The Rejected Alpha (BoyxBoy)

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Forest-green pack is one of the biggest werewolf packs. Being the only son of the Alpha makes Luis the rightful owner of the Alpha title in future. But when he turns fourteen, his inner wolf doesn't come out like other werewolves. From that day his father doesn't acknowledged him as his son and made him an omega. Now he is regularly beaten and humiliated by everyone. But the worst thing happens when he turn 18. His mate rejects him. Daegan Belville is the future King of the Werewolf species and Alpha of most powerful warrior werewolves' pack, the Blood-river. He always thought that his mate would be a strong she-alpha so he doesn't think twice before rejecting a male omega from some other pack as his mate. But what all of them are going to do when the Alpha Wolf inside Luis will wake up and show everyone who is the boss. ---------------------- Even though it is a WEREWOLF centric book, it also contains Witch, Vampire and other supernatural beings, so read this only if you are up for something new. --------------------------------- Copyright ©2016 Kozakura122

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Luis’s Life

Luis’s P.O.V.
“Hey bring my breakfast!” someone orders me and I hurry to obey since I don’t want a beating this early in the morning.

Now let’s hear my story.

I am Luis Black, son of Aether Black who is the current alpha of this Forest green pack. My mother died when I was twelve. She was a powerful she-alpha and died while protecting me from ten fighter wolves who attacked us when some other pups and I were playing in our pack ground. At that time, I heard some of pack members saying I was the cause of my mother’s death but my father still loved me till the day of my fourteenth birthday. Everyone was excited to see the inner wolf of future Alpha but that never happened. My wolf didn't come out that day and my life become living hell. My father made me move from my room and live at the basement as a pack omega.

Normally omegas are those pack members who committed some kind of misdeed against the pack.

Usually a pack member would be killed or forced to leave their pack if they do any serious offense. But sometimes, people are given the chance to stay by becoming an omega of that pack. Omegas are like house slave and they are not allowed to speak with others directly and have no right to complain about the way other members treat them.

On my fourteen birthday, I became an omega but I still don’t understand what I did to deserve this. I never committed any kind of crime, never misbehaved, never been disrespectful towards other. So what the hell I did wrong anyway? Is it my fault that the child created from my parents union doesn’t have an inner wolf like other werewolf child? Is it my fault that goddess forgot to give me an inner wolf? No, it’s not. But all the pack members and my father don’t understand this simple fact. Now sometimes my father even tells me that if my mother knew about me bringing such a disgrace to our family, she would have never wasted her life savings someone like me.

But that must be a lie, right? Since my mother used to say that she would always love me no matter what. She told me that even before my birth, a very powerful witch, Vladimir De Amblie had told her that her son would be a very special wolf. So she always told me that no matter what happens in the future, never forget that I am different because I am special. Although she was a powerful she-alpha and used to be the best fighter in this pack, she always treated everyone respectfully. She never let any pack members hurt or disrespect omegas and make sure to punish them if they won’t listen to her. She taught me to respect everyone, no matter who they are. But everything changed after her death. I used to believe that when I become the Alpha, I would bring everything back to the way it was before her death… but now I know that that day will never come.

“Hey fag, where is my breakfast?” I look up in time to see Drake coming towards me. Immediately I try to get away from his path but he still manages to shove me. He is the son of the Beta and also the future alpha of this pack. My father adopted him as his son after my fourteenth birthday.

My mother was the younger sister of Beta so Drake is also my cousin. From the very beginning, I always get beaten and humiliated much more than any other omegas mainly because of Drake and his obedient followers. Drake always achieves some sort of sadistic pleasure in seeing my pain. I don’t know how they find out about me being gay but they use it as another excuse to make my life even more miserable.

But what no one knows is that I am planning to leave this pack for good after my eighteenth birthday which is in next week and go somewhere far far away from here and live as a simple human. No werewolf can identify me as a werewolf descendant because my scent is just like any other human being. My mother actually left me with quite a large amount of money which my uncle, the Beta gave me a week ago. She instructed him to give it to me just before my eighteenth birthday, like she knew I would need that money now. Nobody in this pack beside my uncle and me know about my leaving and I wish to keep it this way.

“Hey omega, can you not hear what I am saying? Or are you intentionally ignoring us so we will be forced to waste our precious time beating you?” Taylor asks me with a cruel smirk. Taylor used to be my best friend but like everyone else he also changed and become one of my tormentor. Surprisingly I don’t hold any special grudge against him and other insignificant people here as they are mostly following my father and Drake doing.

Now almost every pack members are present in the dining hall and other two omegas have joined me for serving everyone.

Suddenly everyone become silent and I look towards the door to see my father, uncle and other two respected pack members are entering this hall.

“How is my son doing today?” Alpha asks immediately after entering.

“Morning, Dad!” Drake greeted him cheerfully. My father smiles at him. It is the same smile he used to give me before my cursed birthday.

I look away from them. Although it has been four years since he refused to acknowledge me as his son but it still hurts to see my own father interacting with Drake this way while ignoring my existence.

Note: Hey there! Thank you so much for starting to read my story. Hope you will enjoy it 😊

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