The Great Dragon

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In a kingdom, where magic is only allowed outside the walls, a danger rules. The ancient dragon has awoken and is seeking revenge. To save the kingdom, the prince must seek out a white sorcerer who will help him learn about the magic that once was. The prince is placed in a village far from the castle, where no one knows his name. Where he meets the girl of his dreams, a simple villager, who is willing to help him. But what do you do, when you learn that everything you thought you knew was never the truth. The truths about you.

Fantasy / Romance
Bex Michaelson
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The Beginning

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom. A kingdom filled with happiness where magic and commoners lived in harmony.

The king and queen were loved throughout the kingdom and even further beyond.

Before long, a healthy little baby boy was born. They were all blissful until the fateful day that came unexpected.

A black witch had found her way into the castle. She had lost her son to the wild and wished to seek revenge on the king who had banished him for practicing dark magic.

She had snuck into their chamber and cornered them. The king had been pinned to the bed by her magic. He could only watch as his wife, who was holding there child, had been trapped in a corner.

The witch had targeted their son but the queen refused to let her come close. As the witch made her fatal strike the queen covered for their son and took the blow.

The old witch disappeared on the spot. She had somewhat achieved what she came for. She had hurt the king. He screamed for help as he felt his wife’s life slip away from this world. From him. He took their son from her lifeless arms and held him close.

Magic had taken away the person he loved the most. He was heart-broken and swore never to let any harm come to their son. He abanond magic from the kingdom.

He was still a merciful king and let the magical creatures find their own way out of the kingdom. A small village was build outside the wall for the magical creatures to take cover. But that mercifulness slowly declined over the years until he grew cold of the hatred towards magic.

He stopped coming down to see the villagers of the kingdom willingly. His smile faded away until it was only rarely to be seen. Even his son hardly ever got to know the king he had once been.

Not everyone understood the kings decision about abandoning magic and continued to practice it within the walls. The coldness that had consumed the king had stripped him of his kindness and mercy. The hatred towards magic made him blind and sentenced anyone who practiced magic to death. He made a lot of enimies and isolated himself.

Years went by and his son grew up to be a handsome and strong prince. He knew nothing of magic and its history with the kingdom, only that it was the cause of his mother’s death.

One quiet day in the castle, a soul appeard out of nowhere. A sorcerer. The king immediately ordered his imprisonment until he realised who the sorcerer was. His dear old friend from the past. Merlin.

He knew that Merlin would only dare come within the walls of the kingdom if something was wrong. Merlin had respected his wishes of the abandonment of magic.

Someone had awoken the great dragon. The dragon that had been sleeping for centuries. Its power was strong enough to destroy whole kingdoms with one strike, and now, it was sent to destroy this kingdom.

He asked for guidance and Merlin looked to his son. The son who had no experience with magic was told that he was destined to save the kingdom.

Merlin had come to take the son with him to the village where he was to learn about the power that had killed his mother. The power that had cursed their kingdom.

The king was furious. Merlin was suggesting to teach his son about the very thing he had spend his life hiding him from.

But when Merlin explained the concequences and the future ahead if the prince was not to fulfil his destiny, the king had to surrender and his son was to travel with Merlin to the village outside the walls.

Where his destiny awaited him.

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