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~ 19 ~

I entered my room to find Clay and Nick lying on the bed with Shadow; each of them on a side. They basically were sandwiching her between them. I did not feel possessive or angry at the view which caused relief to spread through my body and soul; Amoux was calm. I hoped he would stay calm for a very long time.
I walked towards the closet and pulled a big thick duvet to all three of them. When the duvet touched Nick’s body, he immediately woke up.
“Hey brother.” I greeted him as he wiped the sleep off his eyes.
“How are you feeling?” He got off the bed and made sure I covered both of his friends.
“It seems like you were having a deep sleep. I am sorry I woke you up.” I sat on the window’s edge while Nick sat on the couch that faced the same window.
“I may have done a spell that allowed me to talk to Shadow.” His delighted smile proved that he was happy that he could talk to her.
I felt a little jealous, I too wanted to talk to her, I wanted to hear her laugh, I wanted to see her eyes, and I wanted to hear her tell me that she was okay, that she did not hate me for what I had done, and that she knew I tried to restrain Amoux. I chose to push my senseless feelings to the back of my mind.

I wanted to jump on him, I wanted to ask him if she was alright, I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.
“How is she?” I tried to maintain my excitement, I was eager to hear some good news so much so I did not even consider that something bad had happened.
“She is okay, but she is in pain; I did what I can to make it better.”
“Pain how?” My fear caused me to almost scream.
“Keep it down brother, and do not worry she is fine. In fact, she asked me to tell you something.” His playful smile told me that that was the part where I would get the good news.
“Well?” I asked when he stayed quiet for a little too long.
“Bring me a pen and a paper.”
“I do not have any in my room.” I was tempted to force him to tell me what Shadow’s message was.
“What kind of room does not have a pen and a paper?”
“Just tell me what she said!”
“Someone is a little eager.” He chuckled. Suddenly, I felt something on my left wrist. When I tried to pull up the sleeve of my black shirt, Nick stopped me.
“Do not check it out until I leave.” He warned.
Nick got off the couch and started to make his way to the door.
“Nick, wait.” He immediately stopped walking and turned around to face me.
I got up and walked towards him.
“Do not tell me you are about to apologize again. I thought we already agreed that you do not need to.” He gave me a pointed look.
“Actually I wanted to thank you Nick.”
“Thank me for what?” His smile was perplexed.
“I wanted to thank you for coming here. I know that you coming here is really risky especially with Shadow and Clay leaving the Red Eclipse pack.”
“Yeah, about that. I was already planning on coming here even before I was informed about the situation here.” He shocked me with his words.
“What do you mean? I do not understand.”
“Well, Oliver, the alpha of the Red Eclipse pack is a jerk.”
“Yeah, Shadow might have mentioned that.” Both of us chuckled at that.
“Yeah, to sum everything up, he pretty much figured out that I am the witch who basically helped both Shadow and Clay commit every act of treason that they have committed. Therefore, I was planning on escaping before that happened.”
“Well, that sucks.”
“Not really. I miss it here, and the Red Eclipse pack does not exactly maintain the best members of the werewolf and witch nations.” He gave me a gentle hit on the shoulder before he left.
I immediately ran to the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bathtub before I started pulling my sleeve up. As I read the words carved on my skin, all I could think about was how much I wished I could see Shadow’s face as I read what she wanted to say.

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