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From Here to Paradise (NANOWRIMO20)

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Warning: Strong language, sex scenes, and attempted rape. Summers's life is about to get a lot more hectic. She is betrayed by someone she thought she could trust. Now she has some choices to make while she's trying to stay alive. Zane and Blaine are twin brothers. They have been looking for their mate for years, knowing they would have the same mate. But when they come across her does she run to them or does she run from them? Read and see what happens if you dare.

Fantasy / Erotica
Stormie Stafford
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Chapter 1 - The seige

Copy Write - 2005.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in form or by any means without the prior written consent - which you won't get from me. If you try and steal my works I can promise you I will sue.

A/N: A little info on the chapter numbers. I screwed up on them at 102, so please disregard & know I'm fixing them. Thanks.

Ever had a dream with fighting and screaming in it? One that felt so real? Well, I was having one of those kinds of dreams. It was scary. I couldn’t make out a lot of what was going on around me, but I stood there like a statue, watching my pack die...

"Wake up, Summer! Wake up!" My wolf, Justice, screamed.

I shot out of bed, hearing the screaming for real now. ”What’s going on?"

"We’re under attack.”

I took a deep breath. “Rogues,” I growled out.

"Get out of here, Summer! Go!” My dad, the Alpha, yelled through the mind-link, using his Alpha tone.

"But, Dad-”

"Go! Please go. I can’t concentrate knowing you’re in danger,” he begged.

I ran to the bathroom wall, pulled a lever, and ran down the tunnel my dad, mom and I only knew about. It was the evacuation plan for me in case something happened to our pack. I hated it. I didn’t want to run but I didn’t have a choice. Dad used his alpha voice on me.

I turned back around and quickly locked the passage, then ran for my life - all because the Alpha told me to.

I stumbled, falling down on the ground, and clutched my heart. My mom was dead. Gone. Oh, it hurt so bad that I couldn’t move right then. I knew I had to move, run, get away from danger, but I couldn’t move. I had lost the only person, other than my dad, who was there with me through everything. I didn’t know if I could make it out of the tunnels I hurt so bad.

"I know, baby girl, keep running,” my dad said sadly through the mind link. ”Don’t look back, never look back. Your uncle set this up. Don’t let him find you. Promise me you won’t come back home until you are sure you can kill that son of a bitch. I love you, Summer.”

“I promise, Dad,” I choked out, trying not to cry.

"He’s looking for you, so get as far as you can. Don’t forget your go-bag. You have everything you need to start a new life until you are ready to come back.”

"I love you, Dad."

I got up and started running as fast as I could, falling, once again, when I felt my father die. As with my mom's death, I felt as if someone had ripped out my heart. I hurt so bad, my breathing was ragged, tears running down my face, snot clogging up my nose, realizing I was alone, utterly and completely alone now.

Now, all I felt was hate for the man who did this to my family. It made me want to go back and rip the bastard's heart out of his chest. But, I promised my dad that I would live, come back when I stronger, and kill the bastard. I will never call him my uncle. Never! He’s a bastard and that’s it.

That bastard was going to die.

What the ass-hat didn’t understand was when I found my mate, not that I wanted some overprotective ass, I would become the Alpha of the Black Blade Pack. He didn’t understand how a woman could become the Alpha. He will find out soon enough though.

The Moon Goddess had blessed our pack with unusual stamina, strength, power, and speed, which is why I didn’t understand how the bastard had killed so many. Did he have help? If so, who was this person, and what was this person? A witch? A vampyre? I didn’t care who it was I would make sure they didn’t live long.

I ran for over ten hours straight. I was so tired, but I knew I needed to get further away than I was now.

"Did he kill everyone, Justice?" I asked my wolf.

"No, he didn’t. He took a lot of the warrior's mates and children to use as collateral. He wanted the warriors to stay in line, to fight for him, and to call him Alpha. Not that he’s the true Alpha but whatever helps him sleep at night. Don’t worry, Summer, he will be sleeping the sleep of the dead one day and you and I are going to be the one who makes sure he doesn’t wake up ever again.”

"We need a lot more training, Justice.”

"Oh, here’s some help with our training" Justice commented dryly.

I heard a loud growl about the time I was going to ask what she meant. I guess I needed to pay more attention to the world around me, especially since I was running for my life.

I turned around, crossed my arms over my chest, and laughed. There was no way this thing would ever be known as training. He was pathetic. He looked like an anorexic dog instead of a wolf.

The rogue changed back to his human side, naked as the day he was born. “Hey, baby.”

“Uh, no,” I said sarcastically.

“What? I want to have some fun and you’re just the girl for me,” the rogue said, winking at me and grabbing his dick. “I can protect you-”

“-I don’t need protection. I can protect myself. So, no thanks,” I cut in harshly.

The rogue growled louder. “Then I will take what and I want and I want you.”

“And, all I want is for you to do is go away but I guess we don’t always get what we want.”

The rogue charged.

I played with the rogue for a while, knowing I could have killed him fifteen minutes ago. But this was so much more fun. He was going to rape me and that would be something I would never let happen.

Hey, don’t judge. I needed the practice.

I was running up the trees, doing backflips, and cutting him with my claws every time I would go by him, never once changing into my wolf as he did. Once the rogue was dead, I set him on fire and burned his body. I also made sure to mask my scent from the area. I wasn’t ready to take on the bastard. Yet.

I put more scent masking spray on and took off. I still needed to get further away before I went to one of the human cities, knowing it would be a lot harder to catch my scent there. I needed to make more scent masking spray too, and I knew the place to get everything.

After running the whole night and the rest of the next day, I finally reached Arizona. I rented a motel room, took a shower, and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning I went into town, the city of Flagstaff. It was wondrous. I couldn’t quit looking at the beautiful mountains, the beautiful flowers everywhere, and the cute town center. I felt as if I had stepped back in time. I looked at everything. I knew I needed to look like a tourist and get on with my shopping. Believe me, it was hard not to look around with my mouth open like an idiot.

I walked into the Health food store and got the stuff I needed to make some more scent masking spray. When I was done at the Health food store I went to the grocery store and bought perfume, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. I needed to have some kind of smell or the rogues, or anyone else would know I’m hiding something.

I was glad I put the spray on when I noticed how many rogues were in this little town. I decided it would be in my best interest to get my hair cut and colored while I was in town. I didn’t know why there were so many rogues, but if they were looking for me I didn’t want to make easy on them.

Good thing I wore my scarf and glasses.

I walked into the salon and started looking through their books for different hairstyles. The problem with looking through these books as they were from the nineteen-seventies.

Didn’t really work for me.

“Can I help you, honey,” the stylist asked as she walked to the counter.

“Um, yeah. I’m not sure what I want to do with my hair. I need a hair cut and color so that I don’t look like the old me. My ex is probably looking for me,” I explained.

“I have an idea,” she said. “Do you think you can trust me?”

“Sure. Please don’t make it too short,” I practically begged quietly.

“I’ll show you and make sure it’s not too short, okay?” I nodded “Come on, let’s get you started, okay?” She said.

After about three hours, my hair was cut to just below my shoulders but with an edgy look to the sides, it was also colored a pale blonde from my usual dirty blonde. I loved it.

“Thank, you. It looks great. I would have never thought of this style,” I said sincerely.

“Now you look badass,” she responded, making me laugh.

I paid her, making sure to tip her for all the hard work she put into doing my hair. “Thanks.”

I went back to the motel room, after getting something to eat, and started making more scent masking spray in the microwave. I knew I needed to make a few bottles before I left Arizona and went to Colorado.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up for a while, but it had to be further away. Plus, there were too many rogues here in one small town.

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