Evie: An Angel's Redemption

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Sunday, November 11th, Earth Time

Alone in her room, pondering matters in the quiet peace of her sanctum, Evie thought of humankind and how the Lord loved them greatly. All it took was to put their faith in the goodness of the Father. Such love just baffled her: the amazing grace and mercy offered to humankind perplexed her. No error was found in her, but she wondered what it would be like to be able to fail, and yet be forgiven. The idea percolated in her heart, and the longer she thought about it, the more she wanted to experience such redemption.

Evie could take it no more. She walked deliberately to the throneroom, where the magnificence of Lord Jehovah made itself known in the bright colors of precious jewels and peals of thunder followed by flashes of lightening. The twenty-four elders sat on their thrones around him. The seven spirits of God, represented as seven torches stood in front of the throne. The floor before the throne resembled a sea of glass made of crystal. The four living creatures who surrounded Lord Jehovah chanted, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Jehovah God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!” In the presence of the Holy One, she showed her deference and respect by bowing before Him. “May your servant speak, my Lord?” Immediately after, she looked the Lord directly in the face, because there was no sin in her.

“You may speak,” said the Father.

“My Lord, I will fight Lucifer and his minions forever knowing that You and the Saints who love you will be victorious at the end of the Great Battle; but the devastation they cause, and the souls they mislead into Hell...well, it hurts; it has broken the heart of The Lamb and you, Father. I remember the Lamb saying to the early Jewish nation in Jerusalem, particularly the Scribes and the Pharisees:

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.”

The blindness of men obviously broke His heart then and does now, and it breaks mine. I know I serve you, my Lord, and you are and will be victorious forever, to the ultimate destruction of Lucifer’s evil; but there are times when I just can’t get the pain, suffering, and wickedness that currently infest the Earth out of my mind. Most of the souls there will end up in Hell, and that is discouraging. However, since those who have given their hearts to the Lamb will overcome, I am curious to know the redemption that is theirs, as I, being a servant of yours, have never known such a thing.” Turning to the Lamb, she said, “I want to be loved as they are, even though they are flawed.”

“This is an unusual matter,” said The Lamb, who turned to the Father. “Excuse us while we confer with one another.”

She stood in silence outside the inner Sanctum as the Holy Trinity discussed the matter.

Inside the Holy of Holies, Father and Son talked animatedly of this angel with an unusual heart. Lord Jehovah stood up and faced the other two members of the Holy Trinity.

“We must not let Ever Vigilant succumb to desiring a false god. She cannot go on coveting human nature.”

The Lamb nodded and Ruach Ha-Kodesh glowed with agreement. After a few moments, the Father spoke. “It would be better for her sake, to let her see that, as the Sons’ of Adam saying goes, ‘the grass is not always greener on the other side of the hill.’”

“I would suggest that we let her will be done,” said the Lamb. “I know the human condition best. She only sees the end-result of salvation when saints come home to heaven. She is blind to the long and painful process that leads there, and the decisions they must make in their hearts along the way. There are many things that try the souls of saints even after we have been invited to live in their hearts.”

Lord Jehovah nodded. “Yes, my Son, in whom I am well pleased, O firstborn of all the redeemed; she must know the choice, and she must see the need to make it. Only then will she know the gratefulness of the redeemed first hand; only then will she truly appreciate why your name means He Is Salvation, my son.”

Finally, as the Holy Trinity returned, The Father faced her and called her in a voice gentle, sweet, full of love, yet firm, resonating with the authority and holiness of the One making it. He smiled at her, and beckoned her to approach.

“I come, My Lord.”

Love shone from his eyes, which bore into hers – into her very soul. “I must deal directly with the issue at hand.” He spoke tenderly, a father speaking to a precious and much-loved daughter. “I have heard the desires of your heart, my child. They are a bit unusual, I must admit; but they are expected. In fact, I was wondering, since the fall of Lucifer, when one of you would be overtaken by the thoughts that have been in your heart.”

Evie’s brows furrowed, and she blinked involuntarily. “Have I harbored evil in my heart against you, my Lord? If I have, I wasn’t aware of it, and I truly repent.” Her tender heart swelled in her. Boy...some warrior I am...I’ve blown it and let the Father down. An angel like herself had to be strong and always aware of what went on. She hated the thought of letting the Father down. Her tears started to flow, and she buried her face in her hands. The Father held her gently in His arms. She felt the love only a Holy Father would give.

“Do not be hard on yourself, Evie,” he told her, reassuringly. “I have found no sin in you.”

‘Evie?’ My Lord, You never address me with the name my companions call me. I must confess that I am surprised. I...I don’t’ understand.”

“My child, you are as a daughter to me, and I love you as a Father. I also know every thought of yours, and your thoughts of late have been of your human brothers and sisters and their redemption. Since you want to know such things, I will give you the desire of your heart, although I promise it will be be full of hardship and pain. From this point forward, you will be among the humans you think about. You will not be as my son, who was at once God and Man, or will you be an angel; no, you will be completely human, and subject to all that goes along with it.”

Her feelings alternated between joy and anxiety. When her anxiety and fears subsided, she wiped the tears from her eyes. The arms of her Father comforted her, but this extraordinary turn of events perplexed her. The Father spoke bittersweet words. He had just granted her heart’s desire, yet she sensed it came at a high price. She bowed before The Lord.

“I am thankful for this opportunity to discover human nature and forgiveness, and that you have found me worthy to be involved in such an undertaking. I only hope I please you in all that I do.”

The Lord did not answer, rather, just looked at her with a sober smile.

Sunday, November 18th, Earth Date

A summon also went out to Michael to come to the throne in the Holy of Holies, as soon as Evie had left. He also bowed low, in respect to the One to whom he spoke. “What do you require of your servant, my Lord?”

“Your mission, General of my Angelic Army, is to escort Evie to the Earth. You must brief her as to what it entails, and make preparations for for after her arrival.”

“As my Lord bids, so shall I do.” Bowing deferentially, he flew immediately towards Evie’s apartment as Lord Jehovah has requested to escort her to her new family. When he arrived at her quarters, he found The Lamb there.

“My Lord!” said Michael as he approached. Bowing respectfully, he asked, “What brings you here, if I may ask?”

A warm light shone in the eyes of The Lamb. “I have given my life for those who love me and want to be my bride forever.” His voice resonated firmly, but gently. “I wanted to encourage her before she embarks on her mission. She will know difficult times, but my love for her will guide her.” The Lamb smiled, then turned away and returned to the Throne Room.

Michael, like Gabriel, didn’t totally understand why an angel would want to leave Heaven voluntarily, but obviously, Lord Jehovah, Ruache Ha-Kodesh El and The Lamb approved this, so he resigned himself to carry out his duty. Arriving at Evie’s door, he knocked, awaiting her answer.

“I’ll be out in a moment.” A moment later, Evie came out, and greeted him with a hug and a smile. “Good to see you, big brother.”

“Are you ready to go, little sister?” He smiled mischievously, his eyes twinkling. “I hear you want awfully bad to be demoted. Have you decided to do some slumming on a rather long-term basis?”

She laughed at him, and socked him playfully in the arm. Then her smile faded. “Michael, the enormity of this undertaking is hitting me hard. It’s filled with unknowns, and I’m scared. Nothing has ever scared me before, not even the mightiest of Lucifer’s demons. But this is very different” She burst into tears.

“Goodness.” This turn of events took him aback. “What in Heaven’s name is going on? Didn’t you volunteer for this assignment? You did volunteer, didn’t you?”

Tears filled her eyes. “I’ve never felt this way in all my time.” Her face rested on his chest, while holding on to him.

He just held her. Evie stopped crying, wiped her eyes, and dried her nose. “I didn’t really volunteer as much as I obeyed the Father,” she said. “He knows my thoughts, and I guess He has, in a way, called my bluff. I’ve wanted to know about redemption, and now the Father is giving me a chance to experience it. Truth is, I’ve never done this before. It doesn’t seem too bad, but I’m sort of dreading what I know nothing about. I mean, yes, I have seen and observed humans a lot, but—”

“You’ve never experienced humanity first hand?” he said, finishing her thought. “Well, take courage, little sister. Truth is, most of us angels often wonder about redemption. Guess we just never had the courage to pursue that line of thinking. I’ll give you that. You’re either very brave to do such a thing or very crazy. I haven’t decided which, yet.” A warm smile went out to his little sister angel, full of love for her. “Nonetheless, our duty lies before us. We must press on.”

“I don’t even know what to think or how I’ll act. Do you have any idea what it will be like for me when I’m down there?” Evie asked.

“I honestly couldn’t tell you. You and I know a lot about humans, but I’ve never been one. If I could, I’d tell you, but I’m at a total loss.”

Discouragement darkened Evie’s features, and made Michael hurt all the more for her. “You must feel felt like you’re jumping off a ledge into a great black abyss. Just remember that you’ll do well at this, but you must always trust in the goodness of the Father.”

“Well, thank you for being there for me, anyway. At least I can take comfort in that.”

“I would do nothing less,” he said, holding her hands. His fingers snapped as he remembered what came to her for to begin with. “Actually, I must brief you before we go.”

Motioning her to sit down, he took a seat himself.

“You see...you’re about to become human. You will remember all you have learned and known as an angel, including all your memories. However, you will have a human heart, which is subject to the curse. You’ll probably find yourself thinking and acting very differently than an angel would.”

“How? And more importantly, why?”

“That, I honestly can’t tell you. I’ve never been human nor had a human heart. I just know your heart will be human, and by inference, subject to the evil that all other human hearts are.”

“Subject to evil? I don’t want to do evil, Michael. I abhor it.”

“You do now,” he said, “but you must become human to know redemption, and you must take all that comes along with being human.”

He cringed as her countenance fell yet again. “I didn’t promise you this would be easy; but the Father provided a way to redemption for you in the book given to humans called ‘The Bible.’ And even when you have found this redemption, you will still live in the fallen world.”

“Sounds like a very troubled life.”

Michael blinked back tears of his own. “It is. The Lamb told humans that their lives would be filled with trouble and strife.”

“Oh Michael. I’ve made a big mistake. Is there no way I can back out of this ‘experience’?”

“All I know is that the Father has ordained it. You dare not disobey Him.”

His heart broke as she started crying again. It promised to be difficult for her, but there was nothing else either of them could say or do. His strong arms held her while she cried, and her tears ran their course. “I have a few more details I need to discuss with you,” he said.

“Okay,” Focusing all her attention on him, hardening her face, wiping away her tears, Evie paid careful attention to what he was about to say.

“You have no history as a human, so you are going to need a few things to help you get started. First, I’ve set up a bank account for you to use. It’s in your human name: ‘Evelyn Anne Chen’. We’ll have you sign all the appropriate papers when we get to Washington, D.C. I’ll make sure all the appropriate parties get them. There will be $50,000.00 in the account.”

“Fifty thousand dollars? Why will I need that much money?”

“Well, you have no credit nor credit history, until you get more established you’ll need to be able to buy things for yourself.”

“Like what?”

“Well you’ll need spending money, of course. You’ll also need to be able to buy a car, which you’ll have to pay cash for.”

Evie winced. “A car? Must I drive? I’ve seen way too many accidents and deaths in those things.”

Another reassuring smile went her way; strong, battle-worn hands gently held hers. “Don’t worry. You’ll be a good driver. I’m sure your angelic sense will come into play there.”

“I’m not worried about my angelic sense; it’s the other human drivers that worry me,” she said, smiling dryly.

“You’ll do just fine. Just ask the Lord to protect you from harm. Not to mention,” he continued, “you’ll need to buy some clothes. Some will be provided for you, of course.” He smiled broadly. “I hear that women really like to buy clothes.”

“Hey now! Watch that. I’m going to be a woman, humanly speaking, that is.” A small smile re-appeared on her face, replacing a little of the apprehension and sadness.

“I see that makes you feel a little better.” His countenance brightened with hers, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long. Any misgivings remained unspoken, so as not to discourage her even more.

“I also have a list of interviews I have set up for you. I summarized your skills into a C.V., and sent them, via the agency I set up, to some places in D.C. where you’ll have a good chance of finding employment.”

“Thank you, Michael. I don’t think I would have had the patience or the ability to do all these things.”

“You’re very welcome. It’s the least your brother could do.”

“I love you,” she said, holding him, and starting to tremble.

“I love you too. Now buck up, sister. You’ll be alright, I promise you.” A moment later, his fingers snapped again: another detail remembered. “One more thing. I said you’d need some spending change.” He pulled out five ten-dollar bills, and ten five-dollar bills. “This should hold you for a week or so.”

“I guess we have to go now?”

“Yes. We should get started,” he answered, gently.

“One final thing.” What he knew he must say made him wince, knowing it would hit her hard. “I’m going to have to take your swords.”

She gasped. “My swords? Not my swords! Michael, no, please!” Her body froze where she stood. “M…Michael,” she choked out. “My swords almost define who I am…”

The enormity of what she was going to do got to him. He swallowed hard, and held out his hand. “Yes, your swords. I’m sorry, but you’re no longer an active warrior so you must relinquish them.”

Her buckler slowly unfastened, and its contents went gingerly to him. “Will you at least promise to keep them in a safe place?” She paused, looking wistfully at it. “They’ve been like constant companions to me.”

“I will, I promise.” He turned and called out. “Faroh!”

Faroh ran up to them, face emotionless and business-like.

“Take Evie’s swords and put them in the storage room in Operations Central.”

“Will do, Michael.” Faroh took the swords and walked off, waving to Evie as he left.

Her hand in his, they left New Jerusalem. Evie’s earthly belongings and Faroh followed closely behind. Washington D.C. slowly but surely came into view.

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