✔️| The Gift of a Curse {1}

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~ 1 ~

I went to visit Amara today. Despite the fact that every week I visit her because of my need and desire to make sure she is alright, I always end up regretting it. The hope of her recovery is decreasing as the days pass.
When I entered the room, she was sitting on the end of her bed saying little senseless things. I kneeled down to look at her eyes to find them completely clouded; it was like she was not even aware of her surroundings. I called her name and I tried to talk to her but all I received was either meaningless words or whimpers. Eventually I just found it too much and basically ran out of her door.
Every visit I make to her cabin does not even last ten minutes. If the alpha who is known to be the cruelest werewolf alive cannot bare it, then you know that it is really bad. However, if I am being honest, I do not consider myself cruel.
Once I was far enough from the cabin, I got behind a tree, took my clothes off, and turned into my massive black wolf. When I started running; I lost all my sense of time; it was like I relinquished every negative thought in my mind with each tree I passed. I was running towards an unknown destination, but for some ambiguous reason I was feeling at peace.

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