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~ 23 ~

I do not know what happened, all I know is I was with my beta and gamma in our house’s gym. All three of us were sitting on the floor between the countless training machines and I was telling them about everything that occurred the day before. The second they drank the potion, a paper magically appeared before me.
Someone just entered Amara’s cabin.
In an attempt to make Amara feel safer and more at peace, Josh made a spell to detect who enters and who leaves her cabin.
That note forced a growl out of my body and I instantly ran to the door. I think I might have turned into my wolf even before I made it out of the front door.
A minute after running through the woods under the early morning sun, I spotted the cabin. When I was about a mile away, a loud scream erupted through the air. I heard that scream more times than I care to admit. Thus, I knew that it was Amara’s. My pace became faster as Amoux planted dark images in my head of what might had been happening to her.
When I reached the cabin, I immediately turned back to my human form, and if it was not for Amara’s sensitivity, I would have not wasted the time to put some shorts on. At the moment, I did not think about how the shorts were just at the front door waiting for me. However, now I realize that it must have been Josh who magically put them there for me.
I followed Amara’s voice until I reached her bedroom. In there, Shadow had her hand on Amara’s right shoulder as she tried to calm her down.
Within a second, I grabbed my mate by the shoulders and pushed her away from Amara and out of the room.
“It is okay, you are okay.” I looked at the mortified woman in the eye.
“Alpha.” She mumbled.
“They are here, they found me, and they will hurt me again. Do not let them take me. Please alpha, do not…”
“No one is going to hurt you, not while I am alive. No one here means you harm.” I interrupted her. Even though I could feel Shadow watching me, I placed my hands on either side of Amara’s face to force her to focus on me.
“But… But… someone… someone was here.” A tear fell down her good eye.
“You are right, there was someone here. She is my mate, and she came here by accident. She does not mean to hurt you, and she certainly did not mean to scare you.”
“Mate?” She mumbled once again.
“Yeah, her name is Shadow. I think you would like her.” I wanted to sooth her shaking body, but I did not know what to do especially with Shadow’s gaze on me. I felt nervous.
“I do not want to meet her, she will… She will…” She started to freak out again. Seconds later, she starts to cry hysterically.
“Caroline!” I yelled.
“Caroline!” I yelled again when I received no reply. It was weird; Caroline never leaved the cabin without informing me so I could have someone watch after Amara.
I leaned on my super senses and they confirmed that Amara, Shadow and I were the only ones in the cabin, in the area even. Therefore, I mind-linked Hope; Amara’s best friend, she visited the cabin almost every day and she often kept Amara entertained.
While I waited for her to arrive, Amara’s screams got louder. Thus, I pulled her to my chest. Immediately, she held on to me like she was about to fall off a cliff.
“It is okay, you are okay. I am here.” However, she did not calm down. I could feel Amoux become agitated, he did not like it when she had one of her ‘episodes.’ It always triggered his protectiveness over his pack and the guilt for what happened to her.
“Amara, oh my goodness.” Hope rushed into the room a few minutes later.
When Amara noticed her presence, I pulled myself away from her and ran out of the cabin. I did not even glance at Shadow; I was blinded by anger and Amoux was fighting for control.
Once I was far enough, I let out a deafening growl as I started to hit random trees. I was sweating so hard, and even though I was holding Amoux back, I could tell that my eyes had turned black.
After I had broken down the sixth or seventh tree, Shadow’s voice reached my ears.
“Alec… St…Stop, please…” She was panting. She must have ran after me. My anger rose even more; I made my mate run even though her lungs were still weak. Thus, with one punch, I broke the tree down, and moved to the next when Shadow violently threw me into the ground.
I tried to push her off of me, but she held my arms above my head. I believe I could have liked her actions if the ire was not consuming my senses.
Amoux growled at her for trying to force him to calm down. At that point, he did not even care that he was being hostile towards his mate.
Eventually he beat me, and took over. He tried to attack her with his legs, but she was fast enough to hold our legs in place with her own.
“Were you seriously going to hurt me?” She leaned in towards our face that we could feel her shallow breathing against our skin. Her voice was not hurt, it was furious; she was becoming impatient.
“You hurt me first mate.” Amoux replied.
“Amoux.”She said his name. That somehow calmed my wolf down a little, but not enough.
“You need to calm down.” Amoux only growled at her once again.
“Listen to me. If you care about Amara as much as you told me you do, then you would control your anger. She does not deserve to have you acting like an animal over her condition. She deserves better than that and you know it.”
“But I am angry, I thought she was hurt.” Amoux replied.
“I know, and I am sorry for that. After the long night we had searching through ancient books, I needed some fresh air. As I was walking I saw the cabin. If I knew that it was hers I would have never entered it.” Amoux whimpered at the remorse in her eyes.
I do not know how he managed to change his mood from angry to sad within a second, but he did. However, that is one of the many ‘problems’ my wolf has.
Just as he was about to assure her that it was not her fault, we heard Amara’s screams getting louder. Before either of us could react, Shadow’s lips touched ours in a reluctant touch.
Even though I could feel her hesitance, I felt overwhelmingly happy as her lips kissed mine. Her body on mine was providing me with comforting warmth.

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