Evie: An Angel's Redemption

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007, Earth Time

The demon snarled as she closed in on him. “I’ll take pleasure in watching you die, you accursed Angel of The Light,” he said, brandishing his sword. Ever Vigilant just watched: no expression on her face, not blinking, saying nothing. As she got within striking distance, the demon’s sword rose, ready to strike. Before the demon’s sword had moved an inch, a sliver blur flashed and cut him in pieces from top to bottom, his remains turning into a bubbling green goo, and eventually disintegrating into smoke, which soon disappeared. “Shame, really,” she said, foe vanquished. “It would be nice to be challenged every once in a while.”

She entered Operations Central with all eyes fixed upon her, strides confident, back ramrod straight. The Colonel approached, looked directly in her eyes, which stared dispassionately back into his.

He saluted smartly. “General Ever Vigilant, Ma’am: To Lord Jehovah be the Glory.”

A salute answered his, followed by, “For ever and ever,” then she walked away. He did not move his hand or his body until she had walked past him. Out of sight of the junior officer, she smiled to herself. Michael had always drilled it into her. Keep them on their toes at all times. Demand their respect. They didn’t call her ‘Steely Blue-Eyes’ for nothing.

The swords on her sides gleamed as she walked into a training room where some plebeian angels practiced their defensive moves. Unnoticed, two plebes suddenly found two silver blurs ripping their swords out of both of their hands. The plebes’ swords flew out of their hands before they knew what had hit them, and stuck in the ceiling. They turned around to see their attacker, but before they could get a meaningful glimpse, two hands and two feet knocked the wind out of them, and pinned them to the floor – one with each foot. Astride the both of them: one male and one female, and confident they wouldn’t move again, she carefully stepped off them, put her swords back in their sheaths, and said, “Always be on your guard, plebes. The minions of Lucifer don’t fight fair.” Never once did a smile appear on her face.


Thursday, November 8th, Earth Time

The Holy Spirit told Evie news of an upcoming military operation to murder a group of saints in Bemaru, near Kabul, Afghanistan. This called for an investigation of the perpetrators of this brutality. Flying to the military compound, she landed in the commanding officer’s office. Colonel Al-Hosaam stared out the window into the central courtyard of the small military compound in Kabul, Afghanistan. Troops of the Holy Jihad strolled towards their various destinations, dressed in the green and grey Camo worn by such soldiers in this region. Most of the higher-ranking officers or non-commissioned officers wore the forest-green berets of the Afghan National Army.

Watching both with curiosity and revulsion, she observed the conversation between the commanding officer and his soon arriving junior officer. Captain Akbar hastily walked to his commanding officer’s office, and reported in. Standing at attention with his hand over his heart, he shouted, “May the holy war prevail!” The commander returned the salute, and beckoned him towards the chair facing his desk. “Praise be to Allah for the Holy War. Yes. Come in and sit down.”

The junior officer obeyed.

“Captain Akbar. Are all the prisoners fed their daily ration of bread and water?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Have we been keeping an eye out for enemy troops infiltrating our country, to attack our soldiers?”

“Sir, we have been patrolling all the borders, and have dispatched several men in every major city. No enemy troops to account for, thus far.”

So, tell me Captain, what have you and your surveillance team discovered?”

He got right to the point. “Colonel Al-Hosaam, sir, it is as we have suspected. A group of religious insurrectionists hold meetings every week on the night of Al-Khamis at the house of their leader, a certain Yusuf Gholam. They have adopted the western religion of Christianity. We must deal with this uprising swiftly and decisively. I only await your order, Colonel.”

The cold, calculated malice in the hearts of these men made her cringe. Blind anger towards all who didn’t agree with their ideology emanated strongly from both men. A small blood vessel ticked underneath the commander’s left eye; his face turned purple, then contorted with unbridled hatred as he rose to his feet, shaking his fists at the air. “We must crush these infidels!”

The commander’s gaze turned to his subordinate officer.

“First, gather the names and addresses of every member of this group. Then, put together a team of your best commandos, make an early morning raid on every member of these vermin and have them eliminated. Not one...I repeat, not one of them must escape death; the Jihad must prevail. Have I made myself perfectly clear?”

“Yes sir; very clear, sir.”

“You are dismissed, Captain. Do not fail me.”

Akbar quickly got up from his chair, put his right fist over his heart, and said, “May the Holy War prevail.”

Heels turned Akbar’s body towards the door, and carried him out of the office.

Having heard enough, Evie flew back towards New Jerusalem.


“The love of Lord Jehovah is in them, and it’s obvious that Lord Jehovah loves them. Even though they are imperfect creatures, He forgives them for their iniquities and allows them to learn from them, like the perfect Father that He is.” Resting her chin upon her hand, more thoughts of the human condition percolated in her head. “I wonder what it’s like to be loved like that: as though you were a fragile, delicate creature who has the privilege of learning about the love of the Father. It would be very interesting to experience that first hand.”

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