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~ 26 ~

How do you feel? I asked Amoux as I lied on my bed next to Shadow. I kept replying the moment I marked her. If I can, I would relive that moment until I die.
The best I have ever been. I can feel her; her emotions; her wolf, and her in general. I never thought I would feel like that.
I know exactly how you feel.
I replied as I traced the piercings on her face.
I was so happy; I literally could not feel or care about anything around me. Thus, I spent almost a day lying on my bed daydreaming about my mate. I could not forget about her alluring green eyes, her platinum hair, her rings, and her piercings.
Even before I marked her the first time, I knew; I knew that I was in love with her. She is different. While other male wolves would find her personality and looks rebellious and shameful to the werewolf nation, to me these things are original and expressive.
I love how she is certain about who she is; I love how she does not care what others think about her; I love how she is independent; and I love how she has the type of confidence that no she-wolf has.
I love her strength, and I love her bravery. Amoux said. I am certain that if I was in my wolf form, he would have wiggled his tail in delight.
Would it be bad if I said that I liked her friendship with Clay? I asked as I thought of how protective they are of each other.
I know that according to my nature, I should be against their friendship, but it is nice to know that someone has had her back through the hard times of her life. Amoux growled in approval.
You are right. This all feels surreal. I feel like my happiest days are to come. I smiled at the countless scenarios my mind conjured up of the future I could have with Shadow.
I feel complete, for the first time ever, I feel so complete. Amoux purred in my mind, and I found myself happy at his happiness.
Alpha? Jensen’s voice popped in my head. He took over the orphanage When Caroline decided to move into the cabin with Amara. He is a kind old man that everyone in the pack loves and respects, and the orphans consider him their role model.
Is everything alright Jensen?
Yes alpha. However, the kids have been asking for you. Thus, I felt obligated to ask you if you can visit us today.
I smiled as I thought of the kids’ pure and innocent faces. Then, I immediately felt guilty; since Shadow arrived I had only visited them two or three times.
Of course. I will come by in an hour so the kids will have time to have breakfast. I looked at the early morning sun; I had stayed up all night thinking about my mate.
Thank you alpha.
You do not have to thank me Jensen; I will see you in an hour.
I closed the mind-link as I stared at Shadow’s angelic face.
When I left the house, everyone else was still asleep. I visited Amara before I went to the orphanage. After all, that is what my routine consisted of before chaos sabotaged our lives.
“It is so good to see you alpha.” Jensen greeted me at the entrance of the orphanage.
“Likewise Jensen, and how many times do I have to tell you to call me Xander?” I shook hands with the older man.
“Of course Xander, it is almost impossible to stray from the things you learned as a child. The children are excited to see you.” We entered the building, and we made our way towards the children’s laughter and screams until we reached the playroom.
“Alpha Xander, you came!” Emily ran towards me with a wide smile on her face.
“Emily, it is so good to see you princess.” I bent down to pick her up. She laughed as she hugged my neck with her short arms.
“Were have you been? You did not visit us in a week.” A little boy named Jason gave me the puppy sad eyes.
With Emily still in my arms, I walked towards the rest of the children, and sat with them on the ground.
“Well, I am here now Jason, am I not?” I gave him a smile as Emily sat on my lap. She has always been the one to love me more than the other children in the orphanage, and if I am being utterly honest, she has always been my favorite. Perhaps it is because of her sad story. Her mother died while giving birth to her and her father died three months after that; the death of his mate was unbearable, thus he committed suicide leaving Emily completely alone.
I had hoped that one of the mated couples would adopt her. Sadly, she is almost three years old, and she is still in the orphanage.
“Can you read us a book?” Ashley, another little girl, a few years older than Emily sat next to me.
“Which book do you wish for me to read?” I gave her a tender smile.
“Matt already chose one.” Harper pointed at Matt who walked towards me with a thick book in his tiny hands. He handed me the book and sat on the floor. I watched as all the children imitated his action. A few minutes later, forty children were staring at me with anticipation.
“Alright, the book’s title is: ‘The Adventures of the Encantado Brothers’.” As I read them the book, I had a feeling that the calm is about to leave to be replaced by the storm.

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