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Rosalyn Arya Silverhawk has everything that a girl can desire. Perfect smile. Perfect body. Perfect life. But what she does not know is the secret of her existence, which is far bigger than she, or anyone else can ever comprehend. But she is not the only one hiding secrets. What happens when the Blackwood brothers move into Crestfall High, with secrets of their own? Together with her friends and family, can she stop the unknown evil looming over New Orleans? "In a world of dazzle, mirth and love, lie secrets beyond anyone's imagination. Nothing is as it seems. Trapped in a mesh of conspiracies and earth shattering secrets, can she make it out alive? Some things are better kept secret... or are they?"

Fantasy / Mystery
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Flames rose in front of me as I struggled to keep my powers under control. I was doing something that was never meant to be. Something that was against every law. Something that could destroy the entire world. But I was blinded by love. I was doing it for my children and the person whom I loved the most in the world. They would be transformed by the purifying fire, into something that humanity had never witnessed before. Something beyond anyone's imagination, and I would be its cause. I was going against my ancestors, and I knew they would not forgive me. But I did not care. I may be selfish, as many would say, but at that time, I did not want to keep my desires unfulfilled, even if it meant using my powers to the utmost to fulfil them.

I glared at the blinding light of the fire. My skin felt as if it were burning. The people around me screamed, yelling at me to stop, but I was not myself anymore. I glanced at the four bloodied bodies of my children whom I had daggered. They were alive, but barely. Unknowingly, a tear escaped my eye. I did not feel any emotion. Maybe it was the normal human instinct that was all left of me.

I saw two red eyes rising out of the fire. A monster-like figure appeared. It was neither human, nor a beast, but a creature way more horrifying. It's skin was charred, hair was scorched, but what was the most frightening were its blood red pupils, staring deep into my ocean blue ones. But I did not flinch away. I knew what... or who the creature was.

It was my husband, and it was me who had done that to him, as he had wanted me to. He started moving towards me at an inhuman speed. And at the very next moment, he was right in front of me, the heat radiating off of his body.

Not even a single trace of my husband could be seen in that creature. Perhaps it was his inner demon that wanted to take over his body, or maybe, the sight that was hidden from me all along. I would not know.

He clutched my left arm. My flesh sizzled under his grip, but I did nothing. I felt unconscious even while I was conscious.

He opened his mouth, revealing two long icicle-like fangs hanging from his upper jaw. He was hungry, for my blood.

He grabbed my neck...and bit into it. I could feel the blood in my body rushing towards my neck, from where he sucked it all up. I did not do anything to stop it. I felt connected with him in manner that no one had ever experienced before. I closed my eyes, to capture the sensation forever in my heart, until I finally gave in.


So guys! Welcome to Secrets *drum roll*

What are your thoughts on this prologue? And who do you think the narrator is? Perhaps, we'll know.

If you liked it, then continue reading further. I can assure you, that you won't be disappointed!


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