Evie: An Angel's Redemption

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Friday, November 9th

Evie received a message from the Holy Spirit —Ruache Ha Kodesh El —having her send out a small unit to an urgent situation involving a small group of saints who were under imminent attack. As she processed what the Holy Spirit had spoken to her, she recognized that it was Yusuf Gholam and his group of faithful saints. Turning in Faroh’s direction, she said, “This should be relatively easy: no real enemy troops to worry about; just a few minor demons of lower status.”

Michael walked through the door and joined them at their conference table, smiling at the enthusiasm with which Evie always attacked her assignments.

All the necessary logistics ensued: requesting troops, briefings and disseminating intelligence took place quickly; there was little time to waste. The troops, including herself, Fierce Warrior, and eighteen other lower ranking angels gathered on the Main floor of Operations Central. Looking over them all, Ever Vigilant gave a curt and smart command. “Prepare to depart, warriors of The Lord Most High, His name be praised!” One by one, the angels departed for their destination.

The small unit from Heaven descended onto the scene. Demons flew in terror as they recognized members of Heaven’s elite. Each member of the meeting that took place on the fifth night of the week suddenly had an angel with a flaming sword standing in front of his or her house. Fierce Warrior stood firmly at his post.

Ever Vigilant did the standard roll call in angel-speak. “All units report in.”

Fierce Warrior replied first. “On post and ready to proceed.” The other members of the angelic squadron reported in turn.

Fierce Warrior’ eyes riveted themselves to one of the soldiers approaching his assigned house, maintaining a position of stealth. The soldier’s Russian AEK-918 jutted out in front of him, poised and ready to shoot. A piece of paper came out of the soldier’s shirt pocket, and he carefully reviewed the instructions.

“Let’s see ‘14’...‘16’...and here should be…” the soldier said to himself. He arrived at Siraq’s house, and stopped in his tracks. Before him stood a very tall and brilliantly shining being, glowing like Klieg lights, with swords drawn and pointed. The bright being’s voice, loud and clear, carried with it the angelic authority that demons and evil men feared.

“Take one more step, Lieutenant Khuli, and your life will be in peril,” said Fierce Warrior. “You will not carry out your evil intentions against this child of the Most High. You must choose: either forsake your intentions and live, or pursue them and meet your eternal judgment.”

A moment passed. “What manner of being are you, and how do you know my name? Why should I care if I lose my life? I will be in paradise sooner to get my reward.”

“You need only know that I stand in the way of your evil intentions, and you will be in Hell, not paradise. If you don’t believe me, take another step.”

Khuli did not come any closer: his bravado waned quickly. He hesitated, and then cursed as he turned tail and ran.

Fierce Warrior smiled, and went to rendezvous with the others.

She stood in front of the house, invisible to the human eye. When Akbar stood a half-meter from the front door, Ever Vigilant took on human form, and appeared to Akbar covered from head to toe, including a hijab. “Lord Jehovah...I pray that you open Akbar’s eyes and show him the truth.”

He startled. Then, looking at her more closely, he said, “You’re a woman, and a tall one at that!”

“Yes, my lord. I am a woman.” She bowed in deference to their customs, and said nothing more. She stood her ground and did not move.

“What you are,” Akbar added, “is in my way. Do you not understand your place, woman? Women are to serve men, and meet their every need. According to Sharia Law, I could have you stoned for this, but at the moment, I have matters that are more pressing. Now move before I make you move. Step aside or I will finish you now.” His machine gun rose until its muzzle pointed right between her eyes.

“I cannot step aside, my lord, or I would be disobeying my Lord.”

His trigger finger twitched against the trigger. Without a thought, she performed a tactic she practiced as an angel regularly. The trigger moved no more than a half of a millimeter when, in a blur of movement, she, in angelic form, jumped up, flipped over, and drove her sword right down the middle of his machine gun, severing the entire thing in two: barrel, stock, magazine, and even the bullets, leaving his finger and hands intact. She returned to her spot on the porch as the woman that had first appeared.

At first, he registered shock, as his gun fell from his hands, severed in half. Recovering, he charged at her, hands outstretched. Within two centimeters of her, she head butted him hard enough to throw him backwards from the impact. His entire body wobbled back and forth.

“You would be wise not to advance against this house and those in it.” Her face registered no emotion: just matter-of-factness and calm. Some men just don’t learn.

Regaining his composure, he moved towards her again, jaw clenched tighter, eyebrows tightly furrowed. “Get out of my way, you insubordinate female. This is military business, and you are interfering.”

She didn’t budge. Her hand pushed against his chest and held him there.

“Let me by, woman. Do you not know your place?”

“What I will do is stand in your way. My place is to stand before God Almighty without blame or fear, and to be sure you don’t get away with your mission to kill these innocent people. My Lord is the One who tells me my place.”

He continued to push against her. “Move, I tell you. Let me by, woman.”

“You obviously won’t listen to me. Oh well, some men only learn the hard way.” As he came within reach, her now visible sword struck his leg. He howled and cursed as he fell to the ground, holding he leg, a big knot forming in his right thigh. “Mark my words: you overestimate your ability against mine. Your next move will ultimately result in your death.” Visions of Colonel Al-Hosaam’s rage against a failed mission played vividly in her mind.

His face contorted. “I do not care. My death will be to my glory, and I will get my reward, including many concubines.”

Holy resolve filled her voice. “What you’ll find, if you take one more step, is an angel who will stand in your way. So, go ahead, Akbar; I’d be more than glad to have you try to stop me. And as for your death and your glory, the only thing that will happen after you die is being thrown into the fires of Hell.”

“Angels and Hell are what you infidel creatures make up to torment the faithful. I don’t believe in your Hell, nor do I believe in angels. What I do believe is that I will go to my reward should I die in battle.”

Ever Vigilant just smiled. “Very well, then. May the Lord rebuke you; you will find out now whether or not you will see your ‘reward.’ Don’t take my word for it; God created you and Hell. I guess you’ll just find out earlier than usual what eternal agony is really like.” She moved deliberately towards Akbar, and with angelic precision and speed, struck him on the top of his head with the broad side of her sword. This time his eyes rolled back into his head, and with an ’unnnngh…’ he crumpled to the ground, unconscious. She sighed sadly. “Men like him should know the love of the Father. But blind hatred and years of learning that hatred stops them.” With that, she turned back into an angel, and caught up with Fierce Warrior and the rest of the team. “Okay, guys, let’s head back to Operations Central for a debriefing.”

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