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~ 2 ~

My unknown destination ended up being the waterfall. In my opinion it is the most breathtaking sight in the entire territory. There is just something about the way the water falls into the lake beneath it is just mystical. In addition, it is surrounded by the Cypress field. While I was still in my wolf form, I jumped into the lake allowing my fur to get wet. I slowly swam to the back of the waterfall as I continued to wash away all my problems.
Once I was sure that I was in a place where I cannot seen by anyone, I turned back into my human form. I took a deep breath before I dived into the water. I do not know how much time passed while I was under the water exploiting the moment of tranquility. At that moment Amara, my reputation, my pack, and the barrier were all erased from my mind. The only things that mattered were me and the water circling around me.
For some reason I did not feel any lack of oxygen, and my lungs did not burn. Eventually, I went over the surface and stayed in the water for a little while longer not wanting to go out of it and take all my problems back with me.
When the sun started to set, I relinquished my peaceful time and went back to the real world. I went back to being both a loved alpha by my pack and a disgrace to the werewolf community.

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