A little snack before prom~

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Just a vore story nothing too good.

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So hungry...

Kawaii walked out of her room and showed her sister her prom dress she said "it's amazing!" kawaii blushed and said "thanks heh..." Kawaii sat next to her sister on the couch while her little sis played on her phone

(Time skip to 2 hours)

Kawaii's belly gurgled she jumped and said "i should get something to eat" she went to go look in the kitchen but there was nothing to eat just crackers, cereal and sandwiches kawaii yelled "MOM! Do you got anything to eat!" kawaii's mom screamed "NO! but I'm going shopping tomorrow!!" Kawaii knew she couldn't wait until tomorrow..her stomach gurgling grew louder...louder...louder....and louder she Pat her hungry stomach she looked around the room to she if there was anything she could eat. then she quickly looked at her little sis. Once she looked at her sis her stomach gurgled she rubbed her stomach while looking at her sis from the kitchen. She walked in the living room and went behind the couch to look over her sis shoulder. She walked in front of her sis and said "sis?...can i...eat you?" Her little sis said "no besides that's impossible you can't eat m-

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