time something like that happened was five years ago when I murdered six werewolves. My mother helped her mate up and sat him on the couch by the bed, all the while she glared at me.
Since my father has alpha blood, it only took a few minutes for his hand to heal. Amoux did not stand and watch our parents; he sat next to Shadow as Doctor Lewis was putting the IV into her wrist.
“Xander we have been trying to contact you for the past thirty minutes we…” Joshua barged into the room along with Chance, Nolan, Lorenza, Brook, and a guy that I had never met.
“You said she was okay!” Joshua yelled as the new guy ran towards Shadow only to stop in mid-stride when I let out a growl that shook the entire house. The guy immediately revealed his neck in submission. Amoux neglected it as he launched at him.
“What are you doing?” Everyone took a step away from me. I could see the fear in their eyes but Amoux had pushed me in the deepest part of our mind. Thus, I knew the only thing I could have done was watch the horrible things he was about to commit.
“Mine! She is mine.” Amoux yelled as he wrapped his hands around the guy’s neck.
“Amoux…” Someone said with fear but I was focusing on attempting to hold my wolf back to notice who said it.
“Amoux, this is Clay Shadow’s best friend, he does not mean her any harm. In fact, he was the one who saved her life.” Josh took careful steps towards me; us.
Amoux turned his attention to Clay to see him barely reacting to the choking he was experiencing. I suppose he realized his efforts would not have achieved anything, or he simply did not want to fight back.
Amoux please calm down! I found the strength to force him to listen o me.
I do not want to calm down! I want to kill everyone who…
And then what? Wait for our mate to wake up so you can tell her how you murdered her best friend?
Mate does not love Alex, she does not love Amoux. She despises us.
She does not hate us, but if we kill her best friend she will.
What is the point? She does not want us
. Despite the anger, I could detect the sorrow in his voice.
Well, we have to think of each step as it approaches. Look at it like this…
“You are killing him!” Chance yelled cutting the debate I was having with my animal half before he and Nolan each held one of our shoulders and roughly pulled us off of Clay.
I was both relieved and amazed by their courage to do such a thing while Amoux was in control. On the other hand, my wolf did not like that. Thus, he let out a growl so loud that Brook had tears in her eyes.
That action, however, immediately backfired when I felt Amoux’s anger turn into rage. He was completely detached from me; it was like he took full control over my body. Before I could understand what was happening, my wolf attacked Josh who stood before Nolan at the last second. Amoux’s claws landed on the witch’s face successfully leaving long scars on the entire right side of his face. Thankfully, Josh moved enough to prevent his eye from getting damaged.
Before the claws even left Josh’s face, I felt myself crying for what I had done to him. I wounded him in the most brutal way, I maimed his face.
Through Amoux’s eyes, I saw Chance ordering Lorenza to take Josh and my parents out of the room. My father refused to leave me in that state which is something that added to my guilt for everything that had happened since I entered the room.
I also watched as Brook and Doctor Lewis left. Sadly, they were not fast enough to leave because Amoux grabbed Doctor Lewis from her hair and pushed her into a wall with a speed he should not have.
I screamed, I begged, I cried but nothing stopped him as he slit her throat with his claws.

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