✔️| The Gift of a Curse {1}

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Both my father and Chance pushed me into the wall as Nolan ran to Doctor Lewis. The gamma’s wolf made an appearance once he reached the doctor. He looked at me with his bitch black eyes before he let out a sorrowful howl; informing the pack members of the loss. In reply, hundreds of howls filled the air.
I, however, felt utterly shattered by what I had done; I broke the trust my people granted me despite everything I had done. I also mourned the life I had cruelly taken.
I tried to talk to Amoux; I tried to make him comprehend what happened to Doctor Lewis, but he had completely leaned on his primal instincts and abandoned his humanity; he abandoned me.
I started yelling once again when Amoux pushed the two men off of him, knocked them to the ground and, attempted to slit Chance’s throat.
Luckily, I got thrown into the wall at the last second by Owen. I was too busy to wonder how and when he got into my room because my wolf immediately attempted to attack him. I tried to hold Amoux back, I tried to regain control over my body but I failed. Despite everything I have been through, this was the worst experience of my life; to see your own hands do things you do not approve of; to not be in control of your own body and actions.
“What happened to him?” Owen asked as he eyed me cautiously.
“It does not matter, what matters is preventing him from doing even more damage.” Chance yelled as he held his left side in pain. I tried to remember how I regained control when the incident happened five years ago. The truth, however, is I never remembered what happened after I killed my targets. All I know is I woke up in the cave a few hours later covered with blood, and completely terrified of what Amoux forced us to do.
“Xander, come on man. You are strong enough to overpower him.” Nolan said in a nervous yet gentle voice. Unfortunately, his words did not give me enough strength to do so. I think despite my determination, I was too shocked to force my wolf to submit to me.
Clay moved towards Shadow causing Amoux to let out a furious growl before he lashed himself at our mate’s friend. My wolf stopped his action at the last second. It took me a few moments but eventually I understood that Amoux did not want to risk hurting his mate.
Since I could not reach my wolf, I attempted to mind-link Nolan or Chance to tell them that they had to talk to Amoux about Shadow in order to calm him down. As I result, I was mentally attacked by Amoux.
Somehow, his action backfired because both of us screamed as we felt like our mind was being torn apart. I could feel Amoux falling to his feet as he screamed, and even though I was in a tremendous amount of pain, I could see the four men in the room looking at us with clear shock on their faces.
The pain continued for a few minutes until my body gave up and I fell unconscious on the ground next to the bed where my mate was fighting for her life.

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