Crossing Worlds: The Rose's Fate

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Since time immemorial, the two major Kingdoms of Dominion angels fought one enemy. An enemy so powerful that she almost destroyed everything. But not until she was ultimately defeated in the end... Saya Rossa Ariomasha is the next heir to the throne as the Ultimate Queen after not having any for almost a millennia. And being heir means that her life must be pretty extraordinary. With a handsome knight at your side, beautiful cousins that are pretty much your best friends and an annoying bunch of duties you must attend to, everything seemed to be "extraordinarily normal". But what if that "extraordinarily normal" life turns out to be "not so normal" at all? "The Darkness and the Light are not what they truly seem to be, everyone hides their own secrets..."

Fantasy / Mystery
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The realm of time, Relozx.

The realm of dreams, Ytheriah.

The realm of life, Khorah.

The realm of light, Lethellis.

And lastly, the realm of death and darkness, Xhorina.

These realms are essential and important for the Cosmos to stay intact. If one falls, it will be of great destruction...

"Saya, are you sure you're alright?"

At the sound of that deep and yet melodious voice, a very beautiful woman with pale skin and auburn eyes turned around, her lips set in a small smile as her wild, curly black hair swayed with the wind passing past the balcony. Seeing the familiar person in front of her, her smile grew wider.

"Yep, I'm alright. you don't have to worry too much, Haji." she replied and sighing afterwards, seeing the expression on his face. Her knight was being a worrywart again.

The man called Haji sighed at the princess' words. She told him not to worry but the expression of the woman in from of him evokes such feelings. She was simply too carefree. It wasn't too long ago when the Red Rose Queen, Saya's mother told them to finally show themselves in public after not doing so for years.

Saya noticed the blank look on Haji's face slightly changed when his brows were set up in a frown.

She sighed. She really couldn't help it. Although she was a bit anxious, she still didn't like it when her knight was frowning. Even though he still looks handsome, he's still frowning.

She smiled and raised her hand to smooth the frown marring her knight's brows. "Don't worry too much about me, I'll be fine. After all, I heard Sumire and the others will also show themselves there."

"But still, I can't help but worry. After all, you're the next heir to the throne of being the Ultimate Queen." he said as he patted her head which barely reached his chin.

"I know." she replied while glancing down the Kingdom she's bound to rule in the future...
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