✔️| The Gift of a Curse {1}

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My dear king,
I write to you to inform you that the plan is working like clockwork. I have successfully murdered every single warrior in The Open Wound pack. The alpha and his circle now know that a traitor walks among them. As expected, they do not doubt my loyalty.
As for the future luna, her wolf somehow managed to disobey my mental order, and she woke up from the coma I put her in. She almost died as her human mind tried to obey the command that her wolf mind overlooked. I honestly do not know how she did it, but I will do my best to find out and prevent her from marking the alpha.
I do not know if the luna is the reason behind it, but they did manage to find out that I have the ability to mind control them. They somehow found a way to stop me from entering their minds. Regardless, I do not wish for you to worry; nothing is going to stand in the way of our people’s future.
They are completely oblivious to the fact that one of them has been under my command since the second I arrived to their filthy pack. Luckily, whatever they did, it did not affect my influence on him.
I will write to you again when it is time for you to invade the territory and take it as our own. Please be safe, and send my regards to the little prince.
your loyal nephew


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